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The mystery of sunflower – child of the sun

Sun Flower
The secret of the sunflower – the flower of the sun

Sunflower is a very popular flower in Vietnam, often grown to decorate homes, get seeds, or serve the sightseeing, tourism and … The delicious, greasy sunflower seeds are a very popular snack. Vietnamese favorites. So do you know the meaning of sunflowers? Let’s find out the secrets of this flower with us!

Introduce about sunflowers

About sunflowers
The flower of the sun

Some names:

• Scientific name: Helianthus annuus.
• English name: Sun Flower.
• French name : Soleil.
• Latin name: Helianthus.
• Vietnamese name is: Sunflower or other names are called sun flower, sunflower kneeling, heaven kneeling, kneeling, kneeling flower.

Sunflowers grew more than 5000 years ago in North America. In the 16th century explorers brought sunflowers to Europe and then to Russia, Egypt and the Far East. Today, this flower is present in many countries around the world. It is very well known as the “sunflower” species.


• There are more than 150 different species of sunflowers ranging in height from 0.5 to 4.5 meters
• Leaves are usually large, alternate, with long petioles, elongated heart-shaped leaf blade, pointed at the tip and heart at the petiole, serrated edges, white hairs on both sides.
• Flowering in Winter – Spring. The flower has a large diameter of about 19 – 27 cm, many yellow petals cover the outside, inside are small yellow pistils.
• As they age, the pistils turn black and form sunflower seeds.

Benefits of sunflower oil

Sunflower oil with life
Sunflower essential oil

Sunflower oil not only has good effects on health but also increases aesthetic value for women.
– Pure sunflower oil has been used by indigenous people in Central and North America to make food and medicine every day. Has extremely great uses such as: Moisturizing the skin, reducing sun damage, reducing acne, slowing down the aging process, nourishing hair, reducing cholesterol in the blood, reducing the risk of cancer, fast Wound healing, scar reduction…

The story of sunflowers

According to ancient Greek mythology, there was a mermaid who secretly loved and worshiped the majestic sun god – Apollo. The fairy loved him so much that she sat on the ground and watched the sun all day. However, Apollo was very indifferent and never cared about her. Day after day, the mermaid kept watching the sun. The other gods sympathized and shared with the young fairy, turning her into a sunflower.

Sun Flower
Yellow sunflower garden

Therefore, this flower always faces the sun to express its faithful love that does not fade over time.
Behind the beauty of sunflowers is a touching and tragic love story.

Meaning of sunflowers

Sunflowers carry many meanings depending on different cultures:
• In China: Sunflowers represent longevity and eternity.
• In Europe: Sunflowers symbolize constancy, faith in the future and new opportunities.
• In the Andes of South America: Yellow sunflowers are found in temples as a symbol of worship, extremely sacred.

Sunflowers mean love
Meaning in love

1. Meaning in love

With a special feature, the sunflower always faces the sun, whether growing in the dark or in a dimly lit place, the flower always looks for a place with sunlight to bloom. That is why it is said that sunflowers symbolize faithful love. No matter where, no matter how far apart, that love is still directed towards each other like sunflowers always facing the sun.

Sunflowers are a symbol of faithful love.

2. Feng Shui Meaning

  Sunflowers in feng shui (muare.vn)

Always facing the sun, the flower has an eye-catching and fresh bright yellow color. Flowers give your home a warm atmosphere, bring light to the darkest places, contribute to creating a good emotional relationship, especially between parents and children, between two lovers. together.

3. Meaning in friendship

sunflowers and their meanings
The mysterious meaning of sunflowers

Is a symbol of friendship beautiful, sincere, warm, not luxurious, nobility but very gentle, idyllic and lasting, always looking towards each other even though thousands of geographical distances.

The sunflower always faces the sun, so it is considered a symbol of loyalty, steadfastness, and loyalty to the monarch.

4. Meaning in life

Lucky and happySunflowers bring warmth, familiarity, ease fatigue and risks to always direct people to new things and opportunities.

Health and longevity: This flower is always facing the sun – showing intense longevity, surpassing the corrupting laws of time.

Always optimistic, strong and bright future: Sunflowers have overcome the harshness of the weather to always face the sun. If you are feeling depressed, bored and often give up, plant yourself a pot of this sun flower right in your room, to help dispel the dark feeling. Because in any situation, the sun flower becomes a light of hope for each of us to cling to and continue to fight.

5.The meaning of sunflower by color

Yellow flowers: has a fresh, warm yellow color, so it has many meanings but symbolizes faith, longevity, happiness and fidelity.

Red flowers: Shows strength and positivity, optimism in life.

Brown flowers: Brings the symbolic meaning of sincerity, always supporting and being a firm support no matter how difficult it is.

White flowers: Expressing innocence, purity, innocence.

6. The meaning of the wedding day

wedding day sunflowers
The meaning of flowers on the wedding day

In the love of lovers and couples, sunflowers bring fidelity and sincerity, no matter how far away or in any situation, they always remember each other, love each other, so they are often decorated in the garden. wedding ceremonies, do for the bride with the wish that their love will always last forever.

In addition, the sunflower is also a sacred symbol of a world without nuclear weapons. 1996, was selected by the US National Park Service as the “Year of the Sunflower”. The sunflower with the English name Helicanthus annus is also used as the symbol of the state of Kansas.

This is the article that AgriSearch.net wants to share with you the characteristics, history and meaning of sunflowers. Hopefully this article will help you understand more about this strong, bright flower. And each of us should live like these flowers, always shining brightly, with fierce resistance, daring to face the cold night’s thorns and keeping our deep, loyal love, friends. !

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