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The cause and how to fix it

The cause and how to fix it

Yellow leaves are always a concern of many people. Every spring, heaven and earth seem to become so brilliant with thousands of silk flowers. When it comes to Tet, it is impossible to forget the beautiful silhouette of apricot flowers in front of the house. Apricot tree is the most popular and popular tree on Tet holiday because it is easy to buy and easy to grow.

However, if not cared for carefully, it is very easy to be damaged and suffer from some diseases, typically yellow leaves in apricot trees. But if detected early and in time, we can fix it. Here, let’s learn about yellow leaves, causes and solutions!

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Apricot trees are sold during Tet

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Yellow leaf disease in apricot

Mai has yellow leaves

This is a common problem in apricot trees. Initially, the yellow apricot leaves will be burned (dry) from the edge of the leaf, the edge of the leaf, then the dry spot will spread along the edge of the leaf. If it is not detected in time or known and not corrected, it will dry out the top of the branches and the branches will shrivel and die.

There are many symptoms of yellowing on leaves: yellowing of the entire leaf, yellowing of each spot, yellowing of the veins, yellowing of the entire leaf, the leaf blade is smaller and does not fall or only a few leaves fall.

Causes of yellow leaves tomorrow

Due to weak growth, thin leaves and inactive roots, lack of nutrients, yellow apricot leaves are thin, poorly functioning, dry and fall prematurely.

Lack of nutrients and microelements: lack of protein, phosphorus, potassium and microelements.

Pests and diseases: usually thrips, red spider mites and leaf blight, rust, etc.

Care techniques: Watering (watering with alum water, lack of water), light, soil (contaminated with alum) …

How to fix yellow leaves

There are many causes of yellow leaves. So first we need to determine the right cause to have the right treatment method.

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Regularly water Mai

If apricot leaves are yellow due to lack of nutrition: use foliar fertilizer with low concentration to help plants recover gradually, worm solution/Fish Emulsion can be used. Then supplement nutrients through the root with N3M – root stimulant combined with vermicompost SFARM PB01. The best micronutrient supplement for yellow apricot is vermicompost

If the yellow apricot leaves turn yellow due to lack of water: we water it fully and slowly the plant will recover. Attention, we should spray the leaves and stems evenly so that the plant can easily absorb and recover quickly.

Apricot leaves yellow due to excess water: should go up high and make many drainage ditches. The pot should be raised high

Yellow apricot leaves are yellowed by thrips or red spiders: regularly check the garden, so that the apricot garden has ventilation and pay attention to objects such as red spiders, thrips. Regent 800WP can be used to treat very effectively.

If apricot leaves are yellow due to alum soil: Remove alum by applying lime 15-20 days before then improve the soil with vermicompost to help apricot roots grow well to get rid of alum.

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Beautiful plum blossom

On the tree is the cause as well as how to overcome yellow leaves in apricot. To have a beautiful apricot tree, complete the Tet display. Let’s regularly check the apricot tree and take good care of the tree to avoid diseases that “threaten” our trees!



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