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The latest gladiolus planting technique brings high efficiency

How to grow and care for multi-bud gladiolus when you know how to grow your own gladiolus plants that produce many flowers and gladiolus planting techniques the latest today

Gladiolus flowers are most popular in almost all places, especially every spring season. Today’s gladiolus flowers come in many different colors. They are also known scientifically as Gladiolus communis and in the world today there are many different species, according to statistics, there are 250 different species.

Gladiolus is a herbaceous plant that has developed a false stem from sheath leaves, and the leaf shape is like a blade. There are convolutional bronchi and each flower usually has 5 long and thin ones, now the number of petals is up from 6 to 7 because there are many different types of flowers.

Fresh gladiolus flowers last a long time, usually lasting 10-15 days
Fresh gladiolus flowers last a long time, usually lasting 10-15 days

With increasing user demand, gladiolus used more than before and the flower varieties are also more diverse, up to now, there are 90 different gladiolus species in our country. Here I will share with everyone about how to plant and care for the most beautiful gladiolus plants and the best fast plants.

Fresh gladiolus flowers last a long time, usually lasting 10-15 days. That’s why gladiolus flowers are the most popular on Tet holidays, flowers can increase in price by 3-4 times, but they are always the best-selling flowers and are always sold out.

Because flowers have many beautiful colors and always bring luck to your own family and moreover, gladiolus is also quite difficult to grow because weather conditions significantly affect the number of flowers of the plant and Weather factors affect and determine the success or failure of flower growers.

Main features of gladiolus

Like red gladiolus; The height can be up to more than 1m and the maximum number of flowers is up to 13 flowers/cluster. And the growth time of flowers also lasts from 80-87 days.

Red gladiolus flag. The Red gladiolus variety grows and develops well when planted in the winter crop in the North of Vietnam to collect flowers on the occasion of the Lunar New Year and the occasion of March 8, is a variety with good resistance to pests and diseases, especially dry leaf disease. Red gladiolus variety is a variety with high economic efficiency, which is the highest accepted by the consumer market in the group of gladiolus varieties today.

Necessary conditions for growing flowers

Here are some of the most necessary conditions for you to be able to sow gladiolus flowers.

Cool climate, with a temperature of about 18-25 degrees Celsius Should be planted in late August to November Suitable PH from 6-6.5

You should plant on fertile, nutrient-rich soil that is flat and open, and you should also avoid near industrial areas, cemeteries, hospitals, containing a lot of lead, salts of metals, chlorinated, complete fluorine soils. All have negative effects on flowers.

You should plant on fertile, nutrient-rich soil
You should plant on fertile, nutrient-rich soil

You should also not plant flowers continuously on each plot as this will increase the risk of diseases and pests to the plant, and every 1 year you should plant on a different plot and usually the ratio you should Planting 7000 bulbs per acre is the most appropriate.

Making land to plant gladiolus flowers

For the soil to grow gladiolus, you should plow thoroughly and clean up the weeds. You should also choose residential land with close proximity to water and a sunny and well-drained area for growing flowers

Techniques for planting and caring for gladiolus flowers

After you finish making the soil, you should start planting and after 1 week of planting, you will see the plants start to grow out of the ground, and each tuber will grow a tree and also have a few bulbs. can grow more and so nutrients will not be concentrated on the main tree, you should prune them to create conditions for the main plant to have enough nutrients to feed the trunk.

Note: Trim off the secondary sprouts, leaving the main ones to focus on raising a flower stalk. When cutting the extra sprouts, avoid uprooting the tubers. During the development of gladiolus we should dig three times:

– 1st: When the tree has 2 leaves, we start to plow. Note that you should eat lightly to avoid hitting the tree, after eating in combination there are grass branches we cultivate at the base to keep the tree growing straight.

– 2nd: When the plant has 4 leaves, proceed to cultivate the second time. Combined first time fertilizer: 5kg nitrogen, 7kg potassium mix well and then fertilize each row of plants.

– 3 times: When the tree has 6 leaves, cultivate for the 3rd time. Combine 2nd time: Nitrogen 5kg, Potassium 7kg, mix well and then fertilize each row of plants.

How to care for watering gladiolus

For gladiolus, you should plant it in a place where it can be watered a lot
For gladiolus, you should plant it in a place where it can be watered a lot

Watering: For gladiolus, you should plant it in a place where it can be watered a lot. When the plant has 5-7 leaves, the plant’s water needs are quite large. If the plant lacks water, the plant will grow leaves unevenly and affect the differentiation of flowers, which will lead to shorter flowers and fewer flowers. You should also water regularly to ensure moisture for the plant.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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