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The trick to grow beautiful white lilies makes people sob

The trick to grow beautiful white lilies makes people sob
The trick to grow beautiful white lilies makes people sob

White lily into people’s hearts by pure and elegant beauty. People often use white Hue to worship, especially during Tet, the consumption of white Hue increases. Please pocket right away how to grow white lilies for beautiful blooms so that you don’t have to rush to buy on Tet holidays. Besides, there are also many other types of lilies, but the most beautiful are still Ta Hue and Western lilies.

White lily – represents solemnity and respect

White lily is also known with a very proud name – Ya Lai Huong, because the white lily often blooms at night and gives off a sweet scent. White lilies are seen a lot during Tet to worship because of its meaning. White lily represents purity and nobility, symbolizes regal temperament, therefore, white lily is the right choice to plug in Tet holidays, to worship and worship.

It is no coincidence that people use white lily in worship, because of such solemn and respectful meaning!

What is the difference between lily of the valley and lily of the valley?

Used for worshiping is lily ta, while lily of the valley is preferred for decoration. The lily is a famous flower appearing in To Ngoc Van’s painting A Girl with a Lily.

Our lily has a smaller stem than the lily, the flowers are also smaller and the lily has a larger branch and has 4-5 flowers on the branch. Our lily has a sweet, passionate fragrance, especially at night, while lily only carries a faint, gentle scent. Our lily has a few leaves, and the lily has leaves shaped like a blade like a bodyguard protecting the beautiful flower.

The two lilies have their own characteristics, but both have pure and beautiful beauty, shy and graceful like a young girl, adorning the space more beautiful.

Admire the beauty of the white lily

White lily – represents solemnity and respect
White lily – represents solemnity and respect

The lily is usually white, but that white color has its own characteristics, it is not the ivory white color of daisies nor the white color of lemon flowers or flowers, but the white lily has a pure, white, and exudes beauty. serenity and gentleness. White lily is small and white with a strong fragrance, but it is said that the scent of white lily is not good for health, so it should not be kept in the room.

The white lily leaves are sheath-shaped, with elongated petioles, moss green and iridescent turquoise. Each lily branch has a length of 40-50cm with many flower buds growing on the branch, hugging each other. On each flower branch, there are many buds that are already in full bloom, there are buds that only open their mouths to smile, and those at the top are still hugging each other and waiting. It is true that flowers have the ability to move people absolutely with just their fragile beauty.

Why do lilies often bloom at night?

As we all know, lilies usually bloom at night. Because lilies are pollinated by moths, they emit a fragrance at night to attract insects that live in the evening to facilitate pollination and maintenance of the species. Not only blooming, but also more fragrant in the evening, does the humble lily during the day humbly let other flowers bloom and show themselves at night?

The technique of growing white lilies blooms beautifully

Planting time

  The technique of growing white lilies blooms beautifully
The technique of growing white lilies blooms beautifully

Should not be planted in winter because this season flowers are difficult to bloom, white lilies bloom more and more beautiful in summer. But if you still want to plant flowers in winter, you must provide enough light and temperature, lighting every day for 16 hours for flowers to grow and bloom beautifully.

Planting temperature and humidity for flower development

The lily blooms best when the temperature is from 21-24 degrees Celsius, below 15 degrees Celsius, the plant cannot live, but if the temperature is too hot above 35 degrees Celsius, the plant will have difficulty blooming.

White lily needs a lot of moisture, the higher the humidity, the more fragrant it is, which is one of the reasons that the lily is more fragrant at night.

Preparation and how to plant lily

Selection of varieties: Tuberoses are grown by many bulbs, so you must choose beautiful bulbs, not scratched, stout, and free from pests. Before planting, tubers should be dried in the ground, eliminating pathogens so that the lily will germinate quickly and produce more beautiful flowers.

Density: It is recommended to plant with a density of 20x20cm.

Soil for plants: Flowers grow well when the soil is rich in nutrients and porous. So choose the type of soil with good drainage, before planting must treat the soil to make it porous. Can mix soil with decaying cow manure, coir, rice husks, chicken manure… to make the soil richer in nutrients.

How to grow: Very simple, just plant bulbs 2-3cm deep in the ground and then cover with soil. If planted deeper, the plant will take longer to flower, but if the yield is good, if the plant is shallower, vice versa.

Care for white lilies

Watering: Like many other flowers that need to be watered twice a day, in the rainy season, water less to avoid waterlogging. Do not water the flowers with a powerful water pump, which can easily break the leaves of the lily, nor should it be watered with a shower because it does not wash away the insects that may be hiding under the leaves.

Fertilizer: Fertilize 1 month after planting, use fertilizers such as goat manure, cow manure, organic fertilizer, vermicompost… to fertilize. And periodically, fertilize every 20-25 days. Can add urea, DAP to help plants grow well.

Note: Clean the grass before fertilizing and observe the color of the leaves to increase and decrease the fertilizer accordingly.


Should be harvested in the early morning or cool afternoon. Harvest, use a knife to cut the cotton diagonally close to the tubers to avoid water remaining in the flower stalks. From then on, harvest by kicking the lily root with your foot and then cutting it off with your hand.

Should soak the lily in clean water, do not mix alum into the water to soak because it will fade quickly. To display the flowers beautifully, the water must be changed every other day.

Plug and decorate the white lily for Tet holiday

Tet or Vu Lan white lily is used a lot
Plug white lily decoration

If you want to make flower arrangements more beautiful and leave a gap for flowers to bloom, you must arrange staggered flowers. Before plugging, prepare a piece of foam placed at the mouth of the vase and then arrange the flowers to fix the flowers beautifully.

Lilies can be decorated for 7-15 days. Must regularly change the water for flowers, true florists never plant lilies for more than three days and change the water continuously, cutting off the roots.

Because flowers have many meanings, Tet or Vu Lan white lily is used a lot. Especially in the Vu Lan season, pagodas cannot help but have a large vase of lilies displayed on both sides of the Three Jewels in the great gratitude ceremony or displayed in other places. Therefore, white lily also helps many people have a stable income by growing this flower.

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