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The profession of raising peacocks is chosen to send gold to become a rich career

The profession of raising peacocks is chosen to send gold to become a rich career
The profession of raising peacocks is chosen to send gold to become a rich career

Nature really favors humans when it gives us many beautiful landscapes and strange animals. With majestic plumage, bearing aristocratic appearance, it is no exaggeration to rank the peacock, also known as the Khong Tuoc, in the top 10 most beautiful birds in the world. And raise peacocks is also a profession that is considered to be “counting feathers to make money”, earning billions from raising peacocks is normal.

Peacock – a bird that sheds its feathers and “makes money”

Peacock feathers are shaped like large propellers, brightly colored and shaped like eyes arranged extremely eye-catching. New male birds have the most beautiful plumage and only spread out during the breeding season, which is considered a dance of birds to attract and attract female birds. After the breeding season, the feathers will fall off by themselves and the next season will grow again. next.

Not only beautiful, but peacock feathers also have spiritual value. In Buddhism, peacocks have the effect of warding off evil spirits and attracting fortune. When the peacock unfolds, the feathered eyes remind us of the Buddha with a thousand hands and a thousand eyes, symbolizing power and majesty.

Peacock feathers have aesthetic and feng shui value
Peacock feathers for decoration

Because of its aesthetic and feng shui value, many people buy peacock feathers or other items from peacock feathers for decoration. Many people believe that peacock feathers can attract and gather the quintessence of life and energy of heaven and earth, so having peacock feathers in the house can easily promote promotion, wealth and luck. .

Standard and quality peacock feathers must have a length of 80 – 120cm, priced from 20,000 – 40,000 VND / stalk. Depending on the quality, there will be different prices, intact and torn peacock feathers therefore also have different prices. The size of the feather eyes also affects the cost of the product. Artificial peacock feathers are also worth from 20,000 – 25,000 / stalk.

Because a feather is also valuable, so peacock farming is also very developed, farmers can pocket hundreds of millions of dong and get rich excellently. However, when looking to buy peacock feathers, you must also ensure the origin, buy in reputable places to avoid “mixed gold”, buy fake feathers.

Decipher the mystery behind the peacock feathers

  Decipher the mystery behind the peacock feathers
Peacock feathers are feng shui objects

Peacock feathers are feng shui objects, so you don’t have to buy them to display them, but you have to ensure the principles of quantity and location in the house.

If you want to display it at home, decorating with peacock feathers in the amount of 30-50 pieces is the most appropriate. Those who do business and want to attract luck should own from 55 to 108 feathers. In addition, the following principles must be observed:

  • Do not decorate 50 feathers because it will not bring good luck
  • If you decorate less than 50 feathers, you must use odd numbers
  • More than 50 pieces must be in harmony with your home space

Sophisticated raising beautiful and proud peacocks

The potential of peacock farming to get rich

peacock farming get rich
Raising peacocks to get rich

Because of its great spiritual significance, peacocks are constantly sought after by many people, especially business people. Especially on holidays and Tet, the demand for buying peacock feathers is higher. Mr. Tran Huy Hoi (Hung Yen) shared that if he only sells peacock feathers, his income will be about 200 million, and if he sells items that have been made into decorations and souvenirs, his income will increase to more than 200 million.

Things to know when raising peacocks

The most popular peacock is the Indian peacock with a colorful body but blue is the main color. There are five-colored peacocks with 5 colors, more inclined to blue – white, the value is greater.

The advantage of the peacock is that it has good resistance, the food that is easy to find is mainly rice, corn, green vegetables… Although it looks big, the amount of food is only 1/3 of a chicken. Not only that, raising peacocks is quite easy because they are very intelligent, not afraid to run away when they are released.

Breeding peacocks not only enriches farmers but also preserves the genetic resources of this rare bird possessing extremely attractive and aristocratic beauty.

Steps to prepare for raising peacocks

peacock cage design

Like any other animal, the barn must be located in a location that is warm in the winter and airy in the summer. Peacock cages can be used from warehouses, chicken and duck cages… are available to raise peacocks. The size of the common peacock cage is 3 – 4 m wide, 5-6 m long.

Bird cages must be spread with yellow sand to absorb moisture, limit disease, and help keep the cage cleaner than usual.

Care work when raising peacocks

Instructions on how to tame peacocks
The domestication of peacocks is very important.
Taming the peacock

Domesticated peacocks are when they are close to their owners, not afraid when people approach. When birds are tamed, we will not worry about birds flying away. Therefore, taming when raising peacocks is very important.

Let’s learn from Mr. Nguyen Dinh Quynh’s golden hand in the peacock farming village to tame peacocks. He shared that he used salt water to tame his peacock, very simple and available. The mixed salt water should not be too salty, it must be suitable for the bird’s taste before the bird can get used to it.

After 2 months, he can release the bird from the cage but still have to beware of the bird flying away, after 5 months, the bird is too familiar and can walk in the yard without flying away.

Food when raising peacocks

The plumage is an impressive point of the peacock, in order for the feathers to always be beautiful and color correct, it must provide enough nutrients for the bird.

Food for peacocks is usually brown rice bran, agricultural bran, green food. Food must be adjusted according to the season. And vegetables are indispensable food in the peacock’s diet if you want to have beautiful natural plumage.

Depending on the density, prepare a feeder when raising peacocks, if the density is from 10 to 15 birds, only 1 trough is 1m2 long, so the peacock can eat for 1 week.

Instructions for taking care of peacocks in the summer

Peacocks do not have sweat glands, so their ability to escape heat is very limited. Therefore, the temperature for raising peacocks must be from 28 to 30 degrees Celsius. In the summer, the peacocks must have a dry, cool, sheltered environment, arrange fans, and provide enough water for the peacocks. Planting trees is also a good idea to cool peacocks in the summer.

Peacock - bird that sheds feathers "make money"
Peacock – a bird that sheds its feathers and “makes money”

Although the resistance is good, when raising peacocks, they still have to pay attention to the care and prevention of birds by regularly cleaning the cage and visiting their health. Above are useful information about peacock farming we would like to send to you. Hope to help those who are cherishing to get rich from this peacock farming.

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