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The best diet for Corgi dogs through each stage of development.

Corgi is a popular short-legged pet dog breed today. Corgi is an easy dog ​​breed, dogs can eat a variety of foods. Although not a picky eater, Corgi requires a nutritious and clean diet. If you raise a Corgi and want it to grow healthy, have a good appearance, and don’t get sick, you need to give the dog a scientific and appropriate diet.

1. Diet for newborn Corgi puppies (under 1 month old)

Newborn corgi from 0 to 1 month old is a time when the body is still quite immature, the resistance is weak. The main food of the Corgi dog at this stage is mother’s milk. Therefore, in order for the Corgi puppies to be healthy, you need to give the mother dog enough nutrition so that the mother’s milk is guaranteed in both quantity and quality, fully meeting the needs of the puppies.

Note, at this stage you should exclusively breastfeed the puppy. Do not buy fresh milk from outside for dogs to drink, which can cause stomach pain and diarrhea because the intestines are still very weak.


Dogs under 1 month of age need to be exclusively breastfed (Photo: Collectibles)

2. Diet for puppies (from 1 to 2 months old)

Puppies from 1 to 2 months of age are the time to switch from breastfeeding to solid foods. This stage is very important in helping your dog get used to the food. This is also the period when the dog’s body is gradually perfecting, so the owner needs to ensure adequate nutrition in the diet to help the dog grow healthy.

Corgi puppy food

Food for Corgi puppies from 1-2 months old includes: meats such as beef, chicken, pork, duck, vegetables, porridge, crushed rice, cereals,… Food should be softened or minced. . You can feed your dog thin porridge or rice bowls mixed with vegetables and ground meats. In addition, you can also feed your puppy commercial dry food. With this type of food, you need to buy according to the age of the dog. When eating, you soak the food in warm water or mix it with warm milk. To provide adequate nutrients for your dog, you can give your dog an extra 100-200 ml of milk per day.

Foods that should be avoided for young Corgi puppies: bones, seafood, animal organs, duck eggs, mushrooms.

Diet for Corgi puppies

Puppies at 1-2 months of age should be fed many meals with meals spaced 3 – 4 hours apart. Avoid feeding too full, meals close together or too sparse to avoid food not digesting in time. It is recommended to feed the dog 4 meals a day, evenly distributed in the morning, noon, afternoon and evening. Milk can be added as a nighttime snack for dogs.


Corgi dogs can be fed with pureed meat with porridge (Photo: Collectibles)

3. Diet for Corgi dogs 3 – 6 months old.

The period of 3 – 6 months is the time when Corgi thrives. At this stage, the dog has almost eaten a variety of foods. Dogs have eaten raw and chewed well, so you don’t need to give your dog a thin porridge, but instead eat rice.

Corgi dogs from 3 to 6 months old can eat chicken, beef, pork, duck, geese, vegetables, rice, sea fish, animal organs, eggs, milk,… For daily meals, you can feed your dog rice with chopped meat and vegetables. In the meal, meat is the main food, vegetables, starch is served. Avoid giving your dog too much starch to avoid obesity. At the same time, feed your dog 2-3 more eggs a day to make their coat softer and smoother..

In addition to cooked fresh food, you can feed your dog industrial dry food. At this stage, you do not need to soak the food anymore, but feed the dog directly. Dogs can be given calcium supplements to help their bones grow strong and healthy.

Foods that should be avoided for 3-6 months old dogs: sharp bones such as fish bones, chicken bones, duck bones, …

When your dog is 3 – 6 months old, you should reduce the number of meals a day and increase the amount of food each meal. Dogs can eat 3 main meals a day, morning, noon and night. The amount of food your dog eats during the day you can apply according to the formula: Food volume per day = 3-4% of body weight. If your dog is active, you can increase the amount of dog food.


Feed your dog more duck eggs to make the hair grow softer (Photo: Collectibles)

4. Diet for adult Corgi dogs (from 6 months of age and older)

Adult Corgi dogs have fully developed body and jaws, so they can eat many different foods. This is the period of strong development of the dog, so you need to supplement with adequate nutrition so that the dog can grow and provide adequate energy for the dog to function.

Adult Corgi dogs can eat a variety of foods including: chicken, beef, pork, duck, swan, vegetables, rice, sea fish, shrimp and crab, animal organs, Eggs, milk, duck eggs, … In the ingredients for adult dogs, foods rich in Protein and calcium should be given priority, these two substances should account for 50 – 60% of each meal. Avoid feeding your dog fat

Adult dogs should reduce the number of meals in a day to 2 breakfasts and dinners and increase the amount of food per meal.. The amount of food your dog eats during the day you can apply the formula: = 3-4% of body weight. Add extra meals for dogs such as milk, fruit, crushed bone meal, calcium.

5. Diet for pregnant Corgi dogs

Pregnant Corgi dogs need a separate diet suitable for each stage of pregnancy development. For pregnancy requires a great nutritional requirement for both mother and baby to develop healthy. Right from the first days of pregnancy, you need special nutrition and care.

Diet according to each stage of pregnancy development:

  • Pregnancy from 1 to 30: In addition to 2 main meals like an adult dog, you need to add calcium and milk to the diet. During this period, the dog may vomit and lose appetite, so you need to monitor to adjust the foods in the meal accordingly.

  • When pregnant for 1.5 months onwards, you need to add protein-rich foods to your dog’s meal such as beef, pork, and chicken. The pregnant dog’s meal can be adjusted as follows: 150 grams of lean meat/beef/chicken + 1 chicken egg + 200ml of milk.

  • Pregnancy from 35 to 45 days: This period, in addition to main meals and snacks, you should add iron to your dog’s diet. This is a very important substance in the process of hematopoiesis that is essential for pregnant dogs.

  • From 45 days onwards: Depending on the physical condition of each dog, you should have a diet and amount of food suitable for the dog. At this stage, it is advisable to add special foods for pregnant dogs.


Pregnant dogs need a special diet (Image: Collectibles)

6. Some notes when Corgi dogs eat

  • Corgi dog food needs to be cleaned and hygienic. Utensils containing food and drinking water should be washed thoroughly after eating, to avoid letting leftover food go rancid.

  • Dog food needs to be cooked. Especially foods such as fish, shrimp, animal organs.

  • Do not feed your dog stale food, leftovers, fermented food, spoiled mold, expired food, etc.

  • Change the water regularly, 2-3 times a day for the dog to drink, to avoid getting the water for the dog to drink dirty.

  • Dogs and dogs should not eat too full, eat a lot of starch to avoid dogs with indigestion and obesity.

We have just learned together about the Corgi diet in detail through each stage of development. Hope the above useful information will help you raise a healthy, lovely puppy.

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