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Tips to take care of mutant Monstera plants to grow well and stay healthy

Tips to take care of mutant Monstera plants to grow well and stay healthy

The Monstera tree has always been a symbol of beauty in the village of interior bonsai. It is not difficult to see this plant in homes with modern and luxurious design. Monstera trees are always sought after by people for their unique and delicate beauty. Especially, the mutant species always wins the hearts of players despite the high price. If you have a mutant in your house, you should read this article to find out how Taking care of mutant Monstera plants Please!

The most sought after mutant Monstera!

What does the mutant Monstera plant have that fascinate believers?

Tips for taking care of mutant Monstera plants to grow well and stay healthy 1

Monstera is the current trend of growing interior plants because of its rare and unique beauty. But there is one species that is more sought after by believers: mutant Monstera. This plant is hot in the bonsai world and is not cheap, there are rare varieties up to 1 billion. Mutant betel nut tree is when the color of the tree is not only green but also combined with white, yellow, cream or light green… Monstera mutant, also known as Monstera Var. The most popular and sought-after Monstera Var types are Monstera Borsi, Monstera Thai, Monstera Deliciosa Mint Variegata…

Tips for taking care of mutant Monstera plants

Tips to take care of mutant Monstera plants to grow well and stay healthy 2

Prices can

The substrate or the growing medium is the plant’s environment, including coir, perlite, activated carbon, etc., which may or may not include soil. Today, people prefer to use the medium to grow plants because of its high efficiency and ease of use. They have the role of providing a porous, nutritious and airy environment for plants to grow. You can buy pre-mixed Monstera growing media products or make your own at home. The formula that you can refer to is:

  • 5 parts of orchid bark
  • 4 parts coconut fiber
  • 5 parts perlite
  • 2 parts activated carbon
  • 2 deep casters


Most mutant monstera will tolerate different temperature variations of the environment and climate. But the plants will thrive best if grown in a temperature range of 18 – 29°C. Monstera mutant plants can be grown indoors, outdoors, where there is diffused sunlight. In particular, the pots should not be placed near heaters, air conditioners or places where the weather is too hot or cold. Try to maintain an even, warm temperature and remember to keep the plant moist.


Monstera trees are native to tropical forests, so they prefer to live in places with scattered, indirect light. If growing outdoors, it should be placed under the shade of larger trees or as a cover. If placed indoors, it should be kept away from the window or placed near the window, the window must have a light filtering screen. Especially for mutant Monstera which need more light for photosynthesis. Also, rotate the pot regularly so that the plant receives sunlight on all sides.


Irrigation is an important factor affecting the growth of all plants. For mutant Monstera, it is necessary to water so that the plant is not waterlogged, or lack of water. Only water when the soil is dry, the way to check is to poke your finger into the top 3-5cm of the soil.

If they feel dry, water the soil until it is moist. And stop when water starts to come out from the drainage holes of the pot. If the pot has a drip tray, remove the excess water to avoid root rot. In case the plant has curled leaves due to low humidity, use a humidifier or mist the plant once a day.


For mutant Monstera plants, we should avoid fertilizing a lot because it will make anise green, which means the leaves will turn completely green and lose the face of Var. Should apply slow-release fertilizer, organic fertilizer for mutant betel nut to be able to provide enough nutrients without losing color of leaves. Fertilize the plant about every 2 months in spring and summer. Avoid fertilizing too much in winter – only 3 times to fertilize the soil 1 time.


Taking care of mutant Monstera plants in general and Monstera in particular needs to be concerned with the factors of substrate, temperature, water, fertilizer… If you meet these factors, your plants will be very healthy and green all year round. . Good luck!

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