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The technique of growing areca to eat betel has high economic efficiency

“The betel nut is the beginning of the story”, the betel nut has long been included in folk folklore and has become familiar to every Vietnamese. Its proximity and climate suitability have made many farmers know how to get rich from areca trees. The technique of planting and caring for betel nut trees to bring about high economic efficiency is not something everyone can do. In this article, anhdulichdep will help you know areca growing techniques grow, develop well and bring high income.

Characteristics of areca tree

  • The betel nut is also known as the areca ta tree, suitable for the tropical monsoon climate.
  • It is a woody plant with feather-shaped leaves and a tall, straight trunk.
  • The size of the fruit is round green, red-orange when ripe.
  • Dried areca leaves are also used by people in the countryside: mo to make a cool fan in the summer, and dry areca leaves to be used as a broom to sweep the yard.
Techniques for planting and caring for betel nut trees with high economic efficiency
Techniques for planting and caring for betel nut trees with high economic efficiency

Here are some techniques for growing and caring for areca trees from seed selection to fruiting:

  1. Choose varieties

In order to have a beautiful and well-grown areca garden, the first important thing is to choose a good mother plant. You should choose the large left chamber, wrong and even fruit.

Note: You should choose the mother areca tree that is the areca palm tree – because the time to harvest the fruit will be longer and the fruit will be greener than the normal areca tree, bringing high economic efficiency to farmers.

  1. How to incubate

Choosing the desired areca variety is difficult, but knowing how to germinate the seeds is more difficult. How to nurse areca seeds for a high germination rate:

  • The areca seed chamber that farmers must pick at the time the fruit is ripe.
  • After picking the fruits, people must store them in a cool place for a period of 20 days, we will see the small white sprouted areca nut tip.
  • Not stopping there, people have to continue to nurse them in sandstone for the next 20 days. Check their germination.
  • Good germinated fruit will be put into the potting bag. People should note: the soil in the potting bag must be nutritious soil, usually mixed by: decaying organic fertilizer, coconut carcasses and sand (in the ratio: 1:4). Place the sprouts facing up and cover with a thin layer of sand.
  1. Dig a hole to plant

The special thing when planting areca trees compared to other trees is that people have to dig large and deep holes in the shape of a square.

It is worth noting that: The holes must be spaced 1 meter apart because when the areca tree grows, their roots cluster a lot, if planted too close together, they will not develop and grow well, the trunk “thin” ” and was “shadowed”.

In order for the tree to grow easily and not suffer from many pests and diseases, she must fertilize with manure, pre-existing organic fertilizer combined with lime applications in the pit before planting the young areca tree.

  1. The art of care

Planting techniques alone are not enough to create a beautiful and fruitful areca garden. With proper care techniques will bring you many surprises.

Compared to other species of trees, areca trees are easy to grow and have few insects, but not everyone should be subjective about this.

  • The tree must be planted in a place with full light, partly because the large and numerous foliage will make the tree “shade”.
  • Watering and weeding at the right time for young areca trees to develop and bear fruit at the right time, especially in the hot season.
  • Combine chemical fertilizers and decaying organic fertilizers for easy absorption by plants
  • Although it is an easy plant to grow, people must also pay attention to some diseases in trees to know how to overcome.
  • The areca tree is a natural self-pollinating plant, so you don’t have to worry about fruiting.
  1. Fruit harvest

From seeding to fruiting takes at least 5 years, so farmers should not be too worried and insecure. Through the planting and care techniques, it’s time to harvest the fruit.

When harvesting, people should pick the chambers that have the fruit they just ate first (according to the local word: should pick the thick areca fruit chambers, they are not too old and not too young).

Because the trunk of the areca tree is tall, when picking the fruit, people must be very careful and limit the amount of fruit loss, the better
Because the trunk of the areca tree is tall, when picking the fruit, people must be very careful and limit the amount of fruit loss, the better

Growing and taking care of any tree faces many difficulties, especially growing on a large scale to pursue the passion of getting rich. Agri hopes that this article will bring about high efficiency when growing betel nut, contributing to economic development and a more stable life.

If you find it useful, please follow and share the knowledge of getting rich from growing betel nut trees!

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