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The feng shui meaning of sesame buds that few people know about

The feng shui meaning of sesame buds

Sesame Locust is a beautiful tree with attractive red flower color and no less charming. People often grow sesame in the house with the wish that the family will be peaceful and lucky. To learn more about this auspicious plant, let’s learn about feng shui meaning of sesame buds in the article below.

The sesame tree has many auspicious meanings
The sesame tree has many auspicious meanings

The familiarity of sesame buds with people’s lives in the past and present

Sesame buds have beautiful red flowers and easy-to-shape stems. During the French colonial period, the sesame tree was quite familiar to the people of Hanoi. Around Hoan Kiem Lake, there are also 3 large sesame buds with bright red flowers that attract all eyes.

Currently, sesame buds are also grown as indoor ornamental with many different varieties. In particular, sesame buds with round leaves and long leaves, red flowers and white flowers are all very popular. Growers often like to shape the plants so that they are beautiful and stimulate the flowers to bloom for a long time every March. Sesame buds can bloom until August every year.

Besides the brilliant flower color, sesame buds are also loved by their gentle but unforgettable scent. This is also a popular air conditioning plant on many roads, lakeside, schools, …

In feng shui, sesame is one of the plants of the quartet along with Sanh, Sung, and Tung. In many places, sesame buds are also placed in the trio of Sinh Tho (the tree of longevity), Loc (the sesame seed), and the Sung (the fig tree).

Sesame tree is a familiar plant and is grown in many places
Sesame tree is a familiar plant and is grown in many places

What is the meaning of feng shui feng shui?

Sesame seeds are not only beautiful but also contain many meanings Feng Shui auspicious to owners such as:

  1. Brings good luck and fortune

In the past, sesame buds were often planted in communal houses, houses of mandarins, landlords, etc. with the meaning of bringing fortune. The word “lucky” in “lucky sesame” corresponds to fortune. Although only as small as a “sesame seed”, it is always very concentrated and can continuously produce many new fortunes.

The red color of the lotus flower represents joy, luck and prosperity. People often use red for special occasions such as holidays, weddings, birthdays, etc. The red-flowered sesame tree in the house proves that the family has accumulated a lot of luck and fortune.

  1. Consistency, long life

Folks believe that the stability of the sesame tree over time shows the consistency in will and thought. In addition, this species of tree often has a very long life, with trees living for more than a hundred years as wishes for longevity and centenary.

  1. Good business

Blooming sesame buds is also an opportunity to do business and develop career. The big people believe that the blooming red sesame buds will help the business succeed, everything will be as expected. In particular, the sesame tree is also given to each other by business people as a meaningful gift.

  1. Bringing good air

In ancient times, sesame buds were often planted with many old trees. The tools said that around perennial plants often accumulate a lot of good air. The older the sesame tree, the better. Even many people think that bringing the old sesame buds home will receive the good air of the previous owner.

Sesame buds bring a lot of good air
Sesame buds bring a lot of good air
  1. Create yang qi, bring good luck to the house

According to feng shui experts potted sesame seeds In front of the house, it helps to increase yang qi and dispel bad yin. Traditionally, the main door is seen as the place to welcome the noble qi. The red color of the sesame flower creates yang energy that will help the owner receive many blessings.

Growing sesame buds in the house will bring many auspicious feng shui meanings. Therefore, homeowners need to arrange to plant trees in suitable locations. Accordingly, sesame buds need to be planted in a well-ventilated place, in the direction suitable for the house and the age of the owner. Can not arbitrarily plant sesame buds, not clever will lose feng shui.

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