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The truth about growing rich passion fruit

Planting passion fruit
Change your life by growing passion fruit, is it real?

Passion fruit is a fruit with many health benefits, so its consumption is high. So the model growing passion fruit are being pursued by many people in the hope of achieving high efficiency, economic stability and being able to get rich.

Passion fruit

growing passion fruit
Miracle fruit with many uses

Passion fruit or passion fruit is a fruit containing many nutrients, often processed into water to drink to purify the body. The fruit is small, the inside is yellow and has seeds or no seeds, a lot of water, has a sweet and sour taste. High nutritional content such as protein, lipid, minerals and trace elements such as iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium…

“Small but mighty” is the appropriate name for this fruit, because passion fruit has unexpected benefits for health such as: beautiful skin, immunity booster, good for the digestive system, stress reduction , reduce blood sugar… Therefore, passion fruit is a very popular fruit. To meet market demand, many farmers have growing passion fruit with different large and small scale with the hope of eradicating poverty and getting rich.

model of growing passion fruit
Model of growing passion fruit

Growing passion fruit – a new way out for farmers from poverty

Passion fruit has many benefits but is quite easy to grow, less susceptible to pests and diseases than other plants and low cost. Only about 70-100 million can own a hectare of passion fruit about 70-100 million VND, including money to buy seeds, barbed wire, pillars… Mainly it takes time to visit and take care, 5-7 months after planting to start. harvested with an average yield of about 70-100 tons per hectare. Some households that take good care of them also have a yield of up to 130 tons/ha.

Therefore, it seems that people have been lit up with a small ray of hope about escaping poverty by growing fruit. Many villages and households began to buy seeds, set up climbing rigs, etc growing passion fruit. And indeed as expected, after nearly 1 year, passion fruit grows up for high yield and surprisingly stable profit! Earning billions of dollars is a normal thing for the cultivation of this type of tree.

Growing passion fruit can make you rich
The truth of growing passion fruit to get rich

That is Ms. Phan Thi Lanh – member household participating in the passion fruit growing model in Trieu Thuong commune, Trieu Phong district (Quang Tri province). Passion fruit trees have a high yield of 5-7 quintals/sao (1st harvest), stable prices, ranging from 15,000 – 20,000 VND/kg.

Or Mr. Mua A Pao, Hang Hoc village, Chieng Hac commune (Yen Chau) studied and planted passion fruit trees to develop the family economy. From this model, his family has an income of nearly 2018, his family collects over 10 tons of fruit, selling on average from 20,000-25,000 VND/kg, minus the cost of collecting nearly 200 million VND a year.

However, is it really true that just planting passion fruit can completely eliminate poverty and reduce poverty, a new way out for all people?

Passion of the passion fruit grower

Getting rich has never been easy. In addition to those who succeed thanks to the model of growing passion fruit, there are also people who feel sorry for the crops that no one asks to buy, run away because of pests and diseases, and cry all their tears because they have to buy unsafe varieties.

Passion of the passion fruit grower
Passion of the passion fruit grower

Mr. Nguyen Minh Cuu, Co Ham village, Ang Nua commune, Muong Ang people are sad because passion fruit has come to the harvest season but no one asked to buy it. Because there is no means of transportation, the cost of sending passenger cars is high.

He has difficulty in transporting products, because when harvested, the fruit is good, but after the transportation process, the quality may not be the same (scratched, distorted, …). He searched for the Internet to trade, but the shipping and freight charges were not much profit.

Many people take advantage of the fact that farmers grow a lot of passion fruit and sell fake and unsecured varieties that people also want cheap, making it normal for people to plant trees, but when the season comes, there are no fruits, forcing people to cut down all the trees.

Passion of the passion fruit grower
Vu Thi Nhung’s climbing garden

Typically, the 1,000-root passion fruit garden (equivalent to 1ha) of Ms. Vu Thi Nhung’s family (Kon Gung village, Dak Mar commune, Dak Ha district, Kon Tum province) was planted from July 2019, and has now been harvested. . When the passion fruit tree blooms, it is green, but in fact, the fruit is sparse.

In the hope of getting rich, farmers flocked to plant this tree massively. Moreover, most households grow spontaneously without any technical training, it is just that people who dream that others plant effectively, follow suit, the passion fruit garden without disease will also slow down in growth and yield. difficult to achieve as desired even many people go bankrupt.

Looking for good fertilizer for fruit trees

Can planting passion fruit reduce poverty?
The myth that growing passion fruit will always work

Planting passion fruit Although it is easy and low cost, it does not mean that everyone who grows it will bring high efficiency and productivity. Growers need to be knowledgeable and well trained in plant growing techniques. People also have to pay careful attention in the selection of varieties, so buy from reputable companies, don’t be greedy for short-term profits and then buy fake, non-guaranteed varieties. Wished everyone success.

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