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Top 5 best bonsai fertilizers you should buy

Caring for bonsai has long become an elegant hobby of many people, then people will feel relaxed and comfortable. To own a beautiful and lush bonsai garden, we must always pay attention to taking care of the plants carefully. In the process of care, you should also learn what types bonsai fertilizer to provide enough nutrients for the plant.

Taking care of bonsai is a hobby of many people
Taking care of bonsai is a hobby of many people

The effect of using fertilizers for ornamental plants

Humans always need food to survive and develop, so do plants, they need a lot of nutrition to grow. The nutrients used to provide plants are usually crystallized in fertilizers. The main components of fertilizers and also the most necessary substances for plants are Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus.

Should use bonsai fertilizer for good growth
Should use bonsai fertilizer for good growth

Besides having the same needs as ordinary trees, when taking care of bonsai, we must pay special attention to some points to choose the most suitable bonsai fertilizer. It is ornamental plants that often need a lot of nitrogen, flowering plants should be provided with adequate potassium. In addition, in order for the tree to grow and develop well, to quickly flower and bear fruit, the caretaker needs to supplement with Phosphorus – a vital mineral.

Thus, it can be said that bonsai fertilizer plays a very important role. They determine the growth and development of plants. Thanks to the nutrients in fertilizers for ornamental plants, they can be lush and bear fruit. Therefore, tree caretakers need to pay special attention to providing nutrients for plants.

Currently, there are many types of fertilizers for ornamental plants, as smart consumers we should have a certain understanding to choose the right fertilizer for the purpose of fertilization. With that, the new tree grows lush.

Some bonsai fertilizers you should know

If you are a lover of bonsai care, you should learn some bonsai fertilizers that are suitable for fertilizing purposes. Each type of fertilizer provides different nutrients, applied in different stages of plant growth. To better understand, let’s learn about some popular bonsai fertilizers!

Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is an extremely familiar and popular fertilizer from time immemorial. They also do not cost much to buy, this is usually manure, green manure or some by-products in livestock. It can be said that using organic fertilizers in bonsai care is a very economical choice.

As you know, organic fertilizer is a popular fertilizer for ornamental plants in the market. So, why are they so trusted? Let’s find out some of their outstanding advantages!

Organic fertilizers are very popular nowadays
Organic fertilizers are very popular nowadays

First, this is a bonsai fertilizer that has a complete list of nutrients including: macro, intermediate and micronutrients. In addition, organic fertilizers also have a number of substances that regulate the growth of plants very well.

However, when using it, it is necessary to fertilize in large quantities because the nutrient content in organic fertilizer is low, not enough nutrients for plants. Besides, you also need to learn how to apply organic fertilizer properly, because if applied incorrectly, it can pollute the environment.

Microbiological fertilizer

Besides organic fertilizers, a fairly common and highly economical fertilizer is biofertilizer. This is a preparation that contains beneficial living microorganisms, which are phosphorus-dissolving microorganisms, potassium-degrading microorganisms, nitrogen-fixing microorganisms, etc.

Currently, people often use microbial phosphorus fertilizer as the main type to fertilize ornamental plants and flowers. They are trusted by many people because in microbial phosphate fertilizers contain microorganisms capable of decomposing indigestible organic phosphorus in the soil. Thanks to the decomposition of microorganisms, organic phosphorus will be converted into easily digestible phosphorus that can be absorbed by ornamental plants.


Another common and popular bonsai fertilizer is biochemical fertilizer, they are also known as plant growth regulators. Biochemical fertilizers include preparations containing inorganic or organic compounds.

Biochemical fertilizers have good effects on ornamental plants.

This is considered an extremely necessary fertilizer in the growth and development of ornamental plants. Biochemical fertilizers have the ability to affect the metabolism of nutrients in plants, so that this process takes place more quickly. In addition, fertilizers also promote and increase the ability to absorb nutrients for ornamental plants. Thanks to this impact, the plant will absorb nutrients and grow better.

Foliar fertilizer

A fairly common fertilizer today is foliar fertilizer, which includes a mixture of several macronutrients, microelements, growth regulators, and adhesives. With a high-nutrient composition table as above, foliar fertilizer is very suitable for fertilizing ornamental plants. When using, we should fertilize through the leaves, through the fruit and through the trunk to obtain the highest efficiency.

A very effective foliar fertilizer
A very effective foliar fertilizer

With an extremely diverse list of ingredients, foliar fertilizers are also divided into 2 main types based on different ingredients and uses. Specifically, it is a multi-functional foliar fertilizer, which can be used for many different plants. In addition, there is a specific fertilizer for each type of plant, which is commonly used for ornamental plants.

Each type of bonsai needs different nutrients, so when choosing fertilizers for ornamental plants, especially specific foliar fertilizers, we should choose in accordance with our needs and purposes. With care and thoroughness, you can ensure that the bonsai grows well and is green.

Mineral fertilizers

Referring to ornamental fertilizers, we cannot help but mention mineral fertilizers. This is an important and extremely common fertilizer group for ornamental plants. In mineral fertilizers, there are many different types of fertilizers, which are nitrogen fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, and potassium fertilizers. Let’s learn more about these types together!

Nitrogen fertilizer

Nitrogen fertilizers are always preferred for ornamental plants, because ornamental plants often require a very large amount of nitrogen to grow well. However, the easily digestible nitrogen content in the soil is not enough to provide plants, so we need to use nitrogen fertilizers.

One note is that the fertiliser needs to know how to fertilize and the dose to ensure adequate nutrition for the plant. If the amount of protein is not provided enough, other nutritional elements will be difficult to be maximally absorbed.

Phosphate fertilizer

Phosphate fertilizer is an extremely necessary fertilizer because phosphorus is considered an element of crop product quality.

When fertilizing phosphate, we should note that the amount of fertilizer is larger than the actual needs of the plant. Because it is difficult for plants to absorb phosphorus, in fact, when fertilizing, the plant can only absorb about 30%. This is an important secret for you to use bonsai fertilizer achieve the highest efficiency.

Potassium fertilizer

Besides nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium is a necessary mineral for plants, but we do not need to apply potassium fertilizer as much as the two minerals mentioned above. Because the soil has a lot of potassium, this content is relatively enough to provide plants, potassium in the soil is also very easily absorbed.

Fertilizers affect plants
Fertilizers affect plants

When fertilizing with potassium, we need to pay attention to applying nitrogen as a phosphate fertilizer first so that the plants can fully absorb the nutrients provided.

It can be said that in order to take good care of bonsai, the caregiver should also understand some basic knowledge. In particular, providing bonsai fertilizer is extremely necessary and must be adhered to techniques to ensure maximum efficiency.

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