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The technique of growing aloe vera at home helps trees grow well

Currently, aloe vera is used for many different roles such as natural beauty cosmetics, raw materials for processing dishes, tea to cool off summer days or as raw materials in cosmetic preparations. Technique of growing aloe vera It’s not difficult, so it’s very easy for you to get those great things.

  1. Features of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant or aloe plant is a small, short tree with a woody base and trunk. The leaves of the plant are sheath, without stem, often growing round and overlapping from the base, the large outer leaves hugging the small inner leaves. Leaf color changes from light green to dark green.

Aloe vera leaves are succulent, the water inside is slimy. The edges of the leaves are coarsely serrated, with sharp spines like a cactus. Depending on the type, the soft hardness can be different. The upper surface of the leaves is concave, with many irregular spots. The leaves are usually 20-60 cm long and the size depends on the variety.

Aloe vera is very easy to grow at home
Aloe vera is very easy to grow at home

Aloe vera flowers grow from the axils of leaves, with stems up to 1m long, piercing straight into the sky. Aloe vera flowers grow in clusters with many drooping flowers. Each flower has 6 petals joined at the base and has 6 stamens. The fruit is a capsule, containing many seeds.

  1. Preparing to plant trees

Distinguishing varieties of aloe vera

Aloe vera has or is the main popular type today:

American aloe vera: is a variety of aloe vera with long leaves, large sheath, and weight. Leaves have many sharp spines, the back is often powdery white. This is a commercially grown aloe vera variety mainly because it gives a very high yield.

Vietnamese aloe vera: Compared to American aloe, this variety has smaller leaves, thin leaf sheath and less thorns. The leaves are green and there is no chalky white on the underside. Often people grow Vietnamese aloe vera at home for use because it is compact and easy to grow.

Land for planting

To grow a good aloe vera plant requires good drainage, incubated flowers to create conditions for the best root development. When mixing the soil, it is recommended to mix the mixture of rice husk ash: organic fertilizer (here can use cow dung or vermicompost): coir: raw rice husk, things in the ratio of 2:1:0.5: first. After mixing, the mixture is collected into piles and incubated for 15-20 days before being planted.

In the case of used rice husk ash and organic fertilizer, a little vermicompost can be mixed and it can be planted immediately.

Prepare the soil carefully so that the plants do not get pests
Prepare the soil carefully so that the plants do not get pests
  1. How to grow aloe vera

Growing aloe vera in a pot

As mentioned above, in order to grow aloe vera in a pot effectively, you must first choose a pot suitable for the size of the pot as well as require a hole or place gravel to drain the water, keep the tree from being damaged. Waterlogged plants will grow well.

You can use aloe vera leaves to grow or separate seedlings from the mother plant to grow.

After the soil has been prepared according to the required ratio, put the seedlings in the pot, put the soil in the pot until the pot mouth is enough.

Growing aloe vera mass

Before mass planting aloe vera, it is necessary to conduct incubation. Accordingly, people will nurse the seeds first. Place aloe vera leaves on the ground, use your hands to stir a little so that the soil covers about half of the leaves. After that, place the nursery pot in a sunny place, not exposed to too much rain. At the same time, regularly monitor and water to keep the soil moist, not to let the soil dry out.

It is possible to grow aloe vera in the fields
It is possible to grow aloe vera in the fields

After the incubation period, aloe vera grows seedlings, then proceed to dig the seedlings. When digging carefully, trying to get as many roots as possible, the recovery time of the seedlings is shortened, the plants will grow and develop better.

Mass planting on excavated soil with a density of 40 cm between trees and 80 cm between rows. In order for seedlings to germinate quickly and have a higher survival rate, after removing them from the nursery, they should be planted in mmast for 2-3 days before being planted.

  1. How to take care of aloe vera plant

Aloe vera is grown in small pots
Aloe vera is grown in small pots


Because aloe vera can live in arid, harsh environments, it doesn’t need to be watered too much. For newly planted trees, water once a day and water with just enough amount for the plant to grow. And after the seedlings are strong and the roots are stable, just watering every 2 days is suitable.

Besides, depending on weather conditions, sunshine and rain, it is possible to adjust the amount of watering to suit the needs of the plants.

Pest control

Usually, potted plants are less susceptible to pests and diseases. In case the tree is waterlogged, the leaves are yellow and the leaves are rotten, it is probably because the tree is flooded and raining a lot. In this case, you need to promptly cut off damaged leaves to prevent the disease from spreading to other leaves or neighboring plants.


When the plants are eligible and growing time can proceed to harvest
When the plants are eligible and growing time can proceed to harvest

For households and individuals who grow aloe vera at home, after a year, they can start harvesting the leaves of the aloe vera plant. If you plant aloe vera in the ground, the tree will grow faster, the tree has the right conditions for soil, nutrition as well as area to grow, so it takes about 6-8 months to start harvesting.

Usually, people will peel off the green skin of aloe vera, keeping the plastic inside to make tea dishes with green beans, rock sugar or drink water to cool off on hot summer days.

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