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Things to keep in mind when having a caesarean section for cats and dogs

One of the causes of the highest mortality rate of newborn dogs and cats is the prolonged push to give birth, causing newborn dogs and cats to be deprived of oxygen leading to suffocation. Some causes of death for newborn dogs and cats can also be due to genetic problems or infections. Studies show that between 20 and 30% of puppies and kittens born die before 6 months of age; mostly due to neonatal death.

If you observe your pet exhibiting unusual signs during pregnancy, consult your veterinarian. It is recommended to visit your veterinarian regularly for routine ultrasound examinations as well as to avoid unnecessary stress for your dog and cat.

Why do mother cats and dogs need to be born by caesarean section?

  1. The mother dog and cat cannot give birth to puppies by herself for many different reasons such as the size of the kitten is too large, the size and shape of the mother’s pelvis is abnormal, …
  2. There are abnormal phenomena during pregnancy such as the fetus is stressed, the vulva secretes a red, black or green discharge, which means that the placenta is separated or there is an abnormality of the fetus in the body that stimulates the discharge.

C-section should not be performed too early. Wait until your pet shows signs of preparing to give birth such as scratching the nest, breathing rapidly and the temperature drops below 99 . ° F. Calculating the time of cesarean section is extremely important for the survival of the kittens (regarding anesthesia for the mother cat and dog for cesarean delivery)

Always remember, cesarean section can be a good thing, avoiding difficult cases that endanger the life of your pet and its baby.

Preparation before and during caesarean section for cats and dogs

Some anesthetic drugs will be put into the mother’s cat to help them sedation and deep sleep before being delivered by a veterinarian. However, the sedative anesthetic must be the type that allows the kittens and mother cats to recover quickly and does not have a long-lasting effect.

Isoflurane and some gaseous anesthetics, although more expensive, are safe and the animal wakes up almost immediately when the drug is discontinued.

The mother dog during cesarean section needs intravenous fluids to replenish water, maintain blood pressure and compensate for fluid loss during cesarean section.

Prepare for surgery. The white sugar (the part where the doctor will make an incision to get the baby) is shaved and cleaned

  • The veterinarian will make an incision down the animal’s navel. Depending on the size of the mother cat and dog and the size of the kitten, the incision is long or short
  • The incision and open abdominal cavity should be well covered and kept warm to limit exposed organs.
  • The uterine horn is then pulled out.
  • Your veterinarian will make an incision at the junction of the horns of the uterus to allow rapid removal of the puppies.
  • A second staff member will be on duty to pick up the puppies and rehabilitate them before they are kept warm
  • Your veterinarian will make sure all placental tissue is removed and the incision is completely closed.

After the kittens are recovered, they are placed in an incubator and given oxygen support. After the mother cat and her kittens recover from surgery, breastfeeding is necessary to stimulate the mother’s milk production.

Remember, after cesarean section, do not let the kittens and mother cats and dogs get cold because the cold can cause serious harm to the puppies after cesarean section.

Wishing you and your pets good health

Charlie Rosales
Charlie Rosales
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