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The technique of growing ginger with high yield

Ginger is known as a popular spice and medicine in Vietnam. The way to grow ginger is quite simple, but in order for the ginger plant to give large and many tubers, it takes experience. Technique of growing ginger good will help plants for high yield, high economic efficiency. Take a look at the following article to learn more.

Ginger is a common root and is quite easy to grow
Ginger is a common root and is quite easy to grow

The right time to plant ginger

For the best growth of ginger, the selection of planting time is very important. Usually planting ginger in the beginning of the warm weather (January to February or April to May) the plant will grow more easily.

Ginger plants usually take about 8 to 10 months for large bulbs. So when the weather gets colder at the end of the year (October to December), ginger can be harvested.

How to choose a ginger variety?

It can be said, buffalo ginger, ginger dé. Standard ginger varieties need to be treated before planting with drugs such as Phatox, Score, …. This is a CU-based drug with the ability to kill fungi and prevent diseases of ginger plants.

Usually, the selection of varieties needs to find a reputable producer or consult an experienced person. This will help avoid risks because there are not everywhere there are good, qualified varieties to grow on a large area.

Buffalo ginger is the most grown type of ginger today
Buffalo ginger is the most grown type of ginger today

Land for planting

It is recommended to plant ginger in beds in high moisture soil. Young ginger that has just been planted should be covered with root cabinets, bed cabinets. Close up soil needs good drainage.

Although not picky about the soil, to achieve the highest yield, the soil for growing ginger also needs a certain humus and porosity. Accordingly, it is necessary to mix clean soil with ashes of rice husks and earthworms at the right ratio of 1: 2 : 1.


Like many other crops, ginger also needs adequate fertilization to receive enough nutrients. Normally, each hectare of ginger needs at least 5 tons of manure, 80kg of phosphorus and 1 quintal of potassium. This amount of fertilizer will be divided equally to apply until harvest.

The amount of manure many gardeners also invest up to 10 times per hectare for 1 crop. Ideally, manure and phosphate fertilizers should be applied in rows to achieve the best effect.

Technique of growing ginger

Ginger before planting in the garden needs to be incubated for 2 weeks to sprout evenly. Just place the ginger on a layer of rice husk mixed with ash about 20cm thick. Ginger is piled up to 30cm high, then cover with a layer of straw and water more. The amount of water only needs to be moderate to avoid causing the ginger to rot, but if it is too dry, the ginger will not germinate. Then, use your hands to separate the branches, about 3 knuckles each.

When planting ginger, it is not necessary to dig a hole too deep, about 3cm from the ground. Next just bury the ginger sprouts in the soil and water.

The technique of growing ginger is quite simple and can be easily applied on a large scale
The technique of growing ginger is quite simple and can be easily applied on a large scale

Ginger plant care techniques

Although ginger is a plant that likes moist soil, it cannot tolerate waterlogging. Therefore, the amount of water for irrigation only needs to ensure enough moisture, about 2 times per day. Ginger root will sprout within 20 days. When the ginger leaves are strong, it only needs to be watered once a day.

Young ginger is often attacked by snails, so it needs to be watched to catch snails or use snail killer in the early stages.

Generally, ginger will grow better in bright light. However, in this condition, the plant gives little and quite small tubers. It is best to ensure that the ginger plant is exposed to light for a maximum of 6 hours per day.

When growing, the forest tubers will gradually emerge from the ground and gradually around August, the ginger leaves will begin to fall. At this stage, there is no need to water the ginger plant anymore.

Planting and taking care of ginger properly will give many and big bulbs
Planting and taking care of ginger properly will give many and big bulbs

It is necessary to regularly weed and clean ginger to avoid pests. If the cleaning step is done well, the ginger plant will not get sick throughout its growth.

Harvesting ginger

If planted well, ginger can be harvested gradually from May. At the time of harvesting need to be very gentle and careful to avoid cutting the roots or scratching the ginger root. Small lesions can create conditions for pests to develop. Now, farmers can start to select and get seeds to plant for the next crop.

Ginger is usually not difficult to grow, but in order for ginger to give good yield, farmers need to have knowledge and experience. Growing ginger on a large scale often encounters many problems such as pests, waterlogging, small tubers, …. Technique of growing ginger Right is an important key to make it easier for farmers to grow and care for ginger.

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