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The Best Technique of Raising Chickens with Iron Stilts

The technique of raising broiler chickens to the battery is always a matter of great concern to most cockers. Because in addition to choosing a satisfactory fighting cock, you will have to take care and train it well to create a god of war on the field. Today, I will send you the most detailed information about technique of raising chickens with iron spurs extremely efficient battery.

Raising chickens is a hobby and a way to earn extra income
Raising chickens is a hobby and a way to earn extra income

Techniques for raising healthy fighting chickens

In the technique of raising chickens, we need to pay attention to 2 stages: fattening chickens and reducing fat for chickens.

At this stage, we only keep the chickens in the small coop and do not let them out. At the same time, feed the chickens according to the following nutrition:

+ Rice: 2 meals/day, eat until no more.

+ Vegetables: 1 serving/day, just enough.

+ Bait: 1 meal every 1 day, 30 worms or 15 crickets or 60g beef…

+ Vitamins B1, B2: 100mg/day

+ Vitamins A + D3, E: 1 tablet every other day

+ Phariton: 1 tablet every 5 days

At this stage, we will give the chickens more activity, and reduce the chicken’s nutrition:

+ Pants twice a day, 10 minutes each time

+ Lounging 3 times a day, 20 minutes each time

+ Rice: 2 servings/day, 70 grains per meal

+ Vegetables: salad, bean sprouts, wanton… eat until you don’t eat anymore

+ Bait: 1 job/week, 10 super worms or 7-8 crickets or 20g beef…

+ Vitamins B1, B2: 100mg/day

+ Vitamin B6, B12: 2 days apart

+ Vitamins A + D3, E: 1 tablet every other day.

It is necessary to supplement the fighting chickens with sufficient vitamins and necessary substances
It is necessary to supplement the fighting chickens with sufficient vitamins and necessary substances

The barn where the chickens live

There are quite a few different ways to choose the placement and construction of the barn. The types of cages are also very diverse from: bamboo cages, canvas cages to B40 mesh concrete cages, tiger cages… But the most common type of barn is the barn built with bricks and cement.

Regardless of the type of cage you use, you must ensure the following:

Cleaning: Must regularly clean the coop, ensure the cleanliness of the chicken coop. Disinfect and disinfect at least every 2 months.

Design: The barn must be dry during the day and airtight at night.

The design of the coop for fighting chickens must ensure ventilation
The design of the coop for fighting chickens must ensure ventilation

Food for ferocious chickens

In order for chickens to develop at their best, we must ensure that the nutrition contained in the chicken feed is in the best possible way. From rice, green vegetables, bait and additives.

Before feeding the chickens, we have to soak the rice for about 30 minutes and then drain the water. Since rice is the main food for chickens, we have to be very careful in this. Rice for chickens, we must choose good, round and firm rice. Must carefully pick up flat seeds, dirty garbage, and then dry them to feed the chickens.

Do not soak rice overnight because rice will sprout small sprouts, which will not be good for chickens. If unfortunately the chickens are not digested and eat this rice, there is a high chance that the rice will germinate in the chicken kite.

In green vegetables contain a lot of Vitamin K – has a very good detoxifying effect. In addition, green vegetables also provide minerals, trace elements, and help reduce body temperature for chickens effectively.

Common vegetables for chickens:

+ Lettuce

+ Price

+ Water spinach

Rock chickens like to eat lettuce and bean sprouts
Rock chickens like to eat lettuce and bean sprouts

Bait and how to bait for fighting chickens

These types of baits help chickens fully supplement protein, protein, help chickens recover faster. Each cockerel will have his own way of baiting for different cocks. Currently, cockers often use the following types of bait to use for chickens:

  • Deep (12k/100g): In order to stimulate excitement for chickens when competing, stimulate chickens to molt, Make feathers smoother.
  • Baby eel (10k/~10 children): Additional blood.
  • Beef (22k/100g): Helps chickens develop better muscles.
  • Shrimp (7k/100g): Helps to strengthen chicken bones
  • Baby carp (13k/100g): For chickens who are losing weight
  • Crickets (17k/100g): Very good for cold days. Because it helps chickens retain heat better.
Clap bait for chickens to help them recover faster
Clap bait for chickens to help them recover faster


There are commonly used additives with good effects such as:

Garlic: Has an effect on the digestive system of chickens. Garlic is often eaten after dinner to limit indigestion. In addition, garlic also helps chickens avoid the wind.

Ginger: Suitable for use in rainy and windy days, to help warm chickens. We can also give chickens ginger juice before they go to bed to make them sleep better.

Alcohol: Alcohol also has a warming effect on chickens. In addition, alcohol is also very effective against mosquitoes.

Tea: We apply concentrated tea on the skin every day to help prevent mold, strabismus, scabs… extremely effective. According to the experience of many cockers, they also think that: Chickens using tea water will move more skillfully and quickly.

How to take care of cocks with iron spurs

For healthy chickens, cockers need to learn more about how to take care of our cockerels. We should expose the chickens to the sun at least once to avoid diseases: feather loss, pale face, strabismus, mold… Time to sunbathe only needs about 15-20 minutes. Chicken meals need to be on time, to limit the chicken’s digestive disorders. The chicken’s rest time must also be on time, if you see that the chicken has a phenomenon of dozing during the day, it is necessary to review whether the chickens are bitten by mosquitoes at night, starving, startled, causing poor sleep or not?

Above is the fastest way to raise chickens to the battery and have strong force with the most reasonable and scientific process. Help the cock to have full physical strength every time they go to the field. With our technique of raising chickens, you can completely own

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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