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The basic technique of raising curry chickens is surprisingly effective

Chicken Ri
Chicken Ri

Ri chicken is a breed of chicken that is abundant in the North and Central region, people raise Ri chickens to raise eggs and get meat. The feather color of this type of chicken is diverse and depending on the hen or rooster, the small body and short legs.

People raise Ri chicken also because the chicken curry is delicious, fragrant, especially white, afraid of small and smooth muscles. This chicken breed is very easy to raise and disease resistant, raising chicks very well.

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The technique of raising Ri chickens is highly effective

Choose a breed of chicken Ri

Breeding is the first step and also the decisive step to the productivity and success of the chicken flock, so the breeder must choose the breed carefully. Priority should be given to those with bright eyes, smooth, agile hair, strong legs, firm skin, and no deformities.

Raising chicks
Chicken curry

Should choose to buy breeding chickens from reputable suppliers, do not buy a little from each place because that will not ensure that all chickens have been vaccinated against disease or not. Therefore, farmers should only buy at one address, moreover, the seller will carefully advise on chicken breeds and how to vaccinate chicks if necessary.

Build a barn

There are many ways to build a coop, so farmers need to depend on many factors such as the location and space to raise Ri chickens. Farmers can consult with experts or extension centers. However, there are the following points to keep in mind:

Chicken coop
Chicken coop
  • Set up a chicken coop in a dry place to avoid moisture and easily cause diseases for chickens.
  • It is recommended to use more heat lamps with a reasonable temperature for chicks.
  • Build a solid barn wall, with an extra roof to avoid rain and heat.
  • Place nets on feeding and drinking troughs to avoid food spillage causing unsanitary conditions.
  • Spray water if necessary when it is too hot if the barn is made of a corrugated iron roof.

Chicken feed Ri

Raising Ri chickens is easy, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the food provided to the chickens every day.

Chicken bran
Chicken bran

– Use feed for thousands of small pieces such as broken, bran as feed for chicks.

– After raising chicks for a week, start eating mixed foods gradually and add some necessary substances such as Tylanvit C or Amoxyfen to increase resistance.

– Food should be placed in a clean place, not to mess with moldy food.

At the stage of raising Ri chickens, a suitable diet is needed:

– From 40 to 60 days old, feed Ri chickens with CP 311 or Proconco mixed with 20-30% cornstarch. Or mix chicken feed with a ratio of 40% ground corn with 25% fish meal, 34% rice and 1% premix vitamins.

– Chicken Ri 61 days old or older is recommended to eat as follows: 42.5% corn, 20% broken, 18% peanuts, 7% fish meal, 5% bran, 4% vegetables, 2% minerals, 1% Premix vitamins and 0.5% salt to make chicken more delicious, legs and skin to keep a nice golden color.

Focusing on nutrition is also very important for healthy chicken flocks and for raising Ri chickens to be highly effective.

Chicken Ri
Chicken Ri

In addition, it is necessary to clean the chicken coop on a regular basis to ensure it is clean and odor-free, change the feeding troughs daily and change the heating bulb if necessary. If you know how to raise Ri chickens properly, you can increase your income and even get rich because the economic efficiency of this chicken breed is very high.

Raising Ri chickens is also to meet the needs on the dining table as well as the worship table of the owner, as well as the market.

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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