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The story of the apple grower and the vision of the agricultural industry

Conquering any distance requires taking one step at a time. Start little by little and one day you will be surprised with what you have.

The story goes that three young men left their hometown to start a business with the desire to find a way to wealth. Without an appointment, the three accidentally met in a small town. They discovered a variety of apples that produce large, sweet and beautiful fruits. It is known that this is a premium apple and is quite cheap to buy locally. If you bring these apples to the city to sell, the price will certainly be much higher.

You should learn to ignore small profits to invest in long-term benefits
You should learn to ignore small profits to invest in long-term benefits

The first young man looked at the apples with sparkling eyes and immediately gathered his fortune to buy 10 tons of apples to bring to the city to double the profit. After the great success of his first trip, he followed the footsteps of many others and became an apple merchant.

The second young man faced the apple with a different attitude. He pondered for a long time and then used half of his capital to buy 300 apple seedlings. After that, he planted 300 red apple trees in a garden in the mountains with the hope that his care and irrigation will bring many delicious apples after 3 years.

The second young man decided to plant the same apple in a garden
The second young man decided to plant the same apple in a garden

As for the third young man, it took a few days of careful thought before deciding. He went to many apple orchards, scrutinized them from front to back, and then found the owner of the orchard. He pointed to the land under the apple tree and said to the owner of the garden: “I want to buy this land”. Obviously, the owner of the garden would not agree to sell the land because “when the land is sold, where will the apples be planted?”

Unexpectedly, the young man just grabbed a handful of land with his hand and said, “I want to buy this land, any amount is fine”. The owner of the garden happily replied, “Okay, I thought you would give me 1 dong if you hold this land.”

Buying the desired land, the third guy left quickly. Then he brought the newly purchased land back to his hometown to find an expert to study soil, moisture and nutrient composition. When the results were available, he continued to find a piece of forest with suitable climatic conditions and then improved the land there into soil with the same soil as the handful of soil he brought back. The whole process took 3 years. After he succeeded, he began to buy that apple variety to plant.

Just like that, ten years quickly passed and the 3 boys each had a different destiny. The first guy is still an apple merchant like before. Because it is only a small business, it can’t be developed, so the profit is low each year, while the transportation costs are changing day by day, it is also difficult to preserve apples.

The 3rd guy is still a small apple trader with increasingly low profits
The 3rd guy is still a small apple trader with increasingly low profits

The second guy got the apple garden as expected. But due to different soil conditions and increasingly harsh climate, the quality of apples grown is not too high, although it still makes a profit.

Meanwhile, after 10 years of buying land, renovating the forest and planting trees, his apple orchard is also bearing fruit. Although it takes more time than the other two, the apples in the garden are of high quality, fragrant, sweet and beautiful, so the order is consecutive but the price is high. After that, he became richer than the number 1 and number 2 young man.

The key to determining your future is vision. All immediate benefits are only small ones, only available in a short time. Only those who have a long-term vision, give up small profits and invest more money and effort for the future will receive success. That is the long-term outcome for the future that everyone wants to have.

Foresight is the key to your success
Foresight is the key to your success

However, every plan will fail if it is only on paper. The plan made must be practicable, associated with reality and strictly implemented. To be successful, you need to study, learn and experiment many times to accumulate knowledge and investment capital. Don’t just daydream with a fantasy plan that’s all rosy and can’t be executed.

In particular, with the agricultural industry, the initial cost is indispensable. It is important that you know how to invest both money, knowledge and time. Hard work and continuous learning will help you achieve the expected success.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaneyhttps://agrisearch.net
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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