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The secret to raising fighting chickens to get rich

The decision to raise fighting chickens

Raising chickens is a familiar form of raising and doing business for any people from ancient times to now, but if it is said that raising fighting chickens, many people will be surprised how they can do business. thanks to fighting chickens, however, in many localities, raising fighting chickens to get rich is a way to change the structure of crops and livestock to help people develop their economy out of poverty and improve their quality of life.

If anyone has the thought that they want to get rich from raising fighting cocks, and if they want to raise fighting chickens for commercial purposes, they also need to master the secret of raising fighting cocks later if they want to be successful.

raise chickens
The secret of raising chickens

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There are 4 issues when choosing to raise young fighting chickens that you need to keep in mind as follows:

-Choose a breed of fighting chicken

– Because the fighting cock to choose must be a rooster. While chicks will be very difficult to distinguish. You can select chickens by hanging them upside down. If one squirms around to keep its balance, it’s a hen, and if one stays still, it’s a rooster. In addition, in the technique of raising fighting chickens, the selected chicken breed needs to be healthy and disease-free.

-Food and drink

– Industrial bran is the main feed to provide adequate nutrition for newly hatched chicks. But when the chicken is more than 1 month old, you need to provide other foods to supplement the chicken’s nutrition such as: paddy, rice, rice, eel, small shrimp, worms, worms, beef, green vegetables…

raise chickens
chicken feed

-The raising of young fighting chickens not only needs to ensure clean water and is changed regularly, but also requires the chicken’s drinking water to have about 5g more glucose and 1g vitamin C. This way of raising fighting chickens can increase their resistance. resistance and immunity of chickens.

Keep chickens warm

-The requirement in raising chickens is that the humidity must be from 60-70% and the time of lighting to warm the chickens after birth is 24/24. As chickens grow older, the lighting time can be reduced.

raise chickens
chicks fighting

Disease prevention for chicks

-Chicken fighting chicks have not high resistance, so it is very easy to get sick. Therefore, you need to provide more vitamins A, D, E in drinking water to help chickens increase their resistance better.

breed selection

kick chicken
chicken breed

-For adult fighting cocks, the age of 2-5 years is the perfect age to have the best health. Especially the fighting rooster was chosen, so he has a good fighting history and has a bad general. Those are the ones that can have strong kicks.

Diet of an adult fighting cock

-The daily food of adult fighting cocks is mainly rice. This type of rice must be boiled to crack the husk, let it cool, then soaked to germinate and then fed to the chickens. This is a scientific technique of raising chickens to help provide adequate amounts of fiber and vitamins. At the same time, this feed can also make the chicken easier to digest.

-In addition, you can also feed chickens with green vegetables, eel, beef tendon, guaranteed 200g / 2 days. And add 1-2 geckos/month to make the feathers smooth and flexible.

– The recommended feeding time for chickens should be fixed twice a day in mid-morning and mid-afternoon. This is good for the digestive system as well as to avoid the chicken having to exercise when full.

Training mode of fighting cock:

-When raising fighting chickens, you need to have a training regime so that the chickens have good toughness and ability to fight as follows:

raise chickens
skill training

– Warm up for 20 minutes every morning by holding the chicken under the breast, tossing the chicken up about 150 beats, about 30-60cm high, from the ground. In order not to damage the bones and tendons of the chicken, you need to lay a thick layer of straw on the ground.

– 1 week for chickens to run bu once and note that you should not use young chickens or old chickens to let your fighting chickens run bu. You need to choose chickens of the same age as it.

– It is necessary to let the fighting chickens put into the tillers to practice the habit of fighting for the chickens and the number of kicking times will increase month by month.

How to take care of adult fighting chickens

-The technique of raising mature fighting chickens requires you to put in a lot of effort. Especially taking care of chickens. You must pay attention to the following details to ensure that the chicken is fully cared for and cared for.

When it is sunny, it is necessary to expose the chickens to the sun for 2 hours/day.

– Every week, you have to massage the chicken with alcohol and baby urine to make the chicken skin thicker and redder.

– It is necessary to change the straw regularly in the chicken coop to avoid the chickens stepping on their droppings, causing leg joints or foot rub.

– Perform a foot bath for chickens in the evening with salt water with the same salinity as sea water. This work needs to be done every 4 days.

Raising fighting chickens is indeed a lot more difficult than regular chickens, but if you put these tips right in your pocket, getting rich from fighting chickens is suddenly very easy. Hope the above notes will help everyone’s success in getting rich.

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