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The technique of raising wild boar is 100% effective for farmers

Raising wild boar with the right technique - the joy of success of farmers
Raising wild boar with the right technique – the joy of success of farmers

Breeding wild boar Currently, it is an extremely attractive business trend for farmers. Although there have been many successful and successful young people, a series of articles and information pages have revealed the harsh truth that the pigs have lost everything, the capital loss is hundreds of millions, the people are struggling… The general situation of everyone at the beginning of wild boar farming made people afraid, afraid and give up. Therefore, immediately pocket the following basic boar farming techniques to achieve 100% efficiency without worrying about losses.

Techniques for building a barn when raising wild boar

Want raising wild boar with high efficiency should focus on the issue of the barn. Many people mistakenly thought that they built a barn with a model similar to raising live pigs and normal domestic pigs, which caused wild boar farming to fail.

Simple boar farm
Simple boar farm

Wild boar is inherently a wild, innocent species with nature and mountains, so when raising, the barn needs to create comfort and spaciousness. Pay attention to add straw on the floor of the barn to avoid causing slippery effects on both pigs and themselves when catching pigs.

Wild boar owners need to understand that their animals will not bathe and drink by themselves, so they need to build a stable with a clean water source so that they can freely do what they want.

In particular, it should be built in a place far from residential areas and placed in a high place with good drainage, avoiding affecting people and also minimizing the possibility of causing disease to pigs.

Some necessary equipment:

  • Feeding trough:
    • It is recommended to install more feeders at the top of the barn and should be placed in the lowest place, facilitating easier cleaning.
    • The size of the pig trough will change proportionally to the volume and number of the herd of wild boar that you raise.
  • Septic tank: Should be placed outside the barn and covered with a tight lid, ensuring livestock hygiene. Can be used for irrigation with a certain amount of water.

How to choose a breed when raising wild boar

Choose a breed of boar

When choosing boar breeds, it is advisable to choose 6-month-old piglets and take care of piglets up to about 7 or 8 months old. Definitely do not use young males because they are too small, affecting the reproduction and breeding process later.

Geo forest breed - wild boar
Choosing a good breed makes it easy to raise wild boar

During the breeding process, attention should be paid to the appearance and physique of the piglets. In particular, it is recommended to choose wild boars with the following characteristics:

  • The pig’s head is like a bar, the pig’s face is long. The mane of the wild boar must be erect, running from the neck to the back.
  • The back should be straight and the abdomen should be slim, not saggy.
  • Choose breeds with four tall, straight and sturdy legs.
  • For healthy reproduction, choose those with well-proportioned, large and well-proportioned testicles. Especially the testicles must have good elasticity.
  • Should choose children with high enthusiasm, the wilder and fiercer the better.
  • Ensure a high number of children born and raised.

Choose a breed of female pig

Also similar to boars, female pigs when choosing silk should choose those that are between 4 and 6 months old. From the selected herd of sows, they will undergo a process of testing and evaluation to select the ones with good reproductive ability.

When choosing to raise wild boars, it is advisable to choose those that do not have defects and are in good health. If the piglet has a defect, it will affect the life of this drunkard and also make it difficult for the breeding process. Special attention should be paid to 3 basic parts related to reproduction: genitals, breasts and skeleton.

Criteria for selecting sows through the 3 parts mentioned above:

  • Genital organs: normal development, healthy.
  • Breasts: The minimum number of breasts is required to feed the cubs. If the number of breasts is too small, it will affect the development and rearing of wild boars, affecting the economy of farmers. The wild boar normally selected will have 5 pairs of breasts evenly arranged on each side. Sows with warped, dry or saggy udders should be discarded.
  • Skeleton: The skeleton and limbs must be strong, strong and extremely flexible. The sows with four limbs that are underdeveloped, weak, standing without a pool should absolutely not be chosen no matter how cheap the price is because it will greatly affect the process of breeding, reproduction and rearing after humans.

Note, should choose to raise wild boars capable of producing a large and special number of offspring do not eat piglets.

The process of raising wild boar

The process of raising wild boar should be divided into 2 parts:

  • State 1: You should raise wild boar in a concentrated manner to ensure their growth. Wait until they reach their desired weight, then start moving to stage 2.
  • Phase 2: This period encourages the reintroduction of wild boars to their original instincts – rearing in a semi-wild manner. At that time, the wild boar will be free to move in a large area under the management of the farmer. This not only makes it easy for you to manage and take care of your pigs, but also helps the pork to be firm, crispy skin, fat, with the right taste of pure wild boar.

For pigs in the breeding period, it is advisable to pay attention to detect the estrus period of sows and should know the following signs of pregnant pigs:

Wild boar after birth
How to raise wild boar before and after birth is very important
  • The estrous period:
    • Because piglets when brought back are still young and small, they should ignore the first 2 estrus and pay attention to stimulating reproduction in the 3rd estrus.
    • Sows are usually in heat for about 2 to 3 days. Pigs in heat will often jump on the back of other pigs and then begin to have the same mating reflexes as the male. In particular, an easy-to-identify feature is that the female pig in estrus season, if she encounters a male pig, will groan and that sound will become a siren to signal the farmer.
  • Reproductive period: Between 18 and 25 days or slightly more, if the sows do not return to heat, they are pregnant. Breeders need to switch them to a new diet and care different from the time they were not pregnant.

Food when raising wild boar

Feeding wild boar is different from feeding wild boar. In addition to feeding wild boars with foods such as forage, starchy foods, protein supplements and some vitamin-containing foods, people need to know more ways to mix food to help pigs supplement. enough quality with just 1 serving as follows.

Instructions for mixing wild boar feed
Table of instructions for mixing feed according to the ratio to raise wild boar

Vaccines and vaccinations while raising wild boar

  • People need to follow the pigs to vaccinate periodically and prescribed by the veterinarian. Each vaccine will have its own effect and effect for a certain time, so people must pay attention to bring pigs to the doctor if there are strange signs and pay attention to the time to take pigs for regular vaccinations.
  • After vaccination, pigs will not have immunity right away, but have to wait 1 to 3 weeks for the drug to be effective (depending on the type of vaccine, the time to develop will be different).
  • Do not rely on vaccines without taking preventive measures for pigs such as cleaning the barn, diet, etc.
  • About 1 month before the birth of the pig, people should bring their pigs with the Ecoli vaccine and wait 25 days if their pigs have not given birth, then get the 2nd round.
  • For newborn piglets, pay attention to give them digestive enzymes with a sufficient dose (1 pack/herd). Depending on the number of herds, there will be an adjustment in the dose of the drug.

In addition, people should also read more lessons from previous wild boar farmers to draw experience for their pig herd.

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