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The recipe for making black sesame milk has 1-0-2 to help nourish your face and keep it in shape

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Tong teng… Do you like black sesame?

Today, let’s temporarily forget the traditional milk flavors, with familiar colors. And let’s come to a special milk from the strange mystery to its own taste, which is black sesame milk, everyone!

It’s no coincidence that I introduce black sesame to us. But really, talking about beauty care and good for women after giving birth, no one dares to surpass this black sesame milk. So how good is black sesame milk and how to make this special black sesame milk, let me introduce it to you right away!

Beep beep….

Please choose homemade black sesame milk, friends!

How to make me go home?
Drink homemade black sesame milk

Well, to start with the black sesame milk recipe, as usual, I want to encourage you that Let’s drink homemade black sesame milk!

Why? Why? It takes a lot of work, you know?

I know. But if you make your own black sesame milk, you will get what you deserve for your efforts. Like this:

See, those are the benefits you will get if you drink homemade black sesame milk! Great, the sun is always right, isn’t it? But what are the benefits of drinking homemade black sesame milk? Black sesame milk sounds strange, is it good?

What are the effects of drinking black sesame milk?

My dream is
Benefits of black sesame milk

Black sesame is not only cheap, but also nutritious and good for health. However, the Chinese people in the past, they made cups of black sesame tea with the name “Chi that Cover” which was delicious and hard to resist. Then also because of the great use of black sesame, our grandparents have long discovered that drinking black sesame juice has any effect to use. And now, black sesame milk is equally popular because of the advantages that black sesame brings to our health. So you and I take attendance together Some “huge” benefits of black sesame milk for our body try it!

So black sesame milk is really beneficial, isn’t it? I often liken her to a kind witch, with her mysterious black color but bringing countless good effects to us. So now is the time for us to make delicious and nutritious black sesame milk, friends!

The recipe for black sesame milk has 1-0-2

How to cook black sesame milk how?

Well, now, I want to introduce to you 2 black sesame milk recipes that are very easy to make and super delicious and super attractive. Not only using black sesame, we also combine her with other ingredients to increase the nutritional value!

Let’s get started together!

“Super saver” with oat black sesame milk recipe

If nut milk has the cheapest price, I will vote for this milk right away. The price is cheap but the quality is not cheap. The taste of oat black sesame milk is easy to drink and quite comparable. And if you only use 100% black sesame for this nut milk recipe, it’s tasteless, isn’t it? So let’s choose in the group of cereals that are oats to create more consistency and richer in fiber for your glass of milk.

We have shared a detailed article about oats, summarizing the knowledge about oats that you need to know. Read the article about oats here!

  • Preparation time: 8 hours (soaking time)
  • Time taken: 8 minutes
  • Served: 4 glasses of milk
  • Level: too easy to imagine


  • 90g black sesame
  • 30g rolled oats
  • 3 dates (optional)
  • 1000ml cooled boiled water
  • Cloth bag or milk filter


Step 1: Soak the seeds and oats

Soak black sesame in water for about 8 hours.

Oats you soak in boiling water for 30 minutes before cooking milk.

Step 2: Roast black sesame

After soaking the seeds, take out the black sesame. Black sesame is still wet, you put it on the pan and roast it! Roast until sesame is fragrant and “snap” on the pan is ok.

Step 3: Grind the milk

After roasting the sesame, you put the oats, black sesame, dates and seeds inside and water into a high-capacity blender to smooth the milk. You should divide the mixture into 2 parts to make it easier to blend the milk. Each time you grind, let the machine rest for a while to help protect your blender!

Step 4: Filter the milk

The next step is to filter the ground milk. You pour milk into the filter rail or milk filter bag (using a cloth bag will filter the milk more smoothly than the filter rail).

Step 5: Cook milk and enjoy

Finally, you pour the above filtered milk mixture into the pot and put on the stove to cook on low heat. Wait until the milk has just boiled, then turn off the heat.

Cook milk with a dedicated milk maker

With a milking machine, you will reduce the amount of granules. We prepare 70g of black sesame, 20gr of rolled oats and 1000ml of water and 3 dates.

The milk maker does not have a sesame roasting function, so you also need to soak the black sesame and oats. Then roast black sesame. Then next put all the ingredients into the milk cooker, select the function to cook nut milk and you’re done! With the nut milk maker, you can skip steps 3, 4 and 5 above!

Upgrade with pro version black sesame milk mix lotus seed + cashew

What if the house ran out of oats today? Or do you want to upgrade the taste of your black sesame milk more? So try with the recipe of black sesame milk with lotus seeds and cashews.

