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The technique of raising bamboo chickens as an ornamental is only for genuine chicken players

The technique of raising bamboo chickens as an ornamental is only for genuine chicken players
Beautiful chicken
Raising ornamental chickens, especially bamboo chickens, is being strongly sought after

Raising bamboo chickens Today’s scene is an elegant hobby of many people, everyone wants to raise but not everyone knows the correct technique of raising bamboo chickens. Therefore, agri would like to give you the secret of raising and taking care of bamboo chickens to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Admire the haughty beauty of ornamental chickens

It is no wonder that ornamental bamboo chickens are loved and hunted by so many people. Bamboo chickens have many types with the same body shape, different colors are extremely eye-catching, looking to want to bring home and raise immediately. Let’s admire the varieties of bamboo chickens that are welcomed by the people of the house.

Tan Chau bamboo chicken – the pride of Vietnamese ornamental chickens

Raising Tan Chau bamboo chicken as an ornamental
Rare Tan Chau bamboo chicken

Originating in Vietnam, it is considered the pride of Vietnamese bamboo chicken farmers. Possessing colorful wings and long, smooth feathers are the trademarks of the Tan Chau chicken breed. Especially, the tail of Tan Chau chicken is very long touching the ground, it looks like a chicken wearing a beautiful haughty dress. Proud and luxurious are the words for this type of chicken. One more point that is popular with bamboo chicken farmers is that it is disease resistant and easy to raise.

Serama bamboo chicken – super mini chicken but has a regal aura

Raising Malaysian Bamboo Chickens
Serama Bamboo Chicken from Malaysia

Serama bamboo chicken is a candidate from Malaysia that has been honored in the top of the most beautiful chicken species in the world. It is no exaggeration to say that the Serama chicken has a super small body, powerful stance, regal temperament, and friendly personality, which are the things that make the real chicken players wobble.

Chabo bamboo chicken – fighting cock from Thailand

Raising bamboo chickens in Thailand
Chabo bamboo chicken

The Thai chicken is small, but the chest is wide and facing the front, creating an extremely luxurious and unique standing. Possessing short legs that are almost invisible but very strong and agile. Especially the tail is not curved but vertical like the leaves of the beautiful iris. The majestic appearance is the characteristic that creates the special charisma of chickens from Thailand that captivates Vietnamese players.

Above are some beautiful bamboo chickens that are highly sought after by everyone, in addition, American bamboo chickens, Northern bamboo chickens… are also popular and raised by many people, not afraid to spend millions to raise them.

Learn the technique of raising bamboo chickens

Choose a breed to raise bamboo chickens

The first step to raising bamboo chickens is always to choose a good breed. Select breeds based on appearance, health, etc. Must choose healthy, alert, bright eyes, beautiful feathers with buoyancy. Choose the ones with thick and wide bodies, sure to show good health. You can choose the above-mentioned impressive chickens to raise.

Bamboo chicken coop

Like raising other chickens, the bamboo chicken coop must be placed in a cool place in the summer and warm in the winter. Prepare enough feeding troughs, strapless liners, curtains, heaters… all must be disinfected before rearing. People often make or buy standing bridges for bamboo chickens and then practice how to stand for them. Standing bridges are usually made of wood or make use of tires.

Care work when raising bamboo chickens

When raising chicks, because they are still young, they are not able to cope with the environment, so it is necessary to invest in a 6W light bulb to light the chickens in the winter. From 1 month of age, chickens can be exposed to a new environment so that the chickens can get used to them by putting them on the ground to bask in the sun, feed, etc. In the period from 2 to 5 months old, chickens are developing, so provide them with a lot of nutrients. substances, food.

Raising adult bamboo chickens, when necessary, can be separated to raise each chicken so that the chickens develop well, hatch themselves, and have smooth and beautiful feathers. Raising chickens, they are released in the morning outside the yard, and brought in at night. If you want your chickens to have beautiful feathers, let them bask in the sun early in the morning or design the cage to leave it open in the morning.

The main food of bamboo chickens is rice, which can be added with brown rice, worms, crickets, vegetables, etc. Combined with vitamin supplements for chickens to grow faster. Provide 2 to 3 times a week of bait food for chickens such as quail, meat… Especially if you want chickens to have beautiful, shiny feathers, you must provide them with lots of green vegetables. Regularly change and wash feeders and drinkers to keep chickens clean.

Because bamboo chickens are raised for ornamental purposes, we should treat them as pets, like friends to take care of so that the chickens can grow well and comprehensively. In addition, it also ensures the prevention of diseases when raising bamboo chickens. Prevention of diseases of raising bamboo chickens is similar to raising commercial chickens, but because ornamental chickens are raised for a long time, they must be vaccinated again every year to increase resistance and health.

Above would like to send you a comprehensive technique of raising bamboo chickens, hope you will be successful in raising bamboo chickens as your ornamental.



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