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The right bonsai for your home space

The suitable bonsai for your home space 1
Military bamboo tree

“A beautiful bamboo grows at the top of the house/You are beautiful, you are also beautiful standing alone”, the song evokes the image of slender, green and graceful bamboo trees familiar to Vietnamese people. For a long time, bamboo has become an endless source of poetic inspiration for popular artists and writers.

However, the ancient bamboo tree has been developed and innovated into many different species of bamboo, not only showing off its shape in the villages but also spreading across the entire S-shaped strip of land. However, they still keep it. Deep beauty is hidden behind each bamboo canopy. People call it bonsai. So which is the right bonsai for your living space? Let’s find out through the article below of Agri!.

The benefits of growing houseplants

Truc does not have the beauty of splendor, pride or luxury. Associated with the countryside of Vietnam, this tree possesses a rustic, simple, lovely and precious character. Because of this, many people have chosen bonsai as a tree to decorate the area around their house. So what are the benefits of planting bonsai?

Growing bonsai indoors helps create aesthetics

The natural green color and the rustic but equally delicate beauty of the landscape bring high aesthetics to your living space. Unlike natural bamboo, ornamental bamboo has a small size, suitable for planting in pots and indoors, not causing trouble or obstruction, on the contrary, it is also a unique highlight.

Suitable for a green lifestyle, protecting family health

Truc Canh is known as a natural air purifier with the ability to make your home more airy, fresher, away from unpleasant scents, toxic gases that cause cancer, …

Which type of indoor bonsai should be chosen?

Rich bamboo tree

The suitable bonsai for your home space 2Rich bamboo tree

With its small shape and easy care advantages, the rich bamboo tree quickly became one of the most popular ornamental plants. They are suitable for placing on desks, dining tables, balconies, windows, etc., without taking much time and effort to take care of them. With the humid climate in Southeast Asia, the rich bamboo plant only needs to be watered every 2 to 3 weeks. The name of this plant also evokes wealth, fortune, luck, and is advised to be placed in places of trade and business.

In addition to the rustic beauty and special meaning of feng shui, the rich bamboo tree can also filter the air to help the living environment be fresher and healthier.

Bamboo and rattan

The suitable bonsai for your home space 3Bamboo and rattan

Like rich bamboo, rattan bamboo has the advantage of being easy to care for, often used to decorate the corner of the kitchen, the corner of the living room, the workplace… However, to properly care for the tree, we need to take care of the tree properly. Have a watering regime every 3 to 4 weeks.

In particular, rattan has extremely good air detoxification benefits and one of the toxins in the air is ammonia. This is a toxin that causes people to inhale high cancer rates. What are you waiting for without buying a rattan bamboo to purify the air more cleanly?

Japanese bamboo tree

The suitable bonsai for your home space 4Japanese bamboo tree

Japanese bamboo is a symbol of integrity, uprightness, showing ingenuity and sophistication. It reminds us of Japanese samurai. Therefore, this is a symbol of strength, capable of bringing luck and prosperity to the owner.

With the ability to adapt well to the indoor environment, Japanese bamboo is included in the list of the most popular interior bonsai. Japanese bamboo can be placed in front of your porch or in the corner of your living room.

Tianmen bamboo tree

The suitable bonsai for your home space 5

Thien Mon bamboo is extremely suitable for decoration in spaces such as offices, bedrooms to help people relax, reduce stress and fatigue after work, create a feeling of comfort and relaxation. for people to enjoy. With the meaning of bringing luck and joy, Thien Mon bamboo is definitely a plant you should consider bringing home.

Thien Mon bamboo also has a simple care process, only needing to be watered once a day. You can place the Thien Mon bamboo tree next to the water tank, the artificial waterfall increases the aesthetics. Or you can also place the plant in a place with good light to help the plant absorb light to grow better.

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