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The journey of growing oranges on alkaline soil is full of hardships but with a happy ending

The journey of growing oranges on alkaline soil is full of hardships but with a happy ending
The journey of growing oranges on alkaline soil is full of hardships but with a happy ending

Wearing a thick, rough skin is a sign of fruit recognition Orange. Originating from Vietnam, oranges are currently being grown a lot and are an opportunity for farmers to get rich.

Orange tree – a promising tree to get rich

Orange tree - a promising tree to get rich
A promising tree to get rich

Soy oranges are chosen by many farmers to send gold because of their easy-to-grow characteristics and are not picky about soil. Orange is also favored by consumers for its deliciousness as well as its rich nutritional composition. Therefore, many gardeners have trusted to grow this potential and promising orange tree. Many farmers have really escaped poverty, earning millions of dollars per month by growing oranges.

As we all know, oranges contain a lot of vitamin C as well as vitamin A, fiber and calcium. It has the effect of improving health and is chosen by many women because oranges contain vitamin C to beautify the skin and repel dark spots. Oranges are often eaten directly or squeezed juice to drink, especially oranges with very few seeds.

The cycle of planting orange trees is from 10 to 15 years, usually planted in the rainy season to support irrigation, if you can control the water source yourself, you can plant all year round. The orange tree also produces very fragrant flowers. Oranges are grown mainly in the Mekong Delta because the climate and soil here are very suitable for the development of oranges.

Experience in growing oranges on acidic soil

Growing oranges to get rich is known to everyone, but growing oranges from acid soil is hard to believe. Because alkaline soil is the enemy of farmers, there is little benefit but much harm to the land and crops. However, the orange tree can live and grow well on this type of soil.

  Experience in growing oranges on acidic soil
Mr. Huynh Cong Chanh

Mr. Huynh Cong Chanh – the leader in the process of growing oranges on alkaline soil shared that, in order for the tree to grow well, first of all, it is necessary to be knowledgeable about the plant variety and improve the acid acid soil. He shared the secret to always growing oranges in the season, which will avoid devaluation and always be profitable.

Besides, soil improvement is also very important, especially in the way of fertilizing. Use N.Humate (Dam Den), N.46 Plus Ca Mau (Green Fertilizer), NPK Ca Mau (2 leaves), a little potassium fertilizer and follow the fertilization technique. Do not use acidic fertilizers such as nitrogen fertilizers, super phosphate… if you want to successfully grow orange trees. Before planting trees should be lined with manure or rotted compost.

Density: Do not plant too thick to avoid shade, lack of sunlight and limit growth.

One more thing to successfully grow orange trees on alkaline soil is: courage and risk. Because it’s hard to get rich, it’s even harder to make money from alum soil, but successful people always create their own path, they always find new things to make a difference.

And the happy ending when growing oranges on acidic soil

  potential earthen orange tree
Many gardeners have trusted in growing potential plants

Although acid acid soil is difficult to grow, but after treatment, many more successful plants are grown than expected, including the orange tree. If you master the technique, it’s only a matter of time before you earn billions of money a year. Like Huynh Cong Chanh, his family earns a profit of 1 billion dong every year, and at the same time creates jobs for many farmers.

Growing oranges also has many challenges, although it earns a large profit, the investment fee is quite high, about 40 million/1000 square meters, growing on acid acid soil has to spend a lot. But how much you spend, you get back as much, as long as you have good planting techniques and patience, you will soon become a barefoot billionaire.

Emilia Chaney
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