Lotus seeds help milk taste more fleshy with many good uses such as curing headaches, helping you sleep better and also especially good for postpartum women. You can read our article about lotus seeds at this link.

And cashews will make our milk cup fatter and much more fragrant. Cashews are quite familiar with their health benefits, and are also a great product for heart health! More detailed information about cashews has been compiled by us at this link, let’s find out why.

  • Preparation time: 8 hours (soak the seeds)
  • Time taken: 12 minutes
  • Served: 4 glasses of milk
  • Level: easy to “sorry”


  • 70g black sesame
  • 35g lotus seeds
  • 35g fresh, raw cashews. You can use pasteurized cashews (pasteurized cashews).
  • 1000ml water
  • 4 dates (optional)
  • Milk filter


Step 1: Soak the seeds

Soak black sesame for 8 hours.

Fresh lotus seeds do not need to be soaked. Only rinse and boil briefly to remove the foam. If the lotus seeds are dry, you need to soak them for at least 2 hours!

Soak cashews for 2-2.5 hours.

Step 2: Roast black sesame

After soaking the black sesame, it is still wet, just put the sesame in the pan and roast it evenly. Roast until the sesame is fragrant and “splitting” is okay.

Step 3: Grind the milk

Divide the mixture prepared above into 2 parts, put in a high-powered blender to smooth the milk. You need to grind about 1-2 times, each time give the machine a little break to ensure the safety of your blender!

Step 4: Filter the milk

After grinding the milk, pour the above mixture through the milk filter to filter out the milk residue.

Step 5: Cook the milk

Put the above filtered mixture into a pot, place on the stove and cook on low heat. When the milk starts to boil, turn off the stove and you’re done!

How to cook black sesame milk with a dedicated milk maker?

To use the machine to cook milk, you need 60gr of black sesame, 30gr of lotus seeds, 20gr of cashews, 1000ml of water and 3-4 dates with seeds removed.

Also the preparation steps such as soaking black sesame, soaking cashew nuts and roasting sesame.

Then you put the above mixture into the mortar and select the nut milk cooking mode and you’re done!

With the nut milk maker, you don’t need to boil the lotus seeds before making milk.

Tips or tricks to cook black sesame milk not everyone knows!

  • There are many varieties of black sesame. However, to make delicious black sesame milk, you should choose sesame seeds with shiny, firm, not flat seeds. No termites whatsoever!
  • After picking out the black sesame that has just been soaked, you do not need to wait for the water to drain before roasting the sesame. You can roast it right after taking it out, it will help your black sesame more fragrant without burning the oil in the sesame.
  • When roasting sesame, you should keep the heat low, roast evenly and roast until fragrant, the sesame seeds fluttering is the norm!
  • You can use pre-roasted cashews instead of raw cashews. However, if using pre-roasted cashews, you do not need to soak the seeds before cooking the milk.
  • In addition to using dates to sweeten, you can use some natural sweeteners such as goji berries, stevia, etc. To know more about healthy natural sweeteners, you can refer to the article about nutritious nut milk for beginners at this link.

Having finished cooking black sesame milk, our next step is how to best preserve black sesame milk. So how should you store black sesame milk? Here is the answer for you!

Store black sesame milk properly

How do you go about it?
Store black sesame milk in sterilized glass bottles

Like other nutritious nut milk, black sesame milk should be stored as follows:

  • Store in a clean sterilized glass bottle.
  • For oat black sesame milk should be used during the day. Do not leave the next day. Since oats are quite viscous, it can sour or thicken your milk if you store it past the next day!
  • Black sesame milk, lotus seeds and cashews can be stored in the refrigerator and used within 2 days!

However, before you store milk in the refrigerator, you should let it cool completely! And remember to warm the milk and shake well before using.

If you see the phenomenon of milk sediment, it may be because the starch layer of the lotus seed or the part of the black sesame seed is heavier than water, so it settles. And this is a completely natural phenomenon, you can shake it up and use it normally!

It’s your turn!

Now is the time for you!

With the above 2 black sesame milk recipes, let’s try to make delicious and nutritious cups of black sesame milk for you and your family! Get more nutrients from seeds and grains to help a lot for your health!

Drink black sesame milk 2-3 times a week to be good for your health and improve your beauty. In addition, postpartum mothers, please drink black sesame milk to benefit milk for your children and add vitamins and minerals for yourself!

Try it now and comment to let us know which milk you like and which nut milk you’ve had success with.

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