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Tips to size Dai Chau orchids to bloom for Tet

According to agricultural knowledge, Dai Chau orchid (Ngoc Diem) is a precious orchid with fragile, noble and equally attractive beauty. Every New Year to spring, this orchid blooms again, emitting a fragrance to adorn the home garden. Many people love to grow Dai Chau orchids to decorate their homes during Tet but do not know how to care for the orchid to bloom as they wish. If you are also learning about how to care for orchids to bloom properly during Tet, please refer to how to properly stimulate Dai Chau flowers to bloom during Tet, shared in the article below.

1. Suitable conditions for Dai Chau orchids to bloom

To properly care for plants to stimulate Dai Chau flowers to bloom, you need to be based on the characteristics and adaptive conditions of the orchid.

Dai Chau orchids are agricultural seedlings that flower after about 2 years from the time of planting. However, if at the time of flowering, the plant is still small but has budded, you should keep the tree healthy, do not let the plant flower early, causing the plant to lose strength and the flowers are not beautiful. At this point, you cut off all the buds of the plant so that next year you can play flowers.

To stimulate Dai Chau flowers to bloom for Tet, you need to base on the adaptive conditions and the health of the orchid. Specifically:

  • Orchids must be mature enough, at least 2 years old. Healthy plants, disease-free plants are strong enough to feed flowers and recover well after giving flowers.

  • Dai Chau orchids that are stimulated to bloom in Tet must have good roots. A good root system will help the plant stick firmly to the growing medium. In addition, the roots also determine the ability to absorb water, fully absorb fertilizer, then stimulate the plant to flower effectively.

  • Before flowering, Dai Chau orchids will usually have a dormant period of 1-2 months. In the previous period, you need to pay attention to provide enough fertilizer to help the plant accumulate nutrients for the dormant period and not waste fertilizer.

Pay attention to the time to stimulate Dai Chau orchids to flower on Tet holiday:

Time to conduct flower stimulation is very important, greatly deciding whether the plant will flower in the right season or not. Dai Chau orchids from budding to blooming usually take about 120 days for northern weather and climate conditions and about 90 – 120 days in the South. Therefore, the most appropriate time to stimulate flowers will fall around the end of September from the beginning to the beginning of October of the lunar calendar.

In addition, growers must also base on the climate and weather of each year to make appropriate changes. In addition, the time to stimulate flowers also depends on the characteristics of the tree such as tall and low tree species, long or short flower branches, flowering plants or not, etc.


Caring for Dai Chau orchids (Source: Internet)

2. How to take care of Dai Chau flower size to bloom on Tet holiday

To stimulate Dai Chau flowers to bloom on Tet holiday, you need to base on the climate of each region to adjust the light, humidity and appropriate amount of fertilizer for the plants. Usually, where the climate is hot, the temperature is high, the light is high, the flower will grow faster, and the flower will be sooner than the cold climate, the light is less.

Temperature control

Because of the somewhat cold environment in the northern and central provinces of our country, flowers typically bloom around Tet or just after Tet. As a result, Dai Chau orchids bloom later in these regions. Orchids started to bud and bloom in November of the lunar calendar, whereas they just started to do so in the South, where the weather is hotter. Understanding this element can help orchid players choose the ideal temperature to encourage the blooming of Dai Chau orchids.

Based on the above characteristics, if you want to slow down the flowering time of Dai Chau orchids, put the plant in a shady, less sunny place or put it in a glass garden to reduce the temperature. And if you want to increase the flowering time of the orchid, you increase the temperature by letting the plant out in an open place, increasing the temperature of the environment where the tree is living.

Light controlg

The element of light plays a very important role in the flowering of many plants. To stimulate Dai Chau orchids to bloom, you need to monitor the orchid to adjust accordingly. If the plant shows signs of late flowering, you want flowers to bloom quickly, right in the spring, you can increase the light by using specialized lights for orchid gardens. On the contrary, if the plant shows signs of early flowering, and you want to delay flowering, reduce the intensity of light time for the plant.

Watering mode

In winter, from the 11th lunar month to 1 week before Dai Chau orchid blooms, you water the plant once a day. Pay attention to watering time, it is best to water in the early morning to avoid waterlogged plants, harmful fungus attack, leaf rot in the dry season.


Dai Chau orchids bloom on Tet holiday (Source: Internet)

Fertilizer mode

The way to stimulate Dai Chau orchids in Tet is mainly in the fertilizer regime. Providing enough nutrients for the plant will help the plant to grow enough during the holiday season, the tree will have big, beautiful flowers and next year’s flowers.

In order for the plant to produce many buds and flowers, you need to increase the phosphorus content of the plant. Use fertilizers NPK 6-30-30, NPK 15-60-15 for plants once a week. After about 1 month of fertilizing, when you see that the plant has flowered, use Dekamon fertilizer or gibberellin fertilizer to stimulate flowers.

For orchids to grow long, you can use NPK 15-20-30 to spray plants with a dose of 1 time / week.

One month before Tet, stop fertilizing all kinds of fertilizers for plants. Only water once a day in the morning. A week before the flowering time (one week before the New Year), apply NPK fertilizer with high potassium content to stimulate Dai Chau flowers to bloom. Can use NPK fertilizer 6-30-30. to fertilize plants.

The article has just shared with you how to stimulate Dai Chau flowers to bloom in Tet. Hopefully the information in the article will help you gain the necessary knowledge to take care of your orchid.

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