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The art of rose cutting is 100% guaranteed to live.

Rose branches
The art of rose cutting

Extraction rose branches is a method of reproduction that is all too familiar to us. Many people wish their flower garden to be luxuriant and brilliant, when the seedlings grow, they will retain the characteristics of the mother plant. And indeed, choosing rose cuttings is an optimal method. Because this work is convenient to use in cases of plant propagation where the seeds of the plant are too hard or the growth time from seedling to maturity is too long. How to extract rose branches, let’s find out in today’s article of AgriSearch.net

Rose branches
Rose extraction is an optimal method for propagation

The right time to extract rose branches

Rose branches
The right time to extract roses to help flowers bloom beautifully

Choosing the time to extract rose branches needs to know the characteristics of the tree. Roses are originally flowers that can be grown all year round, but if to choose the best time, it is the spring crop from February to April and harvest around September of the same year or the autumn crop from September to October and flowers in the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

Technique of rose cutting

The advantage of rose cuttings is for the seedlings to bloom as beautiful as the mother plant. If you want your garden to be colorful with cassava flowers, don’t hesitate to apply this method.

Step 1: Select branches with a length ranging from 25cm, with a diameter of 5 to 6mm. The branches are characterized by strong fat, relatively even foliage, dark green leaves, and are free from pests and diseases.

Step 2: At a position about 25cm from the top of the branch, cut a 15 to 20mm length of bark, then peel off the peeled skin, scrape off the slimy layer clinging to the branch, wait about 1 to 2 days for the notch to dry.

Rose branches
Steps to extract rose branches

Step 3: Before the pregnancy, you should use a rooting stimulant to apply to the created notch. In the process of bundling rose branches, you use a mixture of 1/2 of the pond mud, which can be alluvial soil or soil with a lot of humus in the garden surface to dry, pound with 1/2 rotted organic fertilizer. In addition, it is possible to buy good commercial rose soil in the market to ensure quality.

Step 4: While waiting for the bouquet, you take a leaf and wrap it around the cleavage so that the rose branch does not die from dehydration.

Step 5: Take a plastic bag and tie the two ends tightly. Wait for a while, the cleavage will take root, when you see the roots grow a lot, from the white roots turn yellowish brown, you can cut the extract.

Rose branches
Steps to extract rose branches

Step 6: After cutting and arranging the plant, put it in a shady place, pay attention to full watering and caring for the plant to continue to grow more roots. To be sure, you take the branches and plant them in large bamboo baskets for the rose tree to develop more roots, then plant it a few months later.

In addition, plugging stakes to keep the tree firm, avoid strong wind shaking and uprooting damaged roots. Shade the plant and periodically water the plant with enough water.

So we have just completed the steps of rose branching. It is possible that, at first, you will find it a bit difficult to understand because you do not really understand all the terms of the tree, but if you take the time to study the techniques we have provided, combined with watching video tutorials, all work will be much easier. Instead of spending money to buy seeds, the application of rose cuttings in propagation will bring a beautiful and brilliant flower garden to welcome spring. Thank you for following our post today!

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