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The jobs that get rich in the countryside make you want to go back to your hometown to start a business right away

The jobs that get rich in the countryside make you want to go back to your hometown to start a business right away

The jobs to get rich in the countryside you should know
Is it difficult to get rich in the countryside?

Nowadays many people want to work in big cities with high salary, but not everyone is like that. Many people want to get rich in their homeland rather than seek hope in faraway places. Then do not ignore this article, here are jobs that get rich in the countryside for those who are passionate about starting a business in their own land.

Raising livestock and poultry

What are rich jobs in the countryside?
Raising livestock and poultry

This is perhaps one of the most popular and secure rural livelihoods. There have been many pioneers, so it is much easier to learn from experience and draw lessons.

Cattle and poultry include animals such as cows, pigs, geese, ducks, etc., which are traditional animals and are suitable for wide land conditions in rural areas. This breeding model meets the market demand because pork, beef and chicken are extremely familiar and necessary foods.

There are many scales of livestock and poultry raising: household scale with less than 10 heads, small-scale farms from 10 to 30 livestock, medium-sized farms from 30 to less than 300 heads, large-scale farms from 300 or more pets. Raising livestock and poultry also has many models such as: grazing in gardens, cages, etc.

However, if you want to pursue this career in livestock and poultry farming, you also need to pay attention to farming techniques, invest in vaccination for breeding animals, especially raising animals must ensure no environmental pollution, no harm to the environment. affect the lives of other families.

Breeding new breeds

Get rich in the countryside by raising new livestock
New pet breed

Raising new breeds, raising new animals is one of the jobs to get rich in rural areas that are being interested. Unlike the traditional animal, the new breed is re-created, rigorously selected for superior characteristics such as better suffering, healthier, laying more eggs…

New livestock are being raised now: super lean duck, 15 Dai Xuyen sea duck, Egyptian chicken…

There have been many farmers earning hundreds of millions from the new model of raising livestock because the new livestock is suitable for tastes because of its better appearance, more delicious meat. But you should also pay attention in the purchase of breeding stock, avoid buying the one of unknown origin, the breed is not guaranteed.

Breeding unique and strange animals with high profits

Get rich in the countryside through farming toxic goods
Raising a strange child: crickets

Besides, one of the other new and unique ways to get rich in the countryside is raising unique, strange children with great income. This is a new direction for people who want to return to their hometown to set up a business, but it requires recklessness and understanding of farming techniques. While raising traditional animals faces difficulties in terms of market fluctuations, raising toxic products will bring high profits.

The strange and unique model of raising children is also quite popular today, and many people have gotten rich from this model. In the situation of traditional animal farming facing many uncertainties in price and market fluctuations, raising these poisonous animals will be a promising new direction.

The common model of raising poisonous children: raising black soldier flies, raising cobra snakes, raising goats, raising crickets, raising termites, raising mutant pythons… This model can be raised for sale as food, raised as nutritious food. supplement in animal husbandry, rearing as ornamental plants. It is indeed a very interesting series of rural enrichment occupations.

Grow safe clean vegetables

jobs to get rich in the countryside
The number 1 safe clean vegetable garden

Clean food is the concern of many families today when everywhere is unsafe food, harmful to health. Therefore, growing clean vegetables to get rich is one of the jobs to get rich in rural areas that deserve attention. Growing clean vegetables must be clean and safe, without using chemical fertilizers.

Not only getting rich in the countryside, but growing clean vegetables can be done anywhere, at home, in the city or in the countryside. But it is necessary to ensure clean water, clean soil and space to ensure conditions for plants to grow and grow quickly.

Growing clean vegetables can be grown according to the following models: growing clean vegetables hydroponically, growing clean vegetables aeroponically, growing clean vegetables Aquaponics, growing traditional clean vegetables… Clean vegetables grown are extremely delicious and beautiful in appearance.

Growing clean vegetables, although ensuring health, also has many difficulties because of the high investment costs, but sometimes vegetables are sold not as good as normal vegetables.

Sell ​​bonsai to get rich

Bonsai business in the countryside
Selling ornamental plants to get rich – one of the jobs to get rich in the countryside

Growing bonsai is one of the livelihoods in rural areas that is worth pursuing because the demand for ornamental plants in urban areas is quite high. Growing ornamental plants is an elegant hobby of many families, even many people generously spend large amounts of money to buy beautiful and rare potted plants to decorate their homes more beautiful.

In the countryside, the cultivation of ornamental plants is very suitable, because the countryside is very peaceful, not noisy, the air is fresh, the land is cool, which is a very good condition for the tree to grow quickly and grow well.

Many ornamental plants are not only beautiful but also have spiritual value, meaning good luck and happiness, inviting luck into the house. Therefore, more and more people like and want to own many beautiful bonsai pots in the house. If you can find and grow rare plants, the richer you will be.

Promote hometown agricultural products

Rural enrichment occupations: selling agricultural products
Promote hometown agricultural products

If your hometown has many special fruits, promoting agricultural products and trading agricultural products will be one of the “hot” rural enrichment jobs to impress friends near and far.

Agricultural products with delicious and clean criteria are easier to please customers near and far. Agricultural products can be: potatoes, bananas, fresh fruits, dried fruits… while promoting the homeland’s specialties and earning extra income, it is true that one arrow hits two targets.

Above are the jobs to get rich in the countryside that deserve attention, in addition, there are many other occupations such as: aquaculture, opening shops, etc. Each profession has its own advantages and disadvantages, but if you are passionate, you are not afraid of difficulties. If you fail, it’s not difficult to get rich.

Note about the jobs that get rich in the countryside

The jobs to get rich in the countryside are extremely hot
Careers to get rich in the countryside

If you want to get rich, especially doing rich jobs in the countryside, you not only need to start working and doing business, but you need to pay attention to the volatile market and output to orient the strategy of getting rich.

The jobs that get rich in the countryside must also pay attention to whether the circumstances, climate, and land are suitable or not.

In today’s society, when technology is booming, everyone has a smartphone, the faster the news updates, we should update the current trend by advertising and trading on the Internet is also an advantage.

Above are the jobs to get rich in the countryside for those who are passionate about starting a business and want to challenge. Getting rich is difficult, making money in the countryside is even harder, but if you are active, know the market, know how to do business, you will be successful.



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