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This is not just a technique for raising pigeons, this is a life-changing secret to getting rich

This is not just a technique for raising pigeons, this is a life-changing secret to getting rich
This is not just a technique for raising pigeons, this is a life-changing secret to getting rich

Besides the professions such as raising cattle, poultry and exotic animals to improve their lives and stabilize the economy, many people have become more stable thanks to raising pigeons. Feed dove Scenery is no longer a strange thing to us, especially generous players who can spend hundreds of millions on rare and beautiful pigeons. That’s why many people have gotten rich by raising pigeons, here’s how to effectively raise and care for pigeons.

Why do so many people keep pigeons as pets?

keep pigeons as ornamental
Why do so many people keep pigeons as pets?

It is not natural that family members love and hunt pigeons so much. They are not only beautiful but also carry many special feng shui meanings. In Religion, doves represent happiness. Perhaps we are no stranger to the symbolic meaning of the dove for peace. Therefore, many people love and wish to own such a meaningful bird.

Taking that opportunity, many people learned about techniques and bought pigeons to raise and cherish the desire to change their lives and get rich.

The process of raising ornamental pigeons

Preparation steps

Choose a pigeon breed

Before raising birds, the selection of the breed is the most important. Must choose good breeds, reputable, guaranteed, agile and agile pigeons. Ornamental pigeons must choose varieties with beautiful colors, standards, and funny shapes such as lion pigeons, spread-tailed pigeons …

Should choose to buy pairs that have been paired to facilitate reproduction.

Build a pigeon house

pigeon coop
Pigeon cage

The barn is made of bamboo, wood or wire, you can do it yourself. The cage must have a moderate height, there is a place for the birds to bathe, and a tray to eat and drink for the birds. Pigeon cages need to be cool, clean, place in quiet places, not too noisy, avoid dogs and cats. In some places, birds are also kept on sand troughs to have beautiful feathers.

Laying nest: lined with carefully braided straw and close to the cage.

Pigeon food

Food is an important factor if you want birds to be healthy, cold and have beautiful plumage, many people buy. The main food is corn, rice, industrial flour and vitamin and mineral supplements, sand and gravel for better digestion. Adult birds can eat nuts directly.

Feed the birds 2 times a day, depending on the amount of each bird in different periods.

Breeding pigeons to breed

breeding pigeons
Pigeon breeding

When raising pigeons is about 5 months old, they can pair up to prepare for reproduction. Before that, it is necessary to carry out the work of transferring the birds to another nest, fully equipped with laying nests, feeding troughs, and drinking troughs. Need to reduce sight, sound and noise so that birds can focus on hatching eggs.

While pigeon hatching relies heavily on light, light bulbs can be purchased to provide extra light for the birds at night.

After 18-20 days, the eggs will hatch, the birds will kick the eggshells out, if there are eggs that have not been broken for a long time, you must support such as peeling eggs so that the birds can easily come out to avoid suffocation.

During the care process, the litter should be changed regularly to avoid the development of pathogens.

We have just learned the technique of raising ornamental pigeons to get rich, raising ornamental pigeons is like raising French pigeons from barn to other conditions. Especially should monitor the health so that the bird can be healthy and sell for a good price.

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