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The most common types of orchid growing media

Beautiful orchids
Want to grow beautiful orchids indispensable orchid growing medium

To grow orchids for high efficiency, everyone needs to prepare prices can for your orchid garden. Orchids are not like common plants, except for some types of orchids, most of them cannot be grown in the soil. Today agri will tell you about the types of media that people can’t help but know.

Wood Charcoal (Charcoal)

orchid growing medium - charcoal
Charcoal is an extremely effective orchid growing medium

Used for moisturizing purposes.

Charcoal is the best growing medium in all types of media because it has no pathogens, does not rot and has the ability to hold water, so it will absorb nutrients through the process of fertilizing and release it slowly through the soil. strong attraction of orchid roots.

The coal used here is the type of forest wood charcoal, which is really cooked. Avoid using all kinds of forest wood charcoal because the NaCl content in that type of coal is high, easy to kill the orchid.


Using wood as a growing medium for orchids
Using wood as a growing medium for orchids

For orchids that like ventilation and have beautiful roots, wood can be grafted. Priority is given to good woods for grafting, but because of the high cost and difficult to find, the Northern people often use longan wood, which is easy to find and is quite durable and rots over time. Or use the stem of the milkweed plant for grafting.

These logs you can peel off the bark to help the roots avoid fungal infections when the bark rots. If possible, you can choose strangely shaped logs to increase the aesthetics.

In addition, some growers use the core of some perennial wood species, buried in the soil, now they are retrieved, this wood has the characteristics of durability over time, long decay, beautiful shape, but in return, price is too high.


Using bricks as a growing medium
Using bricks as a growing medium

The best type of orchid brick is to be baked very old, in order to prevent moss growth. Brick is better than brick because it has a curvature so the substrate will always have the right ventilation. In addition, the surface of the spreading roots is also wider; so the roots will not have to grow on top of each other, the tree will grow better, but the disadvantage of bricks is the heavy weight, so it is not very suitable for planting with hanging ropes.

The price isfired clay

Using baked clay as a growing medium for orchids
Using baked clay as a growing medium for orchids

This is an artificial substrate made from clay in the form of hexagonal pellets or extruded pellets suitable for the size of the charcoal or coconut pieces. Fired clay is quite suitable for many types of orchids.

Price dhey

This is a type of fibrous substrate of the stem and roots of the fern, which is a type of tree that grows a lot in the mountainous valleys of Da Lat. The reason why it is chosen is because it never builds up moss but absorbs moisture well. However, if the substrate is all fern, there will be no ventilation.

There are 2 types of worms:

  • Spinning yarn: this is an old, filamentous type that is popular for growing orchids in the city.
  • Dumplings: this is the remains of the cypress tree after it has been taken, the fern is the young parts of the vine stem – this is used to grow orchids very well in cold regions because of its high hygroscopicity, but lack of ventilation. air, so the temperature in the pot is usually higher than the outside, so the soil will create a certain amount of moisture, creating favorable conditions for the growth of the roots (if the temperature is high, the humidity is low, it is not recommended to use shredded chicken. ).

There are also some types of molluscs derived from sea moss, which are imported from abroad and are widely used in Vietnam. Soft wormwood has the advantage of keeping moisture very well and is very suitable for the orchid root system to develop. High price, easy to be mossy, waterlogged in the rainy season.

Coconut shell and coir substrate

If coir is considered a mass-produced medium in the market on a large scale, then coconut shells have the same potential.

There are two commonly used coconut shell substrates:

Use coconut shell as a growing medium for orchids
Use coconut shell as a growing medium for orchids

Chopped coconut shell:It is likely that good moisture retention and nutrients provided by the fertilizer will help with good root growth. Chopped coconut shell (1x3x2cm) is treated with 5% lime water or 2% NaOH. The disadvantage of coconut shell is that it is not durable, easy to grow algae on the surface.

Coconut shell pieces: If you use whole coconut shells to plant pots, you must limit watering. It is best to create conditions that ensure moisture outside rather than in the pot. Coconut shell pieces are a very good environment for most orchids of the genus Dendrobium. The disadvantage is that it is easy to grow moss, not well ventilated, easy to rot. For this growing medium, regular spraying of insecticides is required.

Water hyacinth root

Using hyacinth root as a growing medium for orchids
Using hyacinth root as a growing medium for orchids

Water hyacinth is spreading strongly throughout the ponds, rivers and canals throughout the country, so it is easy to find and convenient in growing orchids. Water hyacinth roots have high hygroscopicity, a lot of nitrogen, which helps the plant to root and grow very strongly in the first time, but is prone to decay, so it has defects such as coir and crumbs. This is one of the types of media that bring many benefits to plants.


Using bark as a growing medium for orchids
Using bark as a growing medium for orchids

Among commonly used bark substrates such as: star apple, star, tamarind, mussels, pine, etc., pine bark is the most popular type of bark, because pine bark contains resin, so it has high antiseptic and long-lasting properties. decay, no moss, less pathogens and harmful fungi. Pine bark can be obtained from 2-leaf pine (Pinus merkusii) or 3-leaf pine (Pinus kesiya) abundant in Bao Loc and Da Lat. However, the pine bark is also very secretive, so it is necessary to have a layer of charcoal at the bottom of the pot for ventilation.

In Vietnam, there are many types of trees with bark for growing orchids very well, however, you should choose any tree with long-rotten bark, because the bark is also one of the fast-destructive growing substances.

Growing orchids or any other plant, the medium is always an important factor for the growth of the plant and also for the grower.

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Emilia Chaney
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