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The technique of planting bean sprouts is safe and 100% effective.

You want to enjoy delicious and clean bean sprouts, but are afraid that the bean sprouts purchased from outside are not safe and hygienic, the following article is your right choice so that you can grow your own. Please give me fresh, clean bean sprouts.

Overview of bean sprouts

Growing bean sprouts at home has many benefits, convenience and health safety for your family. Bean sprouts, also known as bean sprouts, are popular with many people. This type of food has many uses in the treatment and beauty of women. Bean sprouts are rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, proteins and substances of plant origin.

Above all, bean sprouts is a clean vegetable that is very good for health, especially pregnant women can also be used for the full development of the fetus.

How to grow bean sprouts effectively:

Ingredients for growing bean sprouts

Ingredients for growing bean sprouts
Ingredients: Green Beans

– Green beans.

– Incubators such as pots, pans, pots, jars…or things with lids that are tightly covered and have drainage holes below.


Step 1: Put a sufficient amount of green beans in a pot with a lid and have a drainage hole from about 2-3 fists to be eligible for planting.

Step 2: Continue to put the incubator into a slightly larger pot.

Technique of growing bean sprouts
Soak green beans in a pot

Step 3: Then we fill the pot with warm water from about 38 degrees Celsius into the pot or pot, soak the green beans for 8-12 hours. When the seeds hatch, they will automatically peel off, this stimulates the green beans to quickly germinate when incubated.

Step 4: Then, we lift the incubator out of the water bath after soaking and then drain the previously soaked water.

Step 5: Wash the soaked beans with clean water again.

Step 6: When you have finished washing the bean sprouts, put the incubator back into the pot when soaking the beans.

Step 7: Fill the pot with clean water and cover it tightly, using a heavy object to insert the lid to fix the incubator. Seedlings will quickly develop fatter stems and fewer roots.

Step 8: From 8 to 12 hours after incubation, take out the green beans and rinse several times with cold water. Each discharge is about 5 minutes.

Harvest bean sprouts
Harvest bean sprouts

Step 9: After 3 days of incubation, the green beans will sprout bigger and longer. Many people may think that in the incubation box there is not enough space for the sprouts to grow, but in fact, in such a tight space, it helps the bean sprouts to grow, the stem is fatter without worrying about the roots developing.

We should not use too heavy objects to avoid being overcrowded, causing the sprouts to penetrate below the incubator through the drainage hole, stimulating the roots to grow longer.

Step 10: When incubated for 4 days, the bean sprouts will grow fully for you to harvest.

Technique of growing bean sprouts

How to choose varieties: Choose specialized good seeds and green peas that use only the nutrients that are already accumulated to grow.

– Prices can: To create a place for plants, you should choose coir, smoked rice husk or sand to plant without adding a little more nutrition and help keep the plant warm.

– Planting pots: You can use Styrofoam containers, planter trays, or plant pots. Ensure the drainage of the pot, avoid waterlogging for bean sprouts.


– When planting, place bean sprouts in places where no light can penetrate. The skin of green beans is very thin, so only soaking for about 30 minutes – 1 hour is enough, the water mixed in the ratio of 3 boiling 2 cold is used to soak the seeds.

– People can prepare a planting site to minimize the amount of light entering the bean sprouts incubation. With that, the bean sprouts will be fat and white. The best choices and easy to find, the most common are pots, pans, crockery, porcelain often used to pickle pickles.

Harvest bean sprouts
Points to note when planting bean sprouts

– When spreading the incubated seeds, spread evenly and spray water for the most moist container. A wet cloth can be used to keep the surface of the bean sprouts moist.

During the bean sprout growing cycle, turn the beans in the jar overnight to bring the seeds located on the outside of the jar to the center. Water daily for good growth.

– During the care period from 7-10 days, when observing the cotyledon as large as a pea, it means that we can harvest by using scissors to cut close to the corner. In order to plant the next bean sprout crop, it is necessary to discard the old layer of growing medium because it contains the roots of the harvested plant that will easily rot, causing disease for the next batch of vegetables.

Points to note when planting bean sprouts
Things to note in growing bean sprouts

Above are the basic techniques to grow bean sprouts at home, right? Just need to take the basic step, you have yourself clean bean sprouts, ensure hygiene and safety, feel free to enjoy them, right? It is true that there is nothing better than creating good results by yourself. Wish you get quality bean sprouts from our shares!

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