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The most effective way to get rid of fleas in dogs

You may be shocked to learn that certain types of insects, especially fleas, are living on your beloved dog. That is the cause of diseases that make dogs tired. Moreover, they also suck the blood of dogs every day. Not only that, they are most likely on the bed and sucking your blood. So how can we get rid of these pesky fleas? Please refer to the effective way to get rid of fleas in dogs below.

first. Bathe your dog with a special shampoo that kills fleas in dogs

Regular dog bath oils and dishwashing liquid also kill fleas. If you need more, you can find and use a flea bath for dogs.

3. Try a flea powder on dogs.

Flea powders are usually sold over-the-counter and work the same way as sprays.

  • Read the instructions on the label for correct use. If you’re not sure, consult your veterinarian before using a flea powder on dogs.
  • Usually you can apply a thin layer of powder to your dog’s coat and leave it as is. However, it should be noted that the powder makes the dog’s coat feel gritty and has to be rubbed many times.
  • Start rubbing from the dog’s head down to the tail, making sure the powder can come into contact with the dog’s skin.
  • You should also sprinkle powder on the dog’s bed.
  • Repeat once a week if needed.

4. Mix dog bath medicine.

The dog water soak and rinse should be used after the dog begins to be infected with fleas.

  • Mix the soak or rinse according to the instructions on the package. Ask your veterinarian for further instructions.
  • When using bug spray, you need to soak your dog in a diluted solution. Conditioner is a thin solution used to rinse a dog’s body until the coat is completely wet. You need to completely immerse your dog in both of these solutions, not just for each area of ​​​​the dog’s skin.
  • Use water to soak and drain in a ventilated place.
  • After the dog is soaked in water mixed with medicine, most drugs need to be left alone, not rinsed with water.
  • These products often contain chemicals such as pyrethrins, permethrins, and organophosphates.

5. Wear a flea collar on your dog.

Flea collars vary in quality and many have a very limited range of action, only killing fleas around the collar (around the dog’s head and shoulders). However, a high-quality flea collar can repel or kill fleas when used correctly. Be sure to choose a collar that is appropriate for your dog’s age and weight.

  • Run two fingers under the necklace to make sure it fits snugly and isn’t too tight.
  • Trim the excess after wearing the dog collar. Don’t let your dog chew on the other end of the collar.
  • See the label for how long the necklace lasts and what to avoid. Some necklaces lose their effectiveness if wet.
  • Monitor the dog’s neck area below the collar and remove it if skin irritation occurs.

Here’s how to get rid of fleas in dogs effectively. Hope to help your dog no longer suffer from fleas.

In addition, there is a natural way to kill fleas: Here

Charlie Rosales
Charlie Rosales
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