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The solution to convert from manual irrigation to automatic irrigation technology

Upgrade manual irrigation system to automatic

Most of us farmers face difficulties before deciding to switch from manual irrigation to automatic irrigation, as well as analyzing the real effect an automated irrigation solution can bring. First of all, we need to learn about the automatic irrigation system in agriculture which usually consists of components, and the options that are suitable for the actual situation.

Automation solutions include switching manually operated irrigation systems through the addition of an irrigation controller with more sophisticated technology that includes decision-making capabilities related to timing and intensity of irrigation. or integrate additional functions such as automatic fertilizer, temperature sensor, humidity …

Irrigation system controller

Choosing the right irrigation system controller is the first step because at this point you can decide how much control and complexity you want for your drip irrigation system. You can choose if you want a controller that can only access the field valves or a controller that can control the entire irrigation system including the pump, main valve, bypass valve, self-cleaning filter and Irrigation parts, composting equipment…

After determining what we want to control including controlling/monitoring how many components we have, we should also consider the communication channel used by the controller in the operation of the system components. We can choose between hydraulic control or electric control. For electrical control, we can use wires to connect the controller to various components or wireless RTU antennas in case we want a system that doesn’t use wires. Currently, technology connected to computers, wifi or apps is often applied to high-tech automatic irrigation systems.

General valves and branch valves.

Irrigation control valves are the means by which individual irrigation areas are controlled. Depending on the application, we can operate the remote control valve using hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic actuating. A control commonly used in drip irrigation is electrical consisting of an electrical component called a solenoid installed on the valve. This will allow the valve to receive an electrical signal and turn it on and off.

On - off - pressure relief solenoid valve

Most of today, irrigation systems often use electromagnetic valve. The valve is connected to the controller via a signal cable or by radio waves.

Depending on the type of hydraulic valve you are using, it can be very easy to retrofit your existing valves with solenoids and turn them into electric valves. If you are using manual valves then you may need to consider replacing them with hydraulic valves in case the correct size is required based on the flow rate and pressure they will need to handle.

Irrigation analysis and decision-making software.

In the past, the time and amount of water required during irrigation was determined through numerous and even complex calculations using irrigation protocols and agronomic conditions (soil type, moisture content etc.), along with the integration of on-site sensor data.

MANNA Smart Irrigation software is the latest development in the field of irrigation decision making that has succeeded in solving the limitations of sensor hardware installed in the fields. Farmers now have access to remote sensing technology that combines irrigation protocols and local weather metadata with satellite imagery to make irrigation recommendations and crop monitoring.

High-resolution satellite images of the field are like each image pixel equivalent to a field-wide sensor unit without the difficulty of maintaining and calibrating the hardware. Satellite images can even go back in time so farmers can check what happened in their fields after 3 years.

Smart Irrigation Manna provides simple yet accurate watering recommendations so farmers know how much and when to water.


We, Rivulis, want to address the challenges facing farmers today by working to develop the tools they need to improve operations. If you want to automate your drip system due to a lack of workforce or simply because you want to improve accuracy and efficiency, we can give you the tools and know how. there.

In Vietnam, you can contact our Distributor, Nha Be Agriculture and Food Company Limited (website: https://agrisearch.net).

Thank you.

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