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Tips to make durian ripen quickly and easily

Durian is a delicious fruit and is loved by many people. This article Agricultural Search will tell you how to make durian quickly after buying it.

1. How to make durian quickly ripen

  • Make durian quickly ripen with rice: put the durian fruit in rice and then cover the durian with rice. This method of making durian quickly ripens because the ethylene gas in the rice will make the durian ripen faster.

  • Make durian ripen quickly by drying in the sun: after buying durian, if it is still alive, use a large plastic bag to cover the whole fruit, then bring it out to dry in the sun. This quick ripening method of durian will limit the evaporation of ethylene gas.

  • Keep the main fruits around to make durian ripen faster: ethylene gas in ripe fruits will make durian ripen faster.

  • Make durian quickly ripen with rice husk ashes: Put rice husk ash in a shoebox, then cover with rice husk and cover glass for 3-5 days, after having aroma, durian is ripe.

  • Make durian by speed (incense): use a plastic bag to wrap the whole durian and then put a wrong tree (incense) to spread the smoke evenly in the plastic bag. After 3 days, the durian will ripen evenly.

How to make durian quickly ripen extremely simple (Source: internet)

2. Recognizing ripe durian

  • Scent: When the durian is ripe, the rind will separate and the extremely characteristic scent of durian spreads to the outside.

  • Thorns of durian: Ripe durian fruit often has thorns that expand evenly, the spines are sparse, durian fruit will turn yellowish green or grayish brown depending on the variety.

  • In old durian, the stem falls off naturally, the stem is still fresh and not wilted, which is a sign of good quality durian.

  • When tapping a durian fruit, there will be a popping sound that is ripe durian.

Recognizing a simple ripe durian (Source: internet)

3. Recognize natural ripe durian and drug soaked durian

    • Durian spines are bright in color and feel hard and firm to the touch.

    • The stalk is still fresh, hard, when pressed, there is plastic flowing out.

    • The scent is strong, spreading quickly and sweetly.

    • The peel is easy to separate, the fruit can be easily separated by hand without much effort.

    • The flesh and segments of the durian are yellow, tender at first glance, and soft to the touch. When eaten, it has a characteristic sweet and fatty taste

Natural ripe durian is easy to peel and smells good (Source: internet)

    • The pods are dull, slightly darkened, the color of the pods is not fresh, the spines may be bruised or rotten.

    • The stem part is withered, shriveled and does not melt when pressed.

    • Usually, the durians that have been doused with the drug have no aroma or very faint aroma.

    • The pods are very hard and difficult to separate.

    • The flesh of the fruit is pale, even white, to the touch, it feels like a hard lump and the taste is very pale.

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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