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The role of manure in soil improvement

The role of manure in soil improvement
The role of manure in soil improvement

The role of manure in soil improvement is still a big topic that receives a lot of attention from gardeners. The soil is alive, the tree is healthy. However, after many seasons of non-stop farming, the land gradually became poor and degraded. In order to continue to make the most of and exploit the maximum potential of agriculture, farmers need to regularly and regularly improve their land. And one of the optimal solutions is to use manure. So The role of manure in soil improvement what? Is it really as effective as you think? Find out with agrisearch.net right in this article!

About manure in soil improvement

The role of manure in soil improvement 1
About manure in soil improvement

Since ancient times, when no chemical fertilizers or micro-organisms were introduced, 100% natural manure was always the first choice of farmers. Manure is an organic fertilizer that contains an important amount of nutrients that are essential to providing healthy plant growth. In a modern agricultural economy like today, we are aiming to produce organic, green, clean and healthy agricultural products for consumers. Using manure in soil improvement will ensure extremely good for this criterion.

So if you want to know what is the role of manure in soil improvement, first, let’s explore what is manure. In fact, manure is a soil amendment made from animal waste itself. For example, manure, urine, poultry, etc. In addition, you must also be aware of some agricultural by-products, other household waste such as vegetables, grass, straw, organic waste and even even green manure…

However, fresh manure cannot be used to improve soil directly. We have an important and indispensable process that is the processing stage. This step will help remove bacteria and pests that exist inside the manure. They have the ability to grow and affect the health of the plant. So everyone please take note!

Revealing the role of manure in soil improvement

The role of manure in soil improvement 2
Revealing the role of manure in soil improvement

As you know, inside manure contains a rich source of nutrients and many beneficial ingredients. Typically, it is sulfur, nitrogen, potassium or phosphorus. All are derived from the food of animals and humans.

The role of manure in improving the soil is to help promote as well as increase the amount of humus from deep inside. Thanks to that, the arable land will become fertile, porous and create a foundation and favorable conditions for plants to grow, grow green and healthy. The source of nutrients that manure provides for the soil is macronutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. In addition, there are macronutrients such as magnesium, sodium and calcium. Finally, there are typical micronutrients such as zinc or copper. In addition, it also adds a large amount of organic matter, increases humus, promotes increased fertility, helps soil have a certain moisture and especially increases the ability to retain nutrients.

Far from chemical fertilizers, this manure can be harvested right at the barn without spending too much money. The participation of manure in the soil will gradually improve the structure as well as make the soil more perfect. In particular, manure is safe for health and environmentally friendly. Therefore, when used absolutely do not cause illness to family members and people around.

Some popular soil-improvement manures are appreciated

Certainly when it comes to the role of manure in soil improvement, we must mention cow manure, chicken manure, goat manure right away. Because these are the typical, popular and most appreciated names of farmers in the work of improving the land. What they all have in common is that they all contain many beneficial ingredients, many nutrients, are safe and protect health.

If you are interested in these fertilizers, you can refer to some reputable addresses below for reference and purchase. With many years of horticultural experience, we are committed to the quality of our products and the effectiveness of agricultural development.


And above are the shares of agrisearch.net about the role of manure in soil improvement. Hope the above information will be useful and meaningful to you.

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