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Top 5 brands of water filtration in automatic irrigation systems

Filter in automatic irrigation system

Today, automatic irrigation systems are more and more useful and are being studied by many gardeners.

Today, Agri’s product and brand review team will review Top 5 brands of water filtration in automatic irrigation systems.

All 5 of these brands are quite famous and are also present in Vietnam. Below are details for each brand.

Water filtration in the Azud irrigation system, Spanish brand

Motto: Collective irrigation community
AZUD offers centralized and regional filtration solutions in modern automated irrigation systems.

Overall, in our opinion, Azud deserves to be evaluated as the most suitable filter brand for the Vietnamese market by the following highlights:

  • Wide range of products including automatic disc filters under the brand name Azud Helix Automatic; Automatic membrane filter with steel shell branded Azud Luxon; Semi-automatic filter Azud Spiral Clean; Manual Filter Azud AGL, Azud Modular 100
  • Azud filter is chosen by a large number of customers and large projects: for example, Thanh Thanh Cong Group applies to sugarcane farms; Vingroup applies in greenhouses … or large global projects such as in Australia, Israel, Chile, Spain, Zambia, Jordan, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa
  • Azud has a representative office for Southeast Asia located in Thailand.
  • Azud has an Authorized Distributor in Vietnam, Nha Be Agriculture and Food Co., Ltd
  • In particular, the quality of Azud Filter products is always rated as the number 1 premium quality in the world.
  • At the same time, the price of Azud Filter is also very competitive and suitable for many projects and customers in Vietnam.
  • All products are made in Spain.

For more information, visit Auzd or Azud irrigation equipment manufacturer in Vietnamese

Water filtration in the Rivulis irrigation system – Israel

water filter in irrigation system Rivulis F6400

Similar to Azud, Rivulis also has most of the same product lines. Rivulis is a global brand in the field of irrigation equipment, in which there are Top 1 products in Vietnam market, such as Rivulis S2000 sprinklers specializing in watering fruit trees; Dripeg drip plugs are specialized for plants grown in bags in greenhouses, or drip irrigation lines for T-tape vegetables – crops.

And of course, two extremely popular lines of Rivulis irrigation equipment are indispensable: the Rivulis F6400 semi-automatic membrane filter and the F7000 disc filter.

In terms of price, Rivulis filter is somewhat higher than Azud filter, in return Rivulis filter is still chosen by many customers because of the synchronization in the whole system.

Reference brand information Rivulis Israel (Vietnamese version)

Water filtration in Seowon irrigation system – Korea

During the period of 3 years ago, it can be said that Seowon Filter is the No. 1 Popular filter in Vietnam market (when the Chinese filter was not popular).

Seowon filter has good quality, compact size, high performance, and especially low price, suitable for almost any garden owner.

Seowon is not diverse in product types and sizes.

In Vietnam market, Seowon is only popular in 2 product lines: 2″ disc filter and 3″ 2 core disc filter. With that much, Seowon filter was also present in all automatic irrigation farms.

However, recently the market has been more or less fragmented. For important irrigation projects, customers tend to choose higher quality and safer options such as Rivulis filter, or Azud filter, for small irrigation projects, farmers tend to choose Filter cheap Arka (Arka is a Chinese product, also quite popular nowadays).

Filter irrigation system Amiad – Israel

Amiad is a filter brand, in terms of Technology and Quality, in personal opinion, Amiad Filter is number 1.

Amiad, a brand from Israel, has now been present in almost every market, and with the high-end segment.

One of the typical products of Amiad’s technology is the automatic sigma-pro filter.

However, due to the high selling price, although Amiad has a distributor in Vietnam, it seems that Amiad is not present in many irrigation projects today.

Filter irrigation system Arka – China

In fact, Arka is a product line, it can be said that in terms of design, it is almost exactly the same as the Azud filter.

So Arka does not have much to introduce, only because it is a Made in China product, cheap and imported by many merchants. Therefore, Arka’s low-cost Filter products are also gradually becoming popular in the countryside, where irrigation systems are beginning to penetrate.

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