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The technique of raising Dong Tao chickens so that there is less disease and faster growth

effectively raise Dong Tao chickens
Dong Tao Chicken

To be able to raise this rare and successful chicken breed, the farmer should first learn about the Dong Tao chicken farming technique.

Learn about Dong algae chicken

Learn about Dong Tao Chicken
Frozen chicken is a rare breed of chicken

Dong Tao chicken (Dong Cao) is a rare breed of chicken in our country. Chickens are large chickens, dignified in shape with a large body, red skin, majestic head and shaggy legs.

The rooster’s legs are large and surround the legs in the front part is a layer of skin scales arranged unevenly in rows. The rest of the skin is rough, the four toes are spread and clearly divided, the feet are thick and balanced, so the chicken walks firmly.

Raising Dong Tao chickens or any chicken breed requires careful preparation, especially for this breed, the technique of raising Dong Tao chickens is more demanding than ever.

More specifically, the Dong Tao chicken raising technique is easy to read, but if you don’t know how to apply it properly, it will not be successful.

Breeding barn

– Can be raised by the method of grazing or captive breeding on an industrial scale. But the best technique for raising Dong Tao chickens is that it should be raised in the garden because this big-legged chicken is a very active breed. They will grow better if raised in the garden, moreover raised in the garden will give better meat quality and the chicken will be bigger.

Breeding cages in Dong Tao chicken farming technique
Dong Tao chicken coop for reference

In the technique of raising Dong Tao chickens:

The coop for sleeping chickens must be warm enough, not waterlogged. It is best to build a high platform on the ground and put rice husks in as a place for chickens to sleep.

The roof of the chicken coop should be made of corrugated iron or corrugated iron, both to warm the coop and to avoid rain and wind. Otherwise, no matter how good the Dong Tao chicken farming technique is, it can hardly be perfect without a reasonable barn

– The floor of the coop should use bamboo, about 40-50 cm from the floor of the cage and the floor of the chicken coop is cemented for cleanliness and easy cleaning.

– The feeding and drinking troughs must be evenly arranged and cleaned daily to avoid dirt accumulation.

– Clean the barn regularly to avoid disease. Farmers can use disinfectants available at veterinary pharmacies to spray – spray and kill the gun every 2 weeks.

The technique of raising Dong Tao chickens requires very strict and meticulous requirements on the cage so that the chickens have the best environment to grow. No matter how good the Dong Tao chicken farming technique is, it can hardly be perfect without a reasonable barn.

Hatching newly hatched chicks in Dong Tao chicken raising technique

The technique of brooding newly hatched chickens in Dong Tao chicken raising

– Making incubators for newly hatched chickens must pay attention to the cage to keep the air tight and the chickens not cold.

– Proper lighting must be placed to help the chicken coop to be kept warm and to limit the chance of chickens being infected. The brooder needs to be airtight so the chickens don’t get cold. Newly hatched chicks have weak body and little feathers, the possibility of infection and death is also higher than that of other chicken breeds.

– The incubator must be disinfected with antiseptic and cleaned before putting the chicks in.

How to brood Dong Tu chickenvirtual child

Techniques for raising Dong Tao chickens and how to build a coop when the chickens are growing

The place where the chicken coop is crowded with algae must be a cool, dry place, avoiding the rain and drafts and avoiding mice at night.

– The floor of the cage should be built higher than the ground to avoid flooding when it rains and cold air rises from the ground, and at the same time, spread rice husks for the chickens to sleep and keep warm.

– To build the barn wall, it must be about 0.5m high, use bricks to build it firmly and firmly. To prevent chickens from flying back and forth between the cages, it is recommended to put up a plastic cloth or tarpaulin to cover the ceiling of the cage about 3m.

– Build a perch for the chickens to sleep and about 40 -50 cm from the floor of the coop. Each such pole will be 50 cm apart, 25 cm from the wall and should be made of bamboo or cork.

Taking care of Dong Tao chicks is not easy
Taking care of baby chickens is not easy

– Feeders and drinkers should be placed alternately. It is also possible to place a pipe that carries water from a water tank to drip down to the trough for the chickens to drink gradually. Thus, there is no need to constantly water the chickens. The length of the trough will be around 10cm.

How to choose purebred Dong Tao chickens in Dong Tao chicken farming techniques

– The selection of chicks is the most important step in the technique of raising Dong Tao chickens. Purebred chickens must be purchased from reliable suppliers. Chicks should be uniform, agile, flexible, with ruddy, smooth, shiny skin on their feet and a dry, closed navel.

– Before intending to raise and bring back purebred chicks, you must prepare carefully at the brooding stage: must have a thermometer to measure humidity and temperature. The barn is well-closed, has enough light, is not drafted by wind or rain.

– When the chicks are 1 day old, bring water mixed with glucose, Vitamin C to drink and feed broken or pureed corn at 1-2 at the beginning to clean the intestines and then start eating in stages.

Chicken care

Chicken care is also a difficult stage in Dong Tao chicken raising technique

It is very necessary to provide enough nutrients for chickens to develop healthy activities, especially to add vitamins in the diet to keep chickens healthy and increase resistance.

Dong Tao Chicken

More specifically in the technique of raising Dong Tao chickens, when raising Dong Tao hens, pay attention to the diet. Because if the hens are too fat, it will affect fertility and incubation, Dong Tao chicken breed gives very little and not as many eggs as normal chicken breeds, so it is very important to ensure that the hens reproduce well. Food is still edible but old must be replaced.

In addition, Dong Tao chickens are very susceptible to diseases due to poor respiratory characteristics.

Although Dong Tao chickens look very healthy and strong, in order to raise that body they also need special care. Many farmers do not understand the proper technique of raising Dong Tao chickens, which can cause chicken quality to decrease or chickens to die.

People need to actively learn about the appropriate technique of raising Dong Tao chickens, the duration of vaccination against chicken diseases and the best conditions for raising Dong Tao chickens to bring about high breeding efficiency. best.

Do not be subjective without referring to Dong Tao chicken raising techniques after the initial success.

In addition, the technique of raising Dong Tao chickens, if effective, can be used to get rich from this chicken breed. Increase income for people as well as improve living standards.

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