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The technique of planting yellow apricot trees joyfully welcomes the New Year

The technique of planting yellow apricot trees joyfully welcomes the New Year of the Ox 2021
Yellow apricot tree on Tet holiday
Techniques for planting yellow apricot trees on Tet holiday

Cultivation techniques yellow apricot tree Super easy, but many people don’t know, so they spend a lot of money to buy trees. Some well-off people choose to buy the whole pot, but some people choose to buy ready-made apricot trees in potting soil to bring home to plant. Did you know, if you know how to plant apricots, you will save a few more red envelopes for Tet!

So, how should the technique of planting yellow apricot trees be so that people can joyfully welcome the New Year of the Ox 2021 to the fullest?

When is the right time to plant yellow apricot trees without worrying about early flowering?

Yellow apricot tree
At what time should you plant apricot trees?

The most suitable time to plant apricot trees is from October to December of the lunar calendar and is especially effective at the end of the dry season and the beginning of the rainy season. This time is considered the most suitable time for yellow apricot trees. blooms on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

However, you should depend on the weather where you plant to determine whether to plant or not, if planting will grow well or not?

Yellow apricot trees are very cold tolerant plants, when the weather is cold below 10°C, the tree is very difficult to live, easy to get sick and sick. The plant will only grow well when the habitat is stable at 25 to 30°C, which means the weather is a bit astringent and warm.

Techniques for choosing good varieties of yellow apricot trees

Good varieties of yellow apricot trees must be those with strong roots, with many young roots and secondary roots. Plants are not diseased, not injured. As for the leaves and tops, you should choose plants with mature, lush, healthy leaves.

The yellow apricot tree nursery must be intact and firm. The inside of the potting soil should be black. Should not choose yellow apricot trees with loose, weak soil, it will be difficult to grow well, difficult to plant.

Effective techniques for planting yellow apricot trees

Prepare the hole to plant the yellow apricot tree

Use basic gardening tools like pickaxe, shovel to dig holes.

Dig from the top down, from the inside out with a depth of about 2 hands and the size is larger than the pot containing the yellow apricot tree.

Pour manure into the hole and stir well. Recommended to use types organic fertilizer, worm parts

The process of planting yellow apricot trees

Yellow apricot tree
Yellow apricot flowers bloom brilliantly

Sterilize scissors and knives before use. Use sterilized scissors and knives to cut off the bottom of the potting soil you selected earlier. You should make an incision from the mouth to the bottom of the pot.

Then, you put the gourd in the middle of the hole you just dug so that the pot of yellow apricot tree you choose is about 1-2 fingers higher than the mouth of the hole and then slowly remove the plastic wrap, making sure that you don’t tear the wrap too hard to cause damage. Affect the earth!

Extra fertilizer prices can and organic fertilizer into the planting hole. Then backfill the soil, compact it so that the tree can stand firmly and firmly. Carry out watering to moisturize your yellow apricot tree. Repeat until the soil fills the dug hole.

If your apricot tree is weak, not strong enough, you should tie more stakes to the trunk so that the tree can stand firmly against the wind or some other impact from the outside.

However, when backfilling, you should note that you should not fill in the lower part of the tree outside. Otherwise, when you water, the water can stagnate, causing waterlogging.

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