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The role of automatic irrigation in smart agriculture

Automatic watering S2000

Vietnam is a country with a relatively mild climate, suitable for growing agricultural crops. However, in order to have high productivity, people have to work less hard and need the advancement of science and technology. One of the most advanced applications today is the automatic irrigation system. So what is the role of automatic irrigation in smart agriculture? Let’s find out in this article!

Automatic irrigation system saves 60% of irrigation water

Automatic irrigation system is one of the important applications of science and technology in agricultural production. The nozzles are installed completely submerged in the grass. They operate fully automatically through the intelligent control center without the need for human intervention.

Automatic irrigation system saves water for irrigation
Automatic irrigation system saves water for irrigation

As you know, water plays a very important role in the growth of plants. Therefore, in order for plants to grow and develop well, they must always ensure adequate water supply for the plants. Compared with traditional manual watering, the application of automatic irrigation system helps people save up to 60% of irrigation water. Every month, your family has saved quite a lot of water for irrigation. Especially during the peak hot season, water resources become more scarce.

Less dependent on weather conditions

Intelligent automatic watering system capable of sensing the weather. This makes the system more flexible. When it is sunny, the soil moisture is low, the system will automatically spray water to irrigate the plants. And of course, when it rains, the moisture in the soil is high and the system will stop below.

In order for the process to work properly, the control system was directly connected to a weather sensor.

Therefore, without the intervention of the people, the system can still operate when needed. Meet the water supply needs of plants.

Save 80% watering time every day

Automatic irrigation system is a solution that helps farmers save a large amount of time watering every day. Especially for households with large farming areas. Thanks to the smart watering timer, it is capable of turning on / off every day to water the plants according to the wishes of the people. Now you can spend your time doing other things while your plants are still green and full of water. It saves both time and effort. It’s really a double job, isn’t it?

Automatically control the appropriate amount of watering

If irrigation is done according to the traditional method, it is possible that many plants will be flooded due to water. Or there are plants that are underdeveloped with lack of water. Therefore, in order for plants to grow evenly, it is necessary to have a really smart automatic irrigation system.

This system is designed with sprinklers capable of controlling the water flow. This will help you easily control the amount of water to be watered in each plant. Plants that receive adequate water supply will give high yields as expected.

Smart faucet controls the amount of water
Smart faucet controls the amount of water

Contribute to protect the environment

Using a smart irrigation system is to contribute to water conservation and environmental protection. As you know, runoff is one of the causes of groundwater pollution.

The use of automatic irrigation system contributes to reducing the impact of runoff carrying pollution to flooded water sources.

Above are the main roles of automatic irrigation in smart agriculture. With this system, farmers will have less trouble and high crop yields. Modern agriculture desperately needs such smart solutions!

Emilia Chaney
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