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Top 10 delicious Northern fruit trees should not be missed

Northern fruit trees
Northern fruit trees

If you have the opportunity to come to the North, taste the varieties Northern fruit trees. I assure you that you will never forget that feeling and taste. Let’s learn about these fruit trees with Agri.


Lychee - Northern fruit tree
Lychee – Northern fruit tree

The lychee tree is particularly suitable for growing in cold climates. Lychee is considered a characteristic of northern fruit trees, and is also a specialty in many countries. When ripe, lychee fruit is large, red skin, thick pulp contains a lot of water, extremely rich flavor. Currently, the fabric is very popular with people and has been exported.

The most suitable time to plant lychee is in the spring crop in March – April and the autumn crop in August – September each year. The most suitable planting density of lychee is about 400 trees/ha, planting distance is 6 x 4 m.


Hung Yen longan - a fruit tree in the North
Hung Yen longan – a fruit tree in the North

Referring to northern fruit trees, it is impossible not to mention Hung Yen longan – a specialty of the North at the end of summer. This type of longan is grown according to the progressive fruit growing and grafting process, so the cultivation is very simple and easy. The tree is only 1 meter high, but many fruits, large and sweet fruits, are heavy with branches. Each season, caged longan can bring double the profit compared to other types of longan.


peaches – Northern fruit trees

Referring to the fruit trees in the North, it is impossible to ignore peaches. Currently, there are many varieties of peaches imported into our country, of which the most profitable ones are Japanese peaches with the ability to withstand pests as well as waterlogging.

Through each season, people can harvest about 20 kg / tree, the price is 500 – 600 thousand / kg. Not to mention this type of peach has a thinner skin than regular peaches, and the peach flesh is extremely succulent and juicy.

Northern plum

Bac Ha plum variety
Bac Ha plum variety

Bringing bright red color to the Northwest is a typical beauty of these Northern fruit trees. Thanks to the suitable temperate climate, plums bring high economic value to the people as well as health benefits. This is a short-term fruit tree, so after only 5-6 months of planting, people can start to harvest fruit. On average, each hectare of plums can harvest up to 90 quintals, profiting up to several hundred million dong.

Breast milk

breast milk
Milkweed – a fruit tree in the North

Milkweed is a northern fruit tree with a tall, supple woody trunk and spreading foliage. The milkweed tree grows singly each fruit, sometimes growing close together to form small bunches. Because of its ability to block sunlight and reduce heat quite well, this tree is also grown as a shade tree. The fruit is light green in color, when ripe, it will add a little pinkish red. The outer shell is smooth and glossy; The inside of the fruit has a sweet taste. Sick people are easy to eat but also nutritious.


persimmon – a fruit tree in the North

Persimmon trees are also typical of northern fruit trees. When green, the fruit has a bitter, hard taste; When ripe, it is soft and sweet. Persimmon flesh is very nutritious because it contains a lot of beta carotene, vitamin A and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium. In addition, persimmon is also certified to cure many diseases of the stomach, prevent cancer, and fight aging very well for women.


Strawberry garden in Dalat
Strawberry garden in Dalat

Referring to northern fruit trees, it is impossible not to mention Dalat strawberries. Da Lat strawberries ripen in the spring, as big as a big toe. Can be picked directly at the garden, so the price is quite cheap and fresh.

Coming to the strawberry garden in Da Lat, we can not only admire the green color of the leaves and the complicated farming process, collect fresh strawberries by hand and enjoy many delicious dishes such as: strawberry wine, Strawberry jam, strawberry smoothie… but the strawberry garden is also a place for you to live virtual.

Green grapefruit

green grapefruit
green-skinned pomelo – a fruit tree in the North

This is a new type of fruit tree in the North that appeared thanks to advances in science and technology. Previously, green-skinned pomelo was only grown in the West. When harvested, the fruit usually weighs 1.2-2.5 kg/fruit. Previously, green-skinned pomelo was only grown in the West, but thanks to advanced fruit-growing techniques, now green-skinned pomelo has become one of the fruit tree varieties in the North.

The average price of green-skinned pomelo is in the range of 44,000 – 100,000 VND/kg, so this is also considered a fruit of high economic value. Grapefruit green skin, dark green skin, thick grapefruit flesh, large shrimp, succulent and not too sour or pungent when eaten like some other grapefruits.

Orange Cao Phong

Cao Phong orange - a fruit tree in the North
Cao Phong orange – a fruit tree in the North

Cao Phong oranges are ripe around October. The most delicious and famous must be the yellow heart oranges, followed by oranges, and oranges in Doai commune. In the whole Cao Phong area, most people also grow oranges. In particular, the people here are extremely hospitable and open.


Kiwi - Northern fruit tree
Kiwi – Northern fruit tree

Kiwi is a hybrid of mango and peach, often used to eat or make salads. This northern fruit contains a lot of vitamin C as well as antioxidants, so it is very popular with women. Kiwi was recently planted in the North after cultivation with many improvements. With only a short time of about 3 months after sowing, kiwi can grow and start to bear fruit.

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