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The secret to growing luxury mokara orchids captivates people

The secret to growing luxury mokara orchids captivates people
mokara orchid

If you are a genuine orchid player or just an orchid lover, no one is unaware of mokara orchids. A beautiful flower that is brilliant and quite expensive. It’s not without reason that their prices are so high. The beauty of mokara clusters will make you fall in love with them forever when you see them from the first sight. Let’s learn about the technique of growing this mokara orchid!

About orchid mokara

Orchid mokara belongs to the type of orchid that was bred from three different orchid varieties, Arachnis (scorpion orchid), Ascoentrum and Vanda. It can be said that this orchid is a combination of the good characteristics of their parents, the strong vitality of Ascoentrum and the beauty of beautiful Vanda.

Characteristics of orchid mokara

purple mokara orchid
Characteristics of orchids Mokara
  • Orchid mokara belongs to the group of single flowers without pseudobulbs.
  • The body grows tall towards the top. Mokara has an average height of about 60cm. The stem of the mokara is long and bears both leaves and roots.
  • The young green leaves are long, trough-shaped or cylindrical growing in the direction of spaced on both sides of the stem.
  • The bare roots grow from the stem alternately with the leaves and when they grow they will split the leaves and come out along the length of the plant.
  • If it is hermaphroditic, the mokara orchid is symmetrical on both sides and the inflorescence grows in the middle from the leaf axils to the middle of the stem.
  • Orchid mokara normally has five petals with a variety of colors such as: yellow, purple, red, pink and very bright orange.

If grown in favorable conditions with careful and meticulous care, mokara orchids can bloom beautifully all year round. With good growers, mokara orchids can bloom 6-8 times a year.

Growing conditions of orchid mokaralan mokara

  • Temperature: Lan mokara has a fairly wide temperature spectrum from 25 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius.
  • Light: Orchid mokara is one of the orchid species that tolerates sunlight well. With the most beautiful blooming areas, the best quality, there is usually about 70% sunshine intensity.
  • Humidity: Mokara prefers environmental humidity conditions in the range of 70%-75%.
  • Ventilation: Areas lacking ventilation easily increase disease for mokara orchids. In case of being in a place that is too ventilated and cool, such as an empty field, it will increase water evaporation, making the environment low-humidity, strong transpiration causing plants to grow poorly, so it is necessary to cover and protect well to avoid damage. , damage.

Watering mode for orchid mokara

lan mokara
Watering mode for orchid mokara

Because it belongs to the group of orchids that love light and high humidity, the watering regime for plants is quite important. Orchids will grow and develop well, so there should be a regime of abundant and uniform watering according to each tree. Because if water is not enough, the plants will wither and the leaves will shrivel. If there is too much water, the roots can rot.

Watering for orchids must ensure that irrigation water is not salty, alum, not hard (containing Ca2+, Mg2+, …), optimal pH from 5.5 to 6.8. The best method is sprinkler irrigation, especially growing orchids in greenhouse conditions.

Principles to pay attention to:

lan mokara
Rules to keep in mind
  1. Irrigation to create moisture around the growing medium will be better than just watering locally in the pot or in the medium.
  2. Watering enough moisture, should be watered early in the morning or in the afternoon, avoid watering at noon when it is hot or too late to make plants susceptible to diseases.
  3. When misting in hot days will be very good for young orchids, helping to increase air humidity and reduce temperature, should increase the number of watering times to 3-4 times / day and reduce the amount of water to avoid too humid plants. susceptible to spoilage and disease.
  4. Make sure the amount of light absorbed is just enough for the newly planted mokara orchid.

The technique of growing mokara orchids

Planting medium

mokara orchid growing medium
Orchid growing price
  • The medium can be grown in many different substrates, but with a straight shape, the most suitable is still potted. For small pots about 30x40cm in size, there should be many drainage holes on the side to let the soil air out.
  • Note that growing mokara orchids need to make an additional plastic or bamboo pillar about 100cm high to be able to make a pillar for the orchid to cling to.
  • Prepare the substrate including rice husk, charcoal and bean pods.
  • With potted coir medium, attention must be paid to the watering regime for the orchid to not be hydrated causing root rot. Should be used to line the bottom of hanging baskets or pots or grow orchids that need to be drained.

How to grow mokara orchids

Step 1:First, put the charcoal in the bottom of the pot and sprinkle the bean pods on top. Use bamboo poles to fix and plug in the middle, firmly in the middle of the orchid pot.

Step 2: Arrange orchids in pots and use plastic ties to fix them with newly erected posts. Do not choose too deep roots, but choose shallow roots.

Step 3: Then water to keep the orchid moist and hang it in a cool place without too much light. You water the Mokara orchid pot twice a day and try to keep the temperature between 25-30°C to help the plant flower.

mokara orchid pot
Growing mokara orchids in media


Among the orchids, mokara orchids have high nutritional requirements, so they need to be regularly supplemented with nutrients. It is quite necessary to fertilize mokara orchids by using NPK fertilizers mixed and mixed with water or types of manure so that there is a suitable dilution concentration for watering plants.

Pest control

Lan mokara is healthy and rarely attacked by disease. The most common diseases of this orchid are usually caused by aphids and some layers of soot forming a black layer on the leaves. It seems that prevention with pests and diseases but not vice versa is very simple. For the soot layer, take a soft wet towel and gently wipe the plant. If aphids appear, you can use medicine secsaigon and spray evenly on any tree. At times when the rainy season occurs, you should use other fertility drugs such as Kasumin, Vadydamicin Spray evenly on plants.

In order for Mokara to be healthier, more productive and of high quality, you should regularly observe and care for orchids, remove old leaves, yellow and wilted leaves.

The technique of growing Mokara orchids that we shared above will hopefully help you. What are you waiting for without starting to plant this delicate beauty anymore. Good luck!



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