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The trend now is to grow hydroponic plants, what’s the point of growing vegetables!

grow hydroponic plants
Grow beautiful hydroponic plants!

Growing hydroponic plants is currently a very unique trend, attracting a lot of young people, families who love bonsai to participate. For a long time, people have only known about growing hydroponic vegetables without knowing that hydroponics is also stirring up the market. It is outdated if you have read this article until now and do not know what hydroponics is!

Young people who are working in an office, have a passion for bonsai, and want to decorate their home more close to nature, do not ignore this article! Agri will help you have extremely beautiful hydroponic plants.

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How to grow hydroponic plants super simple

Grow super beautiful hydroponic plants
Easy hydroponic plants

Prepare a glass pot of the right size for the number and size of plants that you plan to plant. Retrofit a plastic basket the same size as your hydroponic planter.

Plants before being planted hydroponically should be separated from the soil pot or if you choose previously grown plants, remember to plant them with the medium. You can use the common medium but have some high aesthetics such as straw, coir

Wash the roots with water then cut off the damaged roots to ensure that the plant will grow up with extremely strong and healthy roots.

Place the plastic basket you prepared into the glass basin/tank. Then, plant your favorite bonsai in a plastic basket. Should add a little more solution hydroponic nutrition into the prepared water tank. This solution plays the role of providing necessary nutrients for plants, stimulating plant growth in the aquatic environment.

After 2-3 weeks, when the roots grow long, beautiful and even, you continue to add nutrient solution to grow hydroponic plants like when you first planted them.

Growing hydroponic plants with special care

Water regime for growing hydroponic plants

grow hydroponic plants
Beautiful hydroponic plant tank

No need to water, just change

Different from growing plants and watering as usual, growing hydroponically is important to change the water. This method is suitable for those of you who do not have much time to take care of the tree; Those who are absent-minded, often forget to water the plants.

The water for hydroponic plants to the stage of needing to be changed is very easy to see. As long as the water is clear, gradually turning slightly ivory or showing signs of turbidity, it is the right time to change the water.

Water requirements for hydroponic plants

To keep plants healthy, the water used to grow hydroponic plants must be clean, free from pathogens or harmful bacteria.

Some families choose to use tap water to grow hydroponic plants because they think this water has been treated by the factory, which is wrong! The best hydroponic plant water is water that has been through water purifiers at home or some news agencies like Kangkuroo. If you use tap water, the chlorine content in tap water is very high, which is harmful to plants. Therefore, it is necessary to bring water to dry in the sun so that the chlorine can evaporate before changing the water for the plants.

How to change the water for hydroponic plants?

When the weather is hot, the plant will absorb more water. Therefore, to avoid dehydration, you should change the water for plants about twice a week. And in the cold season, the weather is rainy, about 1 week you change the water to grow the lobe plant once is enough.

If your tree’s roots are damaged, dead, rotten, waterlogged, you should cut those roots and change the water for the plant. Change regularly, often until the roots grow back well, develop as normal.

Growing hydroponic plants also requires pruning

In addition to cutting off damaged, wilted roots, you should also prune some unnecessary roots for better plant growth. In addition, should prune more crushed, wilted, yellow leaves and the appearance of pests and diseases, to avoid affecting the growth of the plant.

Before pruning pruning tools must be sterilized, the roots must be washed. In the process of root washing, absolutely do not rub or rub with sharp or sharp objects.

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