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The method of improving the soil for growing vegetables with only 3 steps

improve the land for growing vegetables
improve the land for growing vegetables

Improving the land for growing vegetables is the first and important factor determining the quality and productivity of crops. Because, from time immemorial, clean land help plants grow and thrive. However, when using land to grow from one crop to another, the land can completely fall into a state of degradation. So, how to fix this situation? Let’s find out with Agri in this article!

Step 1: Dry, crush the soil and mix lime powder

The effect of drying and threshing the soil in improving vegetable soil is to help increase oxygen in the soil. This method is quite similar to drying the soil of farmers. It is not necessary to pulverize all soil particles. You can put 10-15% of soil seeds on the bottom of the pot about the size of a finger.

improve the land for growing vegetables
Apply lime to improve infertile soil

Lime application brings a lot of good effects to the improvement of that vegetable soil! Not only inhibits the growth of disease fungi in the soil, but also overcomes the disadvantages of other chemical fertilizers, including:

  • Prevent soil degradation;
  • Eliminate the harmful effects of salt;
  • Provide calcium nutrients;
  • Promote the effectiveness of organic and inorganic fertilizers.

Step 2: Loosen up the soil

improve the land for growing vegetables
Tilling the soil to improve the soil

People use agricultural wastes such as peanut shells, beans, soybean residues, fresh rice husks, hay husks coir fiber… mix well into the soil into a loose soil mixture.

Step 3: Improve the soil for growing vegetables

The reason why the soil is getting worse and causing us a headache to think of ways to improve the soil for growing vegetables are:

The soil is hardened because the growers use chemical fertilizers without adding organic fertilizers or not enough organic fertilizers or because the plants absorb all the nutrients, so the soil is discolored and white.

The methods of improving the soil for growing vegetables are as follows:

Method 1: Adding vermicompost

Mix 5 to 6 kg of vermicompost/m2 of dried soil before planting. Worm manure makes a great contribution to improving the soil for vegetables because it increases the ability to retain soil moisture, provides soluble nutrients for plants and maintains soil porosity for a long time.

Method 2: Use kitchen waste

improve the land for growing vegetables
Land reclamation using kitchen waste

Kitchen waste can be used to improve vegetable soil. Vegetable stalks, fruit peels, eggshells can be used. Mix the above wastes into the crushed soil along with biological products such as: EM, tricoderma and then incubated for a few weeks for rotten can be used.

Method 3: Use fish manure

Using fish waste such as fish head, fish intestines, small fish… to make manure to improve vegetable soil.

Method 1: Mix directly into the soil:

Use 1 styrofoam box to hold about 1 to 2 kg of fish. Pour 1 layer of soil 1 layer of fish, then sprinkle 1 to 2 grams of Tricoderma microbial product or 1 handful of lime powder. Repeat this until you run out of fish. The top of the barrel is covered with a thick layer of soil and sprinkled with a little lime to prevent odors and worms.

Method 2: Soak fish nutrition:

Shredded fish waste is placed in glass, plastic, and crockery jars. Add molasses in a 1:1 ratio and seal the jar. Put the jar in a cool place, avoid rain water, then it can be used for about 1 month. In the process of use, remember to drain the fish water mixed with water at the rate of 0.5 to 1% spray or water.

improve the land for growing vegetables
Improve the soil to harvest more efficiently

Improve the soil for growing vegetables so that your crops yield better results. With the above 3 simple steps, hopefully you will have great success and get a very productive harvest.

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