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The technique of raising fish in a floating tank lined with tarpaulin is top notch

eel fish
Techniques for raising fish in floating tanks lined with canvas

Lobster fish As a freshwater fish, this is also a bright spot for the wide distribution of chameleon throughout the country, cultured in many different places. Fish has high nutritional value and export value, the price on the market is usually from 280,000-350,000 VND/kg, is a species of fish with great economic potential. So let’s learn about farming techniques. The fish in the tank is extremely good.

smelt fish
tarpaulin-lined floating pond design

It is recommended to use an iron frame pond lined with tarpaulin to be more convenient for fish farming. The tarpaulin pond has a soft smooth surface that will not scratch or ulcerate the fish.

Cauliflower can live and adapt best at temperatures from 250C to 270C. So when we build a tank, we must have a roof

Ponds for fish farming must have an easy water supply and drainage system

When the design and construction of the pond is completed, people should create water colors to prepare to release fish in.

The source of water supplied to the pond must be very clean and use green manure to cause water color for about 3-4 days to release the fish.

Slug fish
Choose quality fish breeds

Choosing when to breed is very important because it will directly affect the success or failure of your farming

The species of scad fish must swim quickly, without ulcers, with the same size, about 2-3g/fish.

The stocking density of scads should not be too thick, only about 100-200 fish per 1m2 . should be released

The eating style of scad fish is similar to that of catfish, which is quite gluttonous and omnivorous. But the eating fish will often change according to the growth and development of the fish’s body, so you should note this:

-Achon fish about 5cm long is most suitable for eating vegetables, flippers and zooplankton

– For fish with a length of 5cm to 8cm, the most suitable food is to eat zooplankton and small worms.

– The fish is 8cm to 10cm long for the fish to eat algae, young grass leaves and grains.

-Sad fish over 10cm long, they like to eat plants the most

-In order for the fish to thrive, people also need to add quality industrial food, rice bran, trash fish, ground snails, black soldier fly pupae, etc.

-Feed about 5-8% of the fish’s body weight and feed about 4-5 times a day

-For at least 15 days, it is necessary to add vitamin C to fish food to strengthen the immune system and resistance of fish.

How to prevent disease for scad fish

Cauliflower is a fish with high vitality and resistance, but people also often have to pay attention to taking good care of the farming environment to avoid causing diseases to fish.

Fish is a catfish, viscous, so it is easy to create conditions for bacteria and parasitic fungi that cause ulcers.

How to treat fish disease

-If fish has fungal disease, you should bathe with salt water for 10-15 minutes

-Intestinal disease is also quite simple, just feed people with vitamin C and digestive enzymes twice a month to be able to safely eliminate the disease.

Breeding scad fish
Wash fish with salt water to eliminate pathogens

People should be persistent and regularly observe to see if the growth of the fish is even, if there is a difference, the pruning is a very worthwhile thing to do.

Filter to collect large fish out of the pond, if there is a big difference between the fishes, it will cause the phenomenon of fighting for food, even biting each other, so the filtering should be done and checked when necessary. hopes that people will do the right technique of raising and taking care of scads to easily achieve the highest crop.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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