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The model of raising white horses helps the maes to collect millions of dollars to buy a house car

white horse breeding
White horse breeding model

The white horse is a horse from a rare breed in Cao Bang that is impressed by its white coat. There are many health and medical values ​​so farming model White horses grow very fast and strong. Here, let’s learn about this elaborate and unique horse breeding model.

A white horse is not a white horse

albino horse
Model of raising albino horses

Many people mistakenly believe that because the horse is white, it is called a white horse. Actually not, white horse is a type of horse with albino, so the hair is white, the eyes are pale blue. Besides, lips, eye contour, genitals, nails… are all pink. The white horse is gentle, slow but strong.

White horses have few diseases but have poorer weather resistance than other horses or buffaloes and cows… In particular, white horses often show color blindness about 30 minutes at 12 noon.

White horses are very dear to their owners, if the breeder loves to take care of them, they will be very gentle and loyal. And only the owner can come close to feed, brush his hair, bathe…so when he’s loose, he’s not afraid of losing his horse.

White horse is a rare breed of horse, but it is recognized by the State as a breed of livestock for production and allowed for business. Therefore, the white horse breeding model is very developed.

The white horse breeding model has a lot of potential

model of raising white horses to get rich
White horse breeding model

Our country usually raises two types of white horses: Tibetan white horses and Vietnamese white horses. Each variety has its own advantages. The Tibetan white horse is large and strong but reproduces slowly, while the Vietnamese white horse reproduces well.

Considered a medicinal horse with many uses for medicine and production. White horses are often raised for high cooking, for meat and bones to support healing. It is a valuable source of medicinal herbs to improve health, fortify diseases and cure incurable diseases. Because they are classified as rare animals, only those that are no longer able to reproduce are used to cook and make medicine.

In the past, the white horse was a noble object to pay tribute to the court and the king. True to its value, there is no part of a white horse that cannot make money. Even the stones in the stomach have the effect of curing convulsions and epilepsy.

A white horse costs between 20-25 million VND, while a high-quality standard horse costs 50-80 million VND. Especially, white horse’s feet are priced at about 300,000 VND/kg. Therefore, the white horse breeding model not only opens up a way to get rich, but also preserves this rare and near-extinction genetic resource.

Learn the model of raising white horses with high cooking

Because white horseradish is a precious medicine that is sought by many people, it is very valuable and can be sold at a high price, the model of raising white horse for cooking is therefore also on the rise. Let’s learn the elaborate cooking from the white horse breeding model to see what’s interesting.

High cooking technique from white horse

Preparation ingredients

  • Horse bones
  • High cooker
  • Clean cloth
  • Ginger
  • Mold made of wood
  • White wine
  • Other materials: gas, firewood…

Proceed to cook horseradish

Step 1: Cut bones into small pieces, wash many times with clean water and then boil with water, remove marrow and leftover horse meat. If the bones are left with meat or marrow, it will not be of good quality.

Step 2: Put the bones and water in a special pot, cook continuously to get the juice from the horse bones.

Step 3: Strain the horse bone broth with a clean cloth several times. After filtering, continue to boil until the water evaporates

Step 4: Conduct her high horse. The process of raising the horse is made by machine to save labor.

Step 5: When the horseradish has dried to form a thick mixture, proceed to pour it into the mold and collect the finished product.

Instructions for using white horse

model of raising horses for high
Model of raising white horses for high

White horseradish is a precious medicine that has many uses and is also very simple to use. Doctor Nguyen Lan Dinh advises people to take 5 to 10 grams per day and use it continuously for 30 days. White horseradish can be thinly sliced ​​and eaten with hot porridge, or soaked with white wine.

Although it is a valuable medicine, not everyone can use it. Note that people with gout, shingles…and children 6 months old should not use horseradish.

With the above information, it is probably undeniable that the success of this white horse breeding model. However, white horses are increasingly rare, so care should be taken when implementing this model of raising rare horses.

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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