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The effects of sesame that you do not know

Surely there was a time when you accidentally saw a tree dyed brilliantly red by the flowers hanging down the road, right? That is the sesame tree, a plant that is loved by many people not only because of its beautiful beauty but also because of its special effects. So The effect of sesame plant what? The following article will help you get the most detailed answer.

Sesame seeds bring many benefits to humans
Sesame seeds bring many benefits to humans

A little bit about sesame buds

Barringtonia acutangula present in many South Asian countries and is also a familiar plant in Vietnam. Sesame seeds are also known as mango trees and prefer to grow in tropical regions.

Many people grow sesame buds as a bonsai with many different shapes and sizes. Particularly, natural sesame buds have a long life and very large size when mature. The sesame buds are most beautiful in the blooming season with many beautiful drooping red flower branches.

Chemical composition and medicinal properties of sesame

Sesame seeds have a diverse chemical composition. Particularly, sesame seeds contain many tanimsaponins and barringtonin – a poison.

In Oriental medicine, the plant is considered to be peaceful and has a sweet taste. Sesame seeds are very fragrant and the roots are quite bitter, often used to clear heat.

The effect of sesame buds

Sesame plant has many effects in human life, including the following effects:

If used properly, sesame can cure many diseases
If used properly, sesame can cure many diseases
  1. Effects in Oriental Medicine

In Oriental medicine, the plant is often used to treat many diseases such as:

– Indigo function: You can use the juice of fresh sesame seeds to apply on the eczema.

– Cure toothache: Sesame wine has the ability to effectively treat toothache. You just need to crush the fresh sesame seeds, soak them in wine and use them after 1 month.

– Treatment of fever and diarrhea: After removing the bark, thinly sliced ​​and dried, the trunk of the sesame plant also has a very good cure for diarrhea and fever. Use about 16gr of sesame buds cooked with 400ml until the color remains 100ml and drink 2 times a day.

– Cure hemorrhoids: When suffering from hemorrhoids, sesame leaves are especially useful for immediate healing. Accordingly, use the residue of sesame leaves to cover the anus before going to sleep and then use a gauze bandage to keep it for about 15 minutes. After rinsing with water, you can go to sleep normally. You will be surprised at the results you get after only 1 week of using this method.

Sesame leaf is an effective remedy for hemorrhoids
Sesame leaf is an effective remedy for hemorrhoids

– Cooling down: Although it has a bitter taste, sesame roots have very good pharmacological effects. Using dried sesame roots to decoction drinking water will help cool down effectively. In addition, this type of water also helps digestion work better, cure cough and expectorant if used properly.

– Cure colds: Pureed sesame seeds cooked with ginger juice have a cooling effect.

  1. The effect of sesame buds in Western medicine

Many modern medicines extracted from the sesame plant have effective anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, sesame seeds also have anti-cancer properties. The seed coat is a common ingredient in pain relievers or antifungals.

  1. Bringing many good things to the family

Thanks to the attractive beauty and unique fragrance Barringtonia acutangula Many families choose to be houseplants. However, not everyone knows that sesame has a very special feng shui meaning.

Sesame buds also bring many auspicious meanings, good luck if placed in the right position according to feng shui
Sesame buds also bring many auspicious meanings, good luck if placed in the right position according to feng shui

Planting sesame buds in a cool place, especially in locations that match the owner’s destiny, will bring a lot of fortune and luck. If you are doing business, buying and selling, doing business becomes even more convenient. The large sesame tree also means longevity and peace.

Note when using sesame buds as medicine

Although sesame buds bring many great uses in the prevention and treatment of many common diseases, they cannot be overused. As mentioned, in the sesame plant contains saponins which is a poison. Therefore, if used improperly, it can cause many bad side effects to health.

The sesame tree from ancient times to now has always carried many meanings and is quite closely associated with people. Sesame buds both help cure diseases and bring many good luck. This is a precious plant in Vietnamese culture and people.

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