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The technique of growing beans and peas in pots at home is simple

Beans, also known as cassava roots, are a type of tuber that can be used to process food and can be used fresh as a very cool fruit, sweet and cool, very good for health, especially in the summer. hot. Legumes are grown in many places for high economic efficiency. But to apply bean growing technique In pots at home, there are certainly few people who do it and do it successfully even though it’s simple.

Here are a few of the most basic home-grown potted plant techniques for those who want to show their own growing skills for reference.

The technique of growing beans at home by sowing seeds or planting cuttings is fine
The technique of growing beans at home by sowing seeds or planting cuttings is fine

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Time to plant beans

Beans are easy-to-live plants, so they can be planted all year round in February – March, June – July or July – August.

Temperature conditions for growing beans

Vi is a light-loving plant, so when planting, it should be noted that it should be placed in a place with lots of light, cool, or the soil is not waterlogged or too arid.

How to choose a pot to plant beans?

Planting tubers in pots, styrofoam containers, etc., should choose a pot with a depth and width to ensure the best development of the beans.

Land for growing beans

The soil for growing beans needs to choose a sandy or light loamy soil that retains moisture and has good drainage. If there is no land in the street, you can buy ready-made soil or mix the soil with decaying cow manure, chicken manure, vermicompost, rice husks, coconut fiber, peat, organic humus… Should be lined with lime and then dried for 7-10 days before planting to handle pathogens in the soil.

Techniques for growing beans and peas in pots

There are two main methods of growing legumes: by cuttings, or by seeds. However, it is generally recommended to plant with tuber seeds for higher yields, simpler and less labor intensive.

The technique of growing beans and peas just needs to make sure that the plants have enough water to grow
The technique of growing beans and peas just needs to make sure that the plants have enough water to grow

Before sowing the bean seeds, it is necessary to make the soil loose, fertilize with lime mixed with composted manure. Then sow the tuber seeds on the ground, gently press the seeds to stick to the soil so that when watering the seeds do not drift, the tuber seeds are placed horizontally and staggered, the seeds are 8-10cm away from the seeds. Then sprinkle a thin layer of powdered soil on the seeds and then use finely chopped straw to cover the pot surface and water it.

How to take care of bean plants

When planting beans, it is necessary to water regularly 1-2 times / day, ensuring the soil is always moist so that the seeds have good conditions to germinate. About 7-10 days after sowing the tubers will germinate and produce leaves. When the seeds have grown for 15-20 days, prune the seedlings if they grow too thick.

After sowing for about 20 days, tubers should be watered with nitrogen fertilizer to dilute the water to irrigate the seedlings to help them grow quickly. Beans do not tolerate waterlogging, so it is important to pay attention to the amount of water that is just enough for the plants, to avoid letting the soil be too dry or too wet. Every 2-3 weeks watering 1 time, weeding.

The technique of pressing the tops to stimulate flowering and fruiting of tubers

Legumes are grown for bulbs, so it is necessary to press the tops and trim the leaves so that the plant can focus on nourishing the tubers. About 1 month after planting, press the top for the first time, combine with NPK fertilizer to sprinkle evenly on the pot surface and then water to dissolve the fertilizer. Then every 7-10 days, press the tops once until the beans are harvested.

It should be noted that in the period when the plant begins to divination, use scissors to cut off all flower buds and young buds to help the plant develop bulbs.

Pest control in legume plants

When planting beans, it is necessary to pay attention to pests such as leaf rollers, root collar disease, leaf cutting, leaf burn, aphids, etc. With these problems, it is necessary to take immediate measures to overcome them, otherwise the tubers will be stunted and not give tubers.

Harvesting beans

It takes more than 3 months to plant beans to harvest. Observe when the leaves are yellow and wilted, it is time to harvest. Beans make many delicious and nutritious cooling dishes that are liked by many people. Therefore, owning pots of beans at home is how you protect the health of the whole family during the time when chemically soaked fruits are rampant in the market.

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