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The easiest way to cook sticky rice with yellow flowers

The easiest way to cook sticky rice with yellow flowers

Sticky rice is one of the familiar dishes on the rice tray of every Vietnamese family for a long time. However, sticky rice with yellow flower It’s a rather strange name with a special, delicious, aromatic flavor. Many people, after enjoying, immediately want to learn how to cook this sticky rice dish, but to be able to cook it into really fragrant and delicious sticky rice bowls, it requires the cook to have skillful hands and meticulousness in cooking. raw material selection. Today, let’s go to the kitchen with Agrisearch.net to cook this special sticky rice dish for family and friends to enjoy!

Special recipe for delicious yellow sticky rice with yellow flowers

How to cook sticky rice with yellow sticky rice is different from the usual way? Perhaps this is also what makes many people wonder because when having the opportunity to enjoy sticky rice with yellow flowers, it always feels more fragrant and delicious than other types of sticky rice. Is there any special recipe for this dish? Let’s explore with Agri right here!

Selection of ingredients to cook sticky rice

The easiest way to cook sticky rice with yellow flowers

In fact, all types of glutinous rice can be served with sticky rice, but not all types are delicious and fragrant. For example, types of sticky rice, Tu Le sticky rice, Huong sticky rice, etc. are all evaluated by consumers and classified as the most delicious and unique types of sticky rice, but not necessarily when sticky rice can produce delicious sticky rice with equal value. yellow flower folds.

Yellow flower sticky rice is a special rice variety that is resistant to weather and harsh conditions, so it is widely grown in the plains and midlands and mountains of the North. People often sow seeds in the crop season from May, to September – October, they start to harvest rice, dry it in the sun so that the rice has the best dryness.

One of the important stages that directly determines the deliciousness of yellow sticky rice is the selection of rice. According to the experience of growers, the delicious yellow-flowered sticky rice must have a slightly opaque white color like milk, the seeds are smooth and shiny. When choosing, it is also important to note that you should not choose too old or too new rice, it is best that the rice has been harvested for about 3 months to keep its characteristic aroma and make sticky rice more attractive. Especially to ensure health when enjoying.

Soak sticky rice

When we have finished choosing sticky rice with yellow flowers, we continue to the stage of soaking the rice. Many people have skipped this step, cooking the sticky rice directly because they don’t have time or don’t want to wait any longer. However, to get a better batch of sticky rice with yellow flowers, more fragrant and not dry quickly, we need to wash the rice and soak it for about 6-7 hours. Even if you don’t have much time, you should soak for at least 1-2 hours before cooking.

You can add a little salt to the water soaked with rice to make sticky rice more flavorful. Note, only soak for a maximum of 7-8 hours so that the sticky rice can keep its aroma as well as not sour. If you find the white sticky rice dish too monotonous and unattractive, you can combine it with beans or gac like when cooking normal sticky rice.

The process of cooking sticky rice

The easiest way to cook sticky rice with yellow flowers

When making sticky rice, the most important thing is to have the right amount of water so that the sticky rice is not dry or too mushy. If too much water is added, they evaporate or overflow during the cooking process, causing the bottom sticky rice to become mushy while the upper part is raw. In particular, don’t forget to put a damp towel on the outside of the sticky rice to keep the heat stable and make the sticky rice more flexible.

During the cooking process, you should also occasionally open the lid to stir the sticky rice evenly. When the sticky rice is cooked, we pour it into a tray or any object with a clean, flat surface and then use chopsticks to stir it up. Enjoy the best sticky rice with yellow flowers when served with coconut milk or add onions, chicken fat depending on how you want to eat sweet or salty.

If you do not have time or are not skillful, you can cook sticky rice with a rice cooker.

The secret to delicious yellow flower sticky rice

The easiest way to cook sticky rice with yellow flowers

Many people often have a hobby of cooking yellow glutinous rice with coconut milk, grated coconut and yellow corn to produce delicious and attractive sweet sticky rice. When cooking sticky rice with coconut milk, be sure to wait until the sticky rice is cooked, then add a little coconut milk, stir well to infuse the sticky rice.

If you have a charcoal stove, try making sticky rice with a charcoal stove to make the most delicious and flexible sticky rice!

The way to cook sticky rice with yellow sticky rice is increasingly being changed to become more sophisticated and complex to make the taste more delicious and attractive. But either way, the most important factor is still to keep the original taste of sticky rice.

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