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The art of planting red begonias for a prosperous 2023 New Year

Red begonia flower
Red begonia flower

Spring is coming so close, everyone wishes to own a pot red begonia placed somewhere in the house filled with Tet atmosphere. The red begonia flower symbolizes spring, the crimson color of the flower is money, Tet fortune and is a symbol of luck. Meanwhile, the two words “Hai Duong” mean “big house”, promising a rich and rich new year full of houses.

red begonia
Red begonias bring fortune to the house

So, to prepare for the new year, do you want to learn how to plant a pot of bright, beautiful red begonias? Please follow through the article below of agrisearch.net!

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Land for growing red begonias

red begonia
Land for growing red begonias

The flower soil must be dried and stirred many times to help ensure porosity. Taking land in the field is the most ideal. Or you can also mix 60% alluvial mud with 40% straw. Fertilize the soil with NPK 16 – 16 – 5 or 10 – 10 – 3 fertilizer.

The technique of growing red begonias

The method of growing begonias can be applied by seeding or cuttings. However, the method of sowing seeds takes a very long time, from 5 to 7 years to flower.

Light compatible with red begonias is moderate, so the location from which the flowers should be planted should also be in a place with about 50 to 60% diffused light. Continuously planted for about 3 to 4 years, the tree gives very beautiful flowers.

The temperature maintained at about 18 to 27 degrees Celsius helps the begonia flower to grow and give brilliant flowers.

Humidity around 50 to 60% is the most suitable.

red begonia
How to care for red begonias?

Watering should be done daily or in the case of dry surface soil, watering every 2 days. Too much watering is not good because the red begonia plant, which likes average water, will be affected.

Fertilize the plant when it grows from sprouting to 1 meter tall. Dilute fertilizer with water before watering plants with a cycle of once a month.

Caring for red begonias

Red begonia loves scattered light, so it is necessary to design a roof.

Prune away toothpicks, branches infected with pests, branches hidden from the canopy so that the tree can concentrate the sap to feed on the exposed branches, helping to preserve the vital nutrients to feed the reproductive organs. At the same time, this is to eliminate the hiding place of the pest.

Shaping the begonia plant by removing harmful and unnecessary branches is also a measure to protect the plant.

Saturated lime water periodically 2-3 times, each time 1-2 days apart at the root to prevent pests, especially stem borers. This also helps to increase light reflectivity for better photosynthesis.

Red begonia flower
Shaping the red begonia pot

Trim off buds that look small and close to the stem with other buds, keeping up to 2 to 3 fatter buds on a secondary stem by rotating it back and forth a few times with 2 fingers. You may not understand why you do that, but the answer is to help concentrate the resin to feed the big buds, making the flowers bigger and the flower stalks much more durable.

So we have just learned how to plant and care for red begonia flower pots as you like. The spring weather is clear, all the flowers are sprouting, together with red couplets, green banh chung, begonia flower pots with rich colors of money, wealth and luck will be the right and correct pieces to help you. Tet is more and more full. Agri hopes that, with the above techniques, you will take good care of the begonia pot. Good luck!

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