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TOP 3 simple overnight oats for breakfast in just 5 minutes

I'm Healthy And You - What's up today !!? I’m Healthy And You – What’s up today !!?

What do you need for your breakfast?

  • Quick and easy to take to school or the office?
  • Doesn’t take too much time and effort to process?
  • Healthy and nutritious enough, enough energy for the new day?
  • Breakfast helps you lose weight perfectly?

Tada, to solve all those problems, it’s not too difficult, everyone! When we have a quick-and-easy breakfast in just 5 minutes with overnight oats and know!

So what are overnight oats? How are we going to prepare that dish? Is it delicious? Come on, come on, let’s discover this new dish right away with me.

What is Overnight Oats?

overnight oats
Overnight oats for a delicious breakfast

Overnight oats is a popular dish in the West, especially the US, and is gradually becoming closer to us.

Overnight oats means oats soaked overnight with fresh milk, yogurt, fruits, nuts, etc. And thanks to this healthy ingredient, our body receives enough fiber, protein, carbohydrates. And healthy fats are good for our health! Moreover, thanks to this unique blend, it creates a rich, fatty and supple taste, making overnight oats more attractive and strange.

However, the most special feature of this overnight oats is the SWITCH. Before you go to bed, make this dish, put it in the refrigerator and the next morning, before going to work/school, you will have a nutritious breakfast right away. I have never seen anything so interesting!

With overnight oats, you can completely control the food you use, diversify your food and unleash your creativity for your dishes! Have you found it attractive yet? So let’s come to our overnight oats recipe.

TOP 3 overnight oats for a simple and nutritious breakfast

What food do you have at home, take it out, let’s mix and match styles for this overnight oats!

#1: Tradition with basic overnight oats

Basic overnight oats
Basic overnight oats with banana and pecans

The first recipe I want to introduce to my family is this basic overnight oats. For this dish, we need 3 main ingredients and very simple toppings.

  • Preparation time + processing time: 5 minutes
  • Level: unbelievably easy
  • Ration: 1 person eats

Preparation ingredients


  • Take out all the ingredients
  • Put everything in a glass jar with a lid
  • Put in the fridge. The next morning to eat, you take out and mix well to use.

A simple dish, ingredients are not too hard to find, it’s really great, isn’t it. With 1 cup basic overnight oats By the way, you can get plenty of fiber and carbs from oats, protein and healthy fats from nutritious milk and nuts. In addition, fiber, vitamins and minerals are contained in many fruits and vegetables. It’s really impossible to resist a healthy breakfast like this.

However, when we are so familiar with this dish, let’s update the taste with overnight oats to make it more attractive, everyone.

#2: Overnight oats with passionate peanut butter flavor

peanut butter
Overnight oats with delicious peanut butter

Same as the basic overnight oats recipe, but with only one difference. That is, instead of you using honey to give it a sweet taste, this time, we will use peanut butter.

With peanut butter flavor, you will feel fat, fragrant and full of energy for a fresher day!

However, with this recipe, we should only use a moderate amount of peanut butter (about 1 tablespoon!). Why? If you abuse peanut butter too much because of its delicious taste, then the weight will quickly increase. Attention everyone!

#3: Lose weight scientifically with overnight oats and fresh carrots

overnight oats carrot
Overnight oats with shredded carrots

Carrots are foods rich in vitamin A that our bodies need. If you want to lose weight today but still need energy and nutrients, then give this carrot overnight oats a try!

With this recipe, carrots will be shredded into small pieces and sprinkled on the dish. Thus, you will feel the aroma and sweetness of carrots and are much easier to eat. I myself don’t usually eat raw carrots, but when grated and sprinkled, carrots make me “addicted”.

And so we’ve discovered together these 3 easy overnight oats! But many of you ask me: “how to keep the ingredients of overnight oats fresh?” To get a satisfactory answer, let’s find out more.

How to store overnight oats?

overnight oats
Use a glass jar with a lid for overnight oats

Overnight oats are very easy to maintain, everyone! All you need is to prepare a glass cup, with a lid and it’s fine. So, when you’ve put all the ingredients and toppings into the cup, close the lid and put it in the fridge. This prevents bacteria from entering and your overnight oats stay fresh and cool.

Very simple, right? And with overnight oats, I have accumulated for myself some of the following tips to help the dish be “satisfactory”. Save these good “secrets” for you!

Good tips with overnight oats

nice meow
Good tip with overnight oats

Here are some great tips for you to have the best overnight oats.

Hehe, save these great tips for yourself to prepare to make this delicious overnight oats, everyone!

What are you wondering?

Will the oats in overnight oats be cooked through?

I understand these thoughts, because all we need is to “eat cooked and drink hot”. However, with rolled oats, you can rest assured! In the recipe of overnight oats, we Use only rolled oats that’s it. Because the rolled oats are essentially steamed and flattened before packing. This means that the rolled oats are pre-cooked before we buy them. You can rest assured to use it!

Can I replace the rolled oats with instant oats?

It’s completely possible. And with instant oats, you can mix and eat directly without needing to soak. However, with instant oats, there will be the flour of instant oats. That will make you prefer using rolled oats for overnight oats.

God, I forgot to soak overnight oats last night, so how can I eat it this morning?

If one day you forget to soak oats. So the next morning, to have a satisfactory overnight oats, you can still soak for 30 minutes and use it right away! Rolled oats when soaked with milk (or any water) will be very soft quickly, and so you can use it.

Is overnight oats good for weight loss?

As mentioned above, overnight oats are a perfect dish that can be for you – those who are dieting and losing weight! With these overnight oats, you can provide your body with protein, carbohydrates and good fats, and vitamins and minerals. This is the perfect dish for a healthy weight loss diet.

How should vegans use overnight oats?

Overnight oats are a very good nutritional food for those who are vegan. However, instead of using yogurt, cow’s milk, you can replace it with nut milk, yogurt or plant milk to make your dishes. And the ingredients from fresh fruits, dried fruits and nutritious nuts are always great for those who follow the vegan way!

Let’s have breakfast with overnight oats!

enjoy overnight oats
Let’s make overnight oats

Now, we have enough knowledge for this new overnight oats breakfast. What are you waiting for, let’s start making this dish today!

Oh my gosh, I’m sure you’ll become a fan of these overnight oats just like me!

Dear friends of the TKCB family! Please share this recipe with friends and family so that we can work together towards a healthy, simple and nutritious breakfast!

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaneyhttps://agrisearch.net
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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