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The technique of growing soursop that bears fruit early still ensures quality

Soursop, also known as soursop, is a very popular fruit in Vietnam. Not only delicious, easy to eat, rich in nutrition, this custard apple can also be used as tea or dried, making jam with high economic value. That is not to mention the soursop does not require too many complicated planting and care techniques and still brings huge profits to farmers. However, not everyone can grasp these seemingly simple knowledge, so let’s find out together Soursop cultivation technique down here.

Learn the technique of growing soursop to produce fruit early and still ensure quality
Learn the technique of growing soursop to produce fruit early and still ensure quality
  1. Take a look at a few growth and development conditions of soursop

First, when choosing a way to get rich from the soursop model, one needs to understand some of the growth and development conditions of this plant:

  • Soursop grows best at a temperature of about 25 – 32 degrees Celsius, most suitable for the Central Highlands and Southeastern regions of our country, the plant cannot tolerate cold.
  • It is a light-loving plant that grows well in the rainy season with high air humidity
  • Suitable for soil with a pH of 4.5 – 6.5, not tolerant of waterlogging, acid and saline soil.

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  1. Making soil to plant soursop

Soursop is not too picky about soil, but still grows better in light fleshy soils, with a pH of 4.5 – 6.5. Particularly for alkaline or saline soils, it is necessary to sprinkle lime powder to dry the soil for 10-12 days before digging holes for planting.

Besides, to support the tree annona Siamese children grow and develop best, people should conduct priming for planting holes before planting. The rate of fertilizing is as follows: each planting hole uses 10-15kg of rotting manure mixed with 0.5kg of superphosphate and 0.5kg of powdered lime.

The best time to plant green-skinned pomelo to achieve high yield and quality is at the end of the dry season and the beginning of the rainy season, from April to May of the solar calendar. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the drainage system to ensure that the tree is not flooded if it rains heavily for a long time.

Soursop grows best on light soil with a pH between 4.5 and 6.5 .
Soursop grows best on light soil with a pH between 4.5 and 6.5 .
  1. Choose varieties, proceed to plant seedlings

If you are just starting the business model of soursop for the first time, you should still choose to buy seedlings from reputable and quality suppliers. Remember to choose healthy seedlings, height from 25-30cm, green leaves, no pests, fat and strong stems.

After having good seedlings, continue to plant seedlings according to the following procedure:

  • Dig planting holes on previously cultivated land, each hole has a diameter of 40-60cm, a depth of 25-30cm, the hole is about 3-4m apart from the hole, the rows are about 3-4m apart.
  • Tear the plastic, put the nursery into the dug holes, fill the surrounding soil to form a mound about 10cm high, water immediately after planting.
  • Can be intercropped or specialized depending on the purpose of the gardener
Should choose soursop seedlings with good vitality, no pests
Should choose soursop seedlings with good vitality, no pests
  1. Techniques for growing soursop in each stage of development


Soursop at the beginning of development has very high water requirements but cannot tolerate waterlogging. Therefore, people should pay attention to regular watering in the dry season, at least twice a day in the early morning and evening. On the contrary, in the rainy season, it is necessary to pay attention to drainage for plants to avoid pests and root and root rot.

Business model gardeners should apply high-tech irrigation systems to improve efficiency. You can refer to the article on how to make rain sprinklers reasonable.

Fertilization, pest control

In addition to fertilizing before planting soursop, people fertilize the plant in batches as follows:

  • The first year: top dressing with NPK fertilizer at the rate of 10-10-10 and 16-16-8 at 0.1kg and 0.2kg per tree.
  • The 2nd and 3rd years use NPK fertilizer at the same rate as the first year, but increase the amount of fertilizer for each tree by 0.2 – 0.3kg more.
  • Fertilizer should be applied at the end of the rainy season after harvesting and when the tree is growing fruit
  • It is possible to use more biological products to fertilize or spray the plants every year to improve the yield and quality as well as increase the resistance to pests and diseases of the plants.

Fruit bags, against insects and pests

After the fruit is set for 1-2 months, farmers should carry out plastic bags to prevent pests, insects from attacking and also the influence of pesticides that bring high economic value.


Applying the right planting and care techniques, soursop will usually give fortune after 2-3 years of planting, the time from pollination to harvest lasts only 3-4 months.

Actively fertilizing helps improve the yield of each crop
Actively fertilizing helps improve the yield of each crop

The above article has certainly helped people better understand the techniques of growing and caring for soursop to achieve the highest yield and quality. Wish you soon success with your soursop model!

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