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The lily – the symbol of the country’s flower

Symbolism and meaning of the country's lily
Symbolism and meaning of the lily of the land

The lily has an ethereal and elegant beauty with an extremely attractive fragrance. This beautiful lily is widely used and very popular in many countries around the world. Let’s learn about the message and meaning hidden deep inside this pure lily with!

The origin of the name lily

The origin of the name lily
The origin of the name lily

There are hundreds of different types of lilies in the world, but they all belong to the same genus Lilium. Other lilies that do not belong to this genus, such as the common lily or the water lily, are not considered true lilies. Lilium is a Latin word that comes from the Greek leirion, which as we trace back through many civilizations can be said to be one of the first words for flowers.

From these it is shown how important the lily has been over the centuries and millennia.

Symbolism of the lily

Symbolism of the lily
Symbolism of the lily

The Greeks and Romans considered lily an important place, including that it was included in dozens of their religious myths and propagated it widely. Alchemists have suggested that it is the tree of the moon bearing the qualities of women.

While the demand for lily in China for weddings is great because its name sounds similar to the first paragraph of a wish for a couple to live happily together for a hundred years.

The Chinese also often give lilies to people who have just experienced a loss because it is believed that it will help relieve the pain in their hearts. Let’s not forget about the enduring mark of European royalty known as the iris, commonly found on silver and wallpaper, the stylized floral design symbolizes regal and is based on a member of the royal family. lily family.

Some information about lily

Information about lilies
Information about lilies

The lily is familiar to all parts of the world and holds an important place in dozens of different cultures. The propagation of this flower took place very early, resulting in thousands of colors and petals that you can easily find today. Every lily can survive with just a modest light bulb, and they are one of the few colorful flowers that can live both indoors and out in the wild.

Most varieties of this lily are hybrids and do not grow from seed, but the classics do grow from real seeds and you can share them with family and friends to spread the beauty.

The meaning of the color of lily

The meaning of the color of lily
The meaning of the color of lily

The white lily is obviously a symbol of purity, especially since so many Catholics use the snow lily to represent the Virgin Mary. This pink-striped lily known as the astronomical lily is one of the most popular today for a bunch of lilies, and it also means ambition and encouragement with a difficult challenge.

The yellow lily usually symbolizes good health and recovery, while the red lily is the voice of passion and is well suited for weddings and proposal bouquets.

Botanical meaning of lily

Many varieties of Asian lily are used as food, by harvesting the flower buds and using them as a substitute for potatoes or water chestnuts. In addition, other varieties of lilies are harvested for medicinal purposes. Traditional Chinese medicine uses different types of lily to produce medicine to cool and soothe the body.

Medieval European medicine used the crushed root of the Madonna lily to shrink tumors, heal skin ulcers, and to soothe sprains. Because only one type of lily is edible and can be used medicinally, it’s best to get the product from a trusted source rather than going out into the garden from digging one.

Message of the lily

Lead a regal lifestyle and embrace your power. Let us remember that renewal is always near and the end of something is a messenger of a new beginning.

Hue is the self-symbol of ethereal and pure beauty like a white lily, not only for those who like to create beauty but also for those who know how to enjoy the beauty of this country’s lily. Through the above article, I hope that everyone will appreciate the flower with the diverse beauty of this country of Vietnam!

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